SCENARIOS ARE RELEVANT, CHALLENGING, LOGICAL STORIES ABOUT WHAT IS POSSIBLE IN THE FUTURE Transformative Scenario Planning is a creative and structured process through which a diverse team of stakeholders—including ones who don’t understand or trust one another—comes together to construct such stories. In this way they map out what has happened, is happening, and could happen in their situation, and their options for dealing with it.

Transformative Scenario Planning is useful when stakeholders are facing a complex challenge that is vital to them and that they cannot address by working separately—but that they are not yet willing or able to work on together. People who are trying to address such challenges often find themselves polarised and stuck because they disagree not only about the solution but also about the problem. Transformative Scenario Planning enables them to construct shared understandings, stronger relationships, and clearer intentions, and thereby to act with greater alignment and effectiveness.

EXAMPLES OF CHALLENGES REOS HAS WORKED ON USING TRANSFORMATIVE SCENARIO PLANNING • Moving from apartheid to democracy in South Africa • Ending the violent conflict in Colombia • Developing the Waterloo-Wellington region in Canada • Planning electricity infrastructure in the western United States • Solving the drug problem in the Americas • Strengthening civil society in Brazil

For more information: Read Adam Kahane’s Transformative Scenario Planning: Working Together to Change the Future Contact us:

How Reos helps business, government, and civil society organisations address complex social challenges

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