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Love's Universe 4

Love's Universe 4

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Published by Abdur Rahman

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Published by: Abdur Rahman on Mar 26, 2014
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Cardiff Sufi Group

Weekly Readings

Returning: Taking Responsibility for Self

This week’s readings continue our exploration of the theme of returning. We suggest this four step approach to working with this selection: • • • • Read this selection, out loud if possible, se en times. !well upon the phrase or sentence that touches you. "sk yourself what rele ance or application this has for you #inally, sit in the afterglow of these reflections and open yourself to whate er new insight or message the !i ine might ha e for you.

Text One $The idol of your self is the mother of all idols. The material idol is only a snake% while this inner idol is a dragon. &t is easy to break an idol, but to regard the self as easy to subdue is a mistake’ '(asna i, )ook *. ++,% ++-. Text Two $&f continually you keep your hope /ui ering like the willow in longing for 0ea en, Spiritual water and fire will continually arri e and increase your subsistence. "nd if your longing carries you there, it will be no wonder. !on1t pay attention to your weakness, but to the intensity of your longing. #or this search is 2od1s promise within you, because e ery seeker deser es to find something of which she seeks. &ncrease this search, that your heart may escape from this bodily prison. &f your spirit shall not li e without the body, for whom is the blessing promised in the words: in Heaven is your provision3’ '4, *+5*6*+57% *+8,.

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