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With this week’s readings, we move to consider the theme of forbearance. We suggest this four step approach to working with this selection: • • • • Read this selection, out loud if possible, seven times. Dwell upon the phrase or sentence that touches you. sk yourself what relevance or application this has for you Finally, sit in the afterglow of these reflections and open yourself to whatever new insight or message the Divine might have for you.

Text One !ow should "pring bring forth a garden on hard stone# $ecome earth, that you may grow flowers of many colors. For you have been a heart%breaking rock. &nce, for the sake of e'periment, be earth( )*.*+**%,Text Two .o practice patience is the soul of praise: have patience, for that is true glorification. /o glorification is worth as much. !ave patience: patience is the remedy for pain. ),.0*12-

Cardiff Sufi Group

Forbearance from a "ufi perspective

In the name of God, the infinitely compassionate and infinitely merciful What does forbearance mean from the "ufi perspective# 3atient endurance. .he meaning here is not intended to imply a passive resignation to all the troubles of life or of the world. 4n fact, the opposite is re5uired. Forbearance is an active process with the knowledge that the spiritual trials and pains we suffer will help us to mature. We forbear in our internal struggles, the struggle with our egos whims and desires. 3atiently enduring the hardships we place on ourselves as a result of our conditioning, of our ignorance and arrogance. We show forbearance in the destruction of ideas we hold precious6 precious ideas that hold us back from attaining our humanity. We have patience in the knowledge that this process can be painful but if we are committed to the work we persist. “… heartache for [God’s] sake brings happiness 7 )8asnavi $ook 46 9*9-, trusting this is the essence of forbearance. When we trust, when we surrender to the process, our endurance becomes the work we use to polish the rust of selfishness and pride from the mirror of our hearts. 8evlana :elaluddin Rumi teaches us this endurance is one of the keys to maturity. We cannot e'pect to merely feel ;oy all of the time. .here is a price to pay for the :oy and 3eace <od graces us with6 the payment is patient endurance in adversity. =Sometimes, in order to help. [God] makes us miserable .> )8asnavi $ook 46 9*?.o the degree that we trust and are humble, our pain lessens, our suffering decreases and forbearance becomes a gift, not a torment. &ur longing for union, for an e'perience of the Divine, propels us forward. = on’t pay attention to your !eakness but rather to the intensity of your longing .7 )8asnavi $ook @6 *?01- 4t is the intensity of the longing that is the fuel, the force6 the grace that carries us during times of tribulation. 4t is the longing that allows us to remember where we are going and why we suffer6 we forbear. When we live from a place of =4 do not seek reward, 4 only seek being closer to <od7 we gain an increased awareness, humility and an open heart that is able to see <od’s <race upon us at all times . When we become an active participant in our forbearance, when we persist and patiently endure, we become stronger, more courageous in body, spirit and mind and Aove matures in our hearts.

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