Cardiff Sufi Group

Weekly Readings

Single-Minded Remembrance

With this week’s readings, we move to consider the theme of remembrance. We suggest this four step approach to working with this selection • • • • Read this selection, out loud if possible, seven times. !well upon the phrase or sentence that touches you. "sk yourself what relevance or application this has for you #inally, sit in the afterglow of these reflections and open yourself to whatever new insight or message the !ivine might have for you.
$%he real work belongs to someone who desires &od

Text One and has severed himself from every other work. %he rest are like children who play together until it gets dark for these few short days. 'r like someone who awakes and springs up, still drowsy, and then is lulled back to sleep by the suggestion of an evil nurse (&o to sleep, my darling, ) won*t let anyone disturb your slumber.+ )f you are wise, you, yourself, will tear up your slumber by the roots, like the thirsty man who heard the noise of the water. &od says to you, ,) am the noise of the water in the ears of the thirsty) am rain falling from heaven. Spring up, lover, show some e.citement/ 0ow can you hear the sound of water and then fall back asleep/’
1Masnavi 2.345-3678

Text Two $9y &od, don*t linger in any spiritual benefit you have gained, but yearn for more:like one suffering from illness whose thirst for water is never ;uenched. %his !ivine <ourt is the =lane of the )nfinite. >eave the seat of honor behindlet the Way be your seat of honor’ 1Masnavi ?.265@-26528