Cardiff Sufi Group

Weekly Readings: 22nd April 2011


This week’s readings explore the theme of transformation. We suggest this four step approa h to working with this sele tion: • • • • Read this sele tion! out loud if possi"le! se#en times. $well upon the phrase or senten e that tou hes you. Ask yourself what rele#an e or appli ation this has to you personally %inally! sit in the afterglow of these refle tions and open yourself to whate#er new insight or message the $i#ine might ha#e for you.

Text &ne The water says to those who are dirty! '(isten! ome here! for my nature has partaken of the nature of )od. * an a ept all your foulness and render e#en a demon as pure as an angel. When * "e ome filthy! * return to the +our e of the sour e of purity. There * pull the filthy shirt off my head! and ,e "estows upon me a lean one on e again. +u h is ,is work! and my work is the same: the Sustainer of all created beings1 "eautifies the world../.20012023 Text Two That whi h )od said to the rose! and aused it to laugh in full1"lown "eauty! ,e said to my heart! and made it a hundred times more "eautiful .4.01253


6ur’an: Surah al-Nas .7ankind3! 110:1.

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