Week 23 Readings

Cardiff Sufi Group

Weekly Readings: 6th May 2011


This week’s readings explore the theme of nity! We s ggest this fo r step approa"h to working with this sele"tion: • • • • Read this sele"tion# o t lo d if possi$le# se%en times! &well pon the phrase or senten"e that to "hes yo ! 'sk yo rself what rele%an"e or appli"ation this has to yo personally (inally# sit in the afterglow of these refle"tions and open yo rself to whate%er new insight or message the &i%ine might ha%e for yo !

Text )ne '$ ndan"e is seeking the $eggars and the poor# * st as $ea ty seeks a mirror! +eggars# then# are the mirrors of ,od-s $o nty# and they that are with ,od are nited with '$sol te '$ ndan"e .1!2/01# 2/102 Text Two 3f there are a h ndred religio s $ooks# they are $ t one "hapter: a h ndred different religions seek $ t one pla"e of worship! 'll these roads end in one 4o se: all these tho sand ears of "orn are from one 5eed! 'll the h ndred tho sand sorts of food and drink are $ t one thing if one looks to their final "a se! When yo are entirely satiated with one kind of food# fifty other kinds of food $e"ome displeasing to yo r heart! 3n h nger# then# yo are seeing do $le# for yo ha%e regarded as more than a h ndred tho sand that whi"h is $ t )ne! .6!666/766/12

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