Income Tax Filing Time Again

By Elton Camp It’s again time, Uncle Sam to pay By April fifteenth is the filing day End of January I meant to do it I actually thought I’d hop to it But it’s an onerous task I hate So I continued to procrastinate I’ll get on it next week, for sure or tax anxiety, that’s the cure Sam doesn’t send forms anymore !a"ing to print them I truly a#hor $hen o#tuse instructions to o#ey Surely there’s a simple way to say But it’s go from this line to that %ritten #y some go"ernment rat Enter the amount from line sixteen And #e sure to guess what we mean It was then that $ur#o$ax I found And it’s the #est in"ention around It led me through #y the hand %ith words I could understand %ith this program so spiffy, I finished filing in &ust a &iffy %ith a #ig refund coming my way Some of my de#ts I now can pay