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SAP – Create new material status _ Spider's web

SAP – Create new material status _ Spider's web

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Published by swayam
SAP – Create new material status _ Spider's web
SAP – Create new material status _ Spider's web

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Published by: swayam on Mar 26, 2014
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SAP – Create new material status | Spider's web

Spider's web
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SAP – Create new material status
Posted on 2013-11-23

X-Plant material status means that the material can be procured or blocked or not blocked, etc. After you create the status in customizing you can go into its configuration details and setup the the response for everything the material can be related to (Purchasing, BOM's, Routing/recipe, etc.) using message type either error (type B) or warning (type A). Creation of new material status is done in SPRO - IMG Path - Logistics General => Material Master => Settings for Key Fields => Define Material Statuses or using TCode OMS4. Material is defined as per the product life cycle.The X-Plant status tells us where the item or material belongs in the product life cycle. Based on the definition and design of the materail in the life cycle we can define the items as described below. In general we have list of statuses and their meaning in the life cycle of the product X-Plant status - Meaning of that number 01 - Obsolete 02 - Hibernate/Standby 03 - Discontinue 04 - Concept 05 - Pending production 06 - Engineering model 07 - Prototype 08 - O-Series 09 - Serial production 10 - Project production 11 - Special production
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Customizing and tagged Material status. http://oprsteny.com/?p=868 2/2 . OMS4 by Miroslav Oprštěný. Bookmark the permalink [http://oprsteny.com/?p=868] . Share it with your friends: Google+ Email Like 0 Follow Share 70 1 Share 0 Tw eet 2 Miroslav Oprštěný Article displayed: 239x This entry was posted in ABAP.3/24/2014 SAP – Create new material status | Spider's web 12 .Phasing out The numbers might differ according to industry specific but the statuses of the items is almost the same .

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