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Reusing Newspaper Mini Inquiry

Reusing Newspaper Mini Inquiry

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Published by: Jude on Oct 23, 2009
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Scenario: A large pile of old newspapers have been delivered to the classroom.

We want to know if we can we reuse them to help promote a sustainable environment.

Planning The Learning Journey……
Key Competencies:
Participating and Contributing Thinking Using Language Symbols & Texts Managing Self Relating to Others

Thinking Tools
Brain Storming PMI De Bono Hats Thinkers Keys KWL

Big Question How is recycling good for our environment and how can we help?

Possible Key Questions/ Wonderings: Where does newspaper come from? Who uses newspapers and why? Why do we have newspapers? Are newspapers a useful thing to reuse and why? Is it good for the environment / how?

Essential learning Areas

English Mathematics Social Science Science Technology The Arts Health and Physical Education

ICT Integration:

Digital Camera /Voice Recorder Video Camera Powerpoint Photostory3 Movie Maker Mind Maps eg) Skrbl, Bubbl.us, Webnote Internet Research / Wordle

Skills (Will develop/use-) Learning Intentions: (By the end of this inquiry students will …) Know the importance of recycling and caring for the environment * Research skills through accessing information on the computer


(When they can-)

* Verbally discuss the importance of recycling newspaper

Launch Pad and Ignition Create Scenario/sparking interest Wonder Ask questions and decide on action Explore Find relevant information/Select and reject Discover Create deep meaning and gain understanding Destination Create and Present/Inform the audience Celebrate and Evaluate Analysing Distinguish, examine, compare, contrast, investigate, categorize, identify, explain, separate, organize Evaluating Judge, select, choose, decide, justify, debate, verify, argue, assess, discuss, rate, prioritize, determine Creating Invent, compose, predict, construct, design, imagine, improve, propose, devise

Revised Taxonomy:

Remembering Tell, list, describe, relate, locate, write, find, state, name, identify

Understanding Distinguish, predict, restate, translate, contrast, describe, clarify, classify, show

Applying Solve, show, use, illustrate, calculate, construct, complete, examine, classify, carry out, identify, predict

The Learning Journey
Launch Pad and Ignition (Teachers stage)
Consider likely contexts Developing appropriate learning intentions Locate resources Spark interest through Knowledge building and relating to real experiences. , audience and timeframe

Create Focus Questions

The Action Plan
* Newpapers delivered to class. - Why are they here? / Who uses them? - What are they for? / What can we use them for? * Children to look through newspapers and have general discussion about newspapers * Use white hat thinking to discuss facts about newspapers / draw pictures

Mind Map Ideas Ask Questions and Identify Key Questions Collate Ideas and Decide on Action Design the learning pathway and timeframe

‘What do I want to know/find out?” Distinguish essential / key questions Break down into higher and lower order questions Clarify meanings of words in questions and problems.

* * * *

Using a KWL find out what children know and wonder about newspapers Sort through wonderings to find relevant key questions Sort into higher / lower order questions Then create a big question to explore


Review, Revise, Evaluate

Locate a range of sources. Question and interview Provide learning opportunities that enable students to practise and master the skills required to: locate, sort, sift, find relevant information, organise, record Select and reject

Identify key words and use to locate information. Know which resources are likely to be most useful. Use - resources such as internet effectively. Skim and scan to identify relevant information. Review the purpose of the task -has the required information been located or is more research and thinking needed? How can this information be best used? Summarise the information into a structure.

* * * * * *

Refer back to places to find information eg. Books, library, visitors, internet etc Use library and links to blog to research information Older children to record information as a research project Children to practice ways of using newspaper eg. Making jet planes, hats etc Use digital camera to record children exploring / experimenting with newspaper Invite visitor in to show use of newspaper ie. a handy paper bag

Discover (Students)
Gain understanding, and apply information Does this information answer my wonderings? What will I do with the information? How will I present my information? Who will I share this information with?

* * * *

Share what children have found - does this answer our wonderings? Compare what has been made using newspaper. Wordle things you can do with old newspaper What is more useful jet plane or bag? Use yellow and black hat thinking / PMI

* Make own paper bags discuss how we can use these * Write instructions on how to make newspaper bags * Make a photostory of how to make bags and uses for them * Create a display for Green day gala

Use discoveries to solve problems, answer questions, and create deep learning What action can I take to create change or inform others? Create opportunities to Present/Inform the audience

Identify a range of presentation options Select a form of presentation appropriate to the audience and content of the materials Prepare a presentation Present the information Select appropriate Recognise whether the information presented is relevant to the key questions. Make a judgment on whether the end product meets the requirements Set personal goals for the further skills development.

Celebrate and Evaluate
Make Judgments Celebrate and Evaluate What difference can this make/ has this made?

* Evaluate by brainstorming what have we learnt about newspaper and the environment?







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