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Dear Ms Tripi, My name is Maria Theodoropoulou and recently I recevied my certificate in teaching.

My experience in being a student made me more independent, since I lived on my own, but it also gave me the chance to meet many different experiences. Due to my social nature I always wanted to be among people and to feel that I am a part of a group, whether that group is my friends, or a club. Therefore, when I completed my studies and I returned to the city where I grew up, I enrolled in the voluntary association 'SOS Children's Villages', in which I am occupied with supporting teaching with young children selflessly. The feeling that I receive by helping out and offer something in people in general, except that it fulfills me as a person, it also gives me the motivation to believe that the world is in a process of adaptation and a change for the better. Especially in the period in which we are living, which is a period of crisis - economic and social - volunteering through European programs such as the EVS, gives me the hope for a better tomorrow with people with greater fellowship and love. Being arround with children is my job and there is no better job than to have to deal with young people, trying to load them with ideals, values, but also dreams . Children have something the amazing in them. They can give you so much energy and love with just one move. Therefore, my motivation for this European project '3 H: Head, Heart, Hands' is first of all that it is a program that deals with children and secondly that it takes place in Italy. As trite as it sounds, I always wanted to travel in Italy, let alone staying there. I believe that the culture and mentality of the Italy look alike with the ones in Greece, therefore it won't take me long to adapt to the new circumstances. Thank you for considering my application.

Sincerely, Maria Theodoropoulou