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The Rope Swing

The Rope Swing

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Published by Elton Camp
One of the joys of chilldhood
One of the joys of chilldhood

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Published by: Elton Camp on Mar 26, 2014
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The Rope Swing

By Elton Camp Swings were a kid’s favorite place Feeling so free with air in the face Back and forth, higher each time A joy so simple that it’s sublime Not too high the adults would say Because you can get hurt that way t was true if a rope should break A very nasty fall a child could take !he tiny risk was well justified For the enjoyment it did provide t’s decades since ’ve used a swing ’d like to feel again what it does bring may risk someone laughing at me As go back and forth with glee "#ook at that childish old man$ ’m going to try it if ever can%

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