March 26, 2014

Monica Stadalski
315-782-3142 x 247

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"9:;<:=>?@ *A& B9<CD 5E@ 5FG6 H WÞ8S-1v, WaLerLown, n? announces 24 hour, 7 day a week
broadcasLs of CreaLe 1v and World beglnnlng Aprll 1, 2014.
CreaLe 1v wlll alr beglnnlng Aprll 1
on WÞ8S-1v's 16.2/18.2 and 1lme Warner Cable channel 1273.
CreaLe 1v's lnsLrucLlon programs provlde experL advlce on cooklng, arLs & crafLs, gardenlng, home
lmprovemenL and Lravel. 1une ln Lo WÞ8S-1v and be lnsplred Lo LasLe, grow, lmaglne, explore and llve
more fully.
WC8Lu ls a full servlce mulLlcasL channel feaLurlng publlc Lelevlslon's slgnaLure nonflcLlon documenLary,
sclence and news programmlng complemenLed by orlglnal conLenL from emerglng producers. Avallable
on WÞ8S-1v, beglnnlng Aprll 1
, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on channels 16.3/18.3.
WÞ8S-1v ls a non-proflL publlc Lelevlslon sLaLlon servlng approxlmaLely 630,000 households LhroughouL
norLhern new ?ork and LasLern CnLarlo. WÞ8S-1v's mlsslon ls Lo educaLe, enLerLaln and lnform our
Lwo-naLlon audlence Lhrough superlor local and naLlonal conLenL and medla engagemenL ln order Lo
enhance Lhe llves of Lhose lL serves.
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