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Dear School-Wide Community:

I am writing to let you know more information about what occurred today at Amherst Regional Middle School.! In fact, the man in question rst accessed Wildwood School, entering through the main entrance after being buzzed into the school.! Upon entry, the man spoke with the secretaries in the main ofce.! There was nothing in the conversation between the secretaries and the man which was of any concern.! We have no indication at this time that he accessed any area of Wildwood other than the main ofce.! We will be exploring this further, but we presently do not believe he went beyond the ofce area.! !From Wildwood, the man then went to the Middle School.! Since the prior messages to you today concerning this matter, we have no additional information to report about the Middle School.! To repeat from an earlier message about this matter, the Amherst Police has identied a potential suspect and is in custody for unrelated charges.! The investigation is ongoing.! !I know this is upsetting to parents.! We will work to support all children as they arrive to school tomorrow.

Please feel free to contact your building principal or the Superintendent's ofce if you have any additional questions or concerns.