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Rachael M.


To obtain a position as an early childhood, elementary or middle school teacher.

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI Fifth Year Teacher Intern rogram, !" #raduate $redits *achelor of %rts, Elementary Education %ug "&!' ( May "&!) May "&!'

Michigan Elementary ro+isional $ertificate ,(- %ll .ub/ect %reas, and 0(1 .ocial .tudies Early $hildhood 2. Endorsement

Teaching E !erience
Michigan State University "MSU# Teacher $ntern Se%inole &cade%y' Mt. $lemens, MI #rade Le+el( !st %ug "&!' ( May "&!) 3rote detailed lesson plans for four units of study 3orked 3ith colleagues to plan interacti+e units super+ised a !st grade less 3ith o+er "- students supported students in learning though authentic and hands(on e4periences Substitute Teacher( 5aslett, MI .pecial Education $onsultant, M.6 $hild 7e+elopment Lab pro+ided speciali9ed assistance to three students 3ith special needs administered sensory breaks to students 3ith special needs 8un "&!'

)ost Oak Magnet School, Lansing, MI #rade Le+el: ,indergarten .ept "&!" ( May "&!' participated in a International *accalaureate rimary Years rogram $hinese Immersion institution prepared and implemented lessons in science, social studies, English, and mathematics for "- students. presented literacy lessons on fluency and comprehension to small groups Marble Ele%entary School( East Lansing, Michigan #rade Le+el: 'rd grade 8an "&!" ( May "&!" de+eloped lessons to support literacy gro3th summari9ed results of the assessments and suggested areas to impro+e and 3ays to e4tend literacy gro3th and de+elopment

Teaching*Related E !erience
Michigan State University "MSU# Child +evelo!%ent ,aboratory "C+,# * -aslett Ca%!us( 5aslett, MI .tudent Teacher #rade Le+el: reschool %ge )(8an "&!' ( May "&!' managed and planned a play(based classroom 3ith !1 children collaborated 3ith a colleague to plan themed units of study participated in a ;ational Education Young $hildren <;%EY$= accredited site partnered 3ith the .pecial Education $onsultant to formulate and implement indi+iduali9ed beha+ior plans used a +ariety of assisti+e technology to support students 3ith special needs administered formal and informal assessments o .uch formal assessments include the reschool Early Literacy Indicator < ELI= ilot assessment

East ,ansing MSU Child +evelo!%ent ,ab( East Lansing, MI #rade Le+el: reschool %ge )(8an "&!" ( May "&!" assisted head teachers in maintaining the classroom en+ironment implemented lessons 3ith small groups of students helped head teacher in using se+eral forms of assisti+e technology to support students 3ith special needs <including personal +isual schedules, timers, sensory props, and 3eighted +ests 3ith appropriate permission= East ,ansing MSU Child +evelo!%ent ,ab( 5aslett, MI #rade Le+el: reschool %ge "(' years supported fello3 teachers in maintaining a safe learning en+ironment gained e4perience 3ith 3orking 3ithin a play(based curriculum ac>uired strategies useful 3hen in+ol+ed in a reflecti+e teaching practice .ept "&!!( 7ec "&!!

Service ,earning( Red Cedar Ele%entary School( East Lansing, MI 8an "&!! ( May "&!! ?olunteer, #rade Le+el: "nd grade obser+ed in multicultural classroom e+ery 3eek, resulting in increased kno3ledge of strategies to incorporating a +ariety of cultures in the classroom en+ironment 3orked 3ith small groups of students in literacy centers supported 3ith a fifth(year M.6 intern and a head teacher to maintain a safe classroom en+ironment .anny, Lindenhurst, IL @ct "&&A ( %ug "&!& $ared for three male childrenB ages A months, - years, and 0 years utili9ed a feeding tube and other assisti+e technology to support and care for a child 3ith 7o3nCs .yndrome tutored the eldest child in reading and 3riting to further de+elop his literacy skills responsible for the diapering, feeding, and general care of an infant

)rofessional +evelo!%ent
%dult and ediatric First %id and $ D $ertification romethean *oard Training, Mt. $lemens, MI %ttended Teachers and the La3 <ME%= .eminar, 7etroit, MI resent for M%I.% Eriting 6nit training, Mt. $lemens, MI articipated in " %ntecedentF*eha+iorF$onse>uence meetings Mar "&!) Feb "&!) 7ec "&!' %ug "&!' Mar "&!'

ELI training +ia the Early Years DTI initiati+e from the Ingham, East Lansing, MI 8an "&!' %ttended the GI %m a TeacherH $onference Mar "&!" Member, Michigan %ssociation for the Education of Young $hildren <Mi%EY$=

.mart and romethean *oard soft3are, i ad Educational %pplications <specifically rolo>uo"go=, Microsoft @ffice <Eord, o3erpoint, E4cel=

Other /ork E !erience

Desidential Education and 5ousing .er+ices, Michigan .tate 6ni+ersity .tudent .uper+isor Mar "&!! ( 8un "&!' Managed the discipline and scheduling of a small team to maintain a safe and clean 3ork en+ironment led bi(3eekly meetings of !&(!- employees and co(led monthly meetings for more than !-& employees directed the organi9ation and implementation an all(day training e+ent for o+er !-& employees coordinated the use of campus properties 3ith +arious groups ensuring the successful completion of their camps and conferences <@dyssey of the Mind, ;ational @rder of the %rro3 $onference, M.6Cs %cademic @rientation

rogram, etc.= .er+ice $enter Depresentati+e Mar "&!& ( Mar "&!!