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Mr. Musante Could you forward this to Conservation and zoning Board.

What formal request is required or will you or they!accept this for tentative discussions, solutions!and actual follow up? Can we!x those problems that!we were told!loudly and incorrectly! something to the effect:!were nothing but typical nonsense meaningless!complaints from NIYMB's. Same people!put 2 million in prots in their pockets and didn't do a good job.!These are the issues that need to be xed. Don't do this any more neighborhoods......! 1)I!am requesting meeting with conservation commission about 12 Longmeadow drive. Dried up wetlands around my house. Retention pond is nothing but a big drain. Drainage destroying the Road and rerouting water from Orchard brook!that used to supply Markets pond.!Flowing Under Longmeadow drive...(Look at the cracked pavement and additional subsidence) and down 116 into muddy brook. They state that the board is responsible for state law compliance with wetland issues . 2) This also involves the zoning board of appeals.I will request that the zoning board!also address the above as violation of the permit and also!look at revoking habitation/permit until the lead arsenide to which the residents are being exposed ( This exposure!is in accordance with Developers nal environmental report )!is corrected per MGL21E.....!!Note: Zoning boards request!for health board review didn't take place, in fact for better part of year it wasn't even brought to the Health Boards!attention, at which point construction was well under way. I have noise, lighting, and height issues!that would also be nice to get resolved.!The above!in my mind cannot and should never be ignored.! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John Boothroyd! PS. With the data from the school systems indicating better than 50% low income!we do not have to allow any contested 40b projects.!Connie Kruger!is once again!in a position!to!line her pockets with another "affordable" housing "project". Pray I'm wrong..Connie's!"Repeated not allowed to comment"!might become "affordable" housing retreat?