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Teacher: Christie Lozano Date: March 17, 2014 Subject Area: Language Arts Grade Level: 4th Grade

TEKS: 110.15-4.20.A. ii. !Con"unctions# Estimated Time: 1 $our Objective: %tudents &i'' (e a('e to use and understand Coordinating, %u(ordinating, and Corre'ati e Con"unctions in their )eading, *riting, and %+ea,ing. Materials: Coordinating Con"unctions -.A/012%3 Chart %u(ordinating Con"unctions -AAA**4005%3 Chart %u(ordinating Con"unctions 6o&er6oint o %u(ordinating Con"unctions Ga7e *or,sheet !4sing 2our %u(ordinating Con"unctions# *or,sheet 6enci's 6ro"ector 0'ue 6ens %7art0oard Anticipatory Set: )e ie& Coordinating Con"unctions chart. 5ntroduce %u(ordinating Con"unction chart. nstructional 89+'ain to students a(out the di::erence (et&een Coordinating and %u(ordinating Delivery: Con"unctions. o ;he di::erence is the &a< the co77a is used. Coordinating Con"unction: M<a &anted to go to the store, and she &anted to go to the 7a''. -Co77a (e:ore coordinating con"unction in (et&een sentences3. %u(ordinating Con"unction: 0roo,'<n &ent to the store &hi'e her 7o7 sta<ed ho7e. -Co77a is not used in (et&een sentences un'ess the su(ordinating con"unction is used in the (eginning o: the sentence. 5n:or7 students the< are going to +'a< a ga7e si7i'ar to the !Coordinating Con"unction# ga7e. )e7ind students o: the :o''o&ing: o ,ee+ the oice 'e e' 'o& &hi'e +'a<ing the ga7e, and o &or, together in grou+s to :ind the ans&er. $a e +a+er +assers +ass out the !%u(ordinating Con"unctions Ga7e# &or,sheet. o 1nce e er< student has a &or,sheet the ga7e 7a< (egin. Model: )ead a'oud the :irst =uestion to the students. Gi e the grou+s t&o 7inutes to discuss their ans&er and 7ar, their ans&er on the !%u(ordinating Con"unctions Ga7e# &or,sheet. Choose one +erson :ro7 each grou+ to (e a s+o,es+erson. 1nce e er<one has gi en an ans&er, <ou can re ea' the ans&er to the c'ass. o 5: the< get the ans&er &rong, the< ha e to circ'e the correct ans&er in ('ue +en.

!hec" #or $nderstandin%:

Guided &ractice

ndependent &ractice:



As, the students to discuss :or t&o 7inutes as to &h< the< got the ans&er &rong. A:ter the t&o 7inutes, as, one student &h< the< got the ans&er &rong. ;hen read the +ro ided e9+'anation on the 6o&er6oint. Continue the ga7e and read the =uestions a'oud to the students. Gi e students t&o 7inutes to discuss the ans&er as a grou+. *hi'e the< are discussing the ans&er, the teacher &i'' &a', around to assist students i: needed. .or the Mi9 and Match +ortion o: the ga7e, ha e the s+o,es+erson :ro7 each grou+ +ro ide an ans&er, and dra& a 'ine :ro7 the Con"unction to the >e:inition on the %7art0oard. -)e7ind students to (e e9tre7e'< care:u' &ith the %7art0oard3. 1nce the ga7e is o er, as, the students to turn in their &or,sheets and the +a+er co''ectors &i'' co''ect the &or,sheets. $a e the +a+er +assers hand the !4sing 2our %u(ordinating Con"unction# &or,sheet out to each student. 8ach student is to choose :i e su(ordinating con"unctions. o .or each su(ordinating con"unction, the students are to &rite t&o sentences -one sentence using a co77a, another sentence not using a co77a3. )e ie& the %u(ordinating Con"unctions and their de:initions. )eiterate and stress the di::erences o: ho& a co77a is used (et&een Coordinating Con"unctions and %u(ordinating Con"unctions o 4se students? sentences as an e9a7+'e. G; %tudents: Create sentences using the %u(ordinating Con"unctions and descri+ti e er(s as &e''. %68> %tudents: 89tra ti7e on assign7ents. )e+etition o: =uestions and ans&ers. Assistance &ith co7+'etion o: assign7ents.

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