It has been firmly established that the Boeing airliner which went missing on 8th March flew a southerly

route over the Indian Ocean before crashing into the water due to fuel exhaustion. Now, ‘relatives of the !lane s !assengers are venting their anger in Bei"ing and denouncing the airline. #hese ‘relatives are ignorant hy!ocrites. #he airline, not even for one moment, would have ever wished for such a thing to occur. In this case it is certainly as much a hel!less victim as all those innocent !eo!le who boarded the !lane. $hoever too% the !lane onto the final southerly route over the Indian Ocean did so on his &or her' vast %nowledge of the Boeing airliner. #he !erson %new the !lane s vulnerabilities or shortcomngs des!ite all the big boasts about the Boeing being among the best and safest !assenger !lanes in the world. (uch boasts are a load of hogwash. #he !erson also %new how to avoid or minimise radar trac%ing of the !lane, again, because of his vast technical %nowledge. )adar coverage in this region is not good because the *( government is very much against it. #he *( does not want !eo!le to %ee! trac% of its shi!s and !lanes that are always !rowling and snoo!ing around. #he *( even issued a severe warning to +hina not to establish an ,-I. in the (outh +hina (ea. /ven western media li%e the ‘,0 ridiculed it on its continuing ‘strict control over its own internal air!sace. #hus all anger should be directed at Boeing, the media and the *( govt. -on t blame the airline for the Boeing s disa!!earance.

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