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The pros and cons of using Thread vs Runnable. write the code for typical Producer Consumer scenario provide a scenario where one would prefer notify( or notify!ll( above other. for #ingleton$ provide a thread safe implementation. difference b&w 'nterfaces and !bstract classes or using Threads vs Runnable. how to create a thread by e)tending Thread class. tell a practical scenario where we re+uire #ynchroni,ation. (!ny scenario when two or more threads are corrupting a shared resource . -. write a .in/ implementation of his own. 0. how to ma/e a class 'mmutable in 1ava. 12. write a method to swap two numbers3This is a 4ust a way to as/ call by value vs call by reference practically 11. Pros and cons of e)tending Thread vs 'mplementing Runnable 12. 5ifference b&w 6wait6 and 6sleep6. 13. 7ow a Thread reaches 6wait6 state. 1". 'n #eriali,ation how to handle a simple Client #erver scenario where a change in a class on Client side has not been reflected on server side. #erial 8ersion 9'd. 1%. :ar/er 'nterfaces (4ustification of having :ar/er 'nterfaces in the first place . 1(. 'n 5ata #tructures3define 7ashing. 'n Collections$ define 7ash:ap