A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan In Kindergarten I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to: 1.

identify the one’s trunk 2. locate and move one’s trunk 3. tell the importance of one’s trunk II. Subject/Topic: Science – Body Parts (Trunk) III. Materials  big book of the story “Brian Learns His Lesson”  art materials for small group activities IV. A. Learning Activities

Introductory Activities • • • • • Meeting Time Prayer Song Weather Song Checking of Attendance Review of past lesson


Developmental Activities • Storytelling o “Brian Learns His Lesson” o Teacher will present the story using a big book. o After reading the story, teacher will ask the class some questions about the story. o Guiding Questions:  If you were Brian, would you eat everything you like?  If you have so many food but you are not hungry, what would you do with the food?  If you eat so much, what happens to your stomach?

Do you know what supports your stomach and your body?  What do you think will happen if you don’t have a trunk? o After soliciting ideas from the pupils, teacher will present a puzzle of Brian’s body. o Teacher will ask the pupils what makes Brian’s body move from left to right, and back and forth. o After presenting Brian’s puzzle and soliciting ideas from the pupils, teacher will now present the concept about human’s trunk.  • Small Group Activities o Make Brian Move o Each group will be given materials to make Brian’s body. They will design his clothes then place a pin on his trunk to make his body move. Evaluation o The pupils will be given worksheets to answer. (Worksheets attached) Indoor/Outdoor Activity o Trunk Exercise Relay o The groups will form their lines. o There will be stations where the member of the group needs to complete a task before proceeding to the next station. o After clearing all the stations, the member will tap the next player and repeat the tasks. o The first group, with all the members, to finish the relay wins the game.

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