D’Aguilar Range

D’Aguilar National Park, Samford and Bunyaville conservation parks and surrounds Park guide

… the bush on Brisbane’s doorstep Discover remote gorges, sheltered pockets of subtropical rainforest, expansive forests and spectacular views; all within an hour’s drive from Brisbane.

Great state. Great opportunity.

by horse or bicycle.au> or phone 1300 130 372. from Walkabout Creek Visitor Centre or at <www. For licence and permit enquiries.au>. Experience the park on foot. such as commercial. Some activities in Queensland parks and forests require a permit. email <palm@nprsr.gov. group or scientific activities. or by car or motorbike.qld. More detailed information is available in the park.qld. this guide is divided into sections to help visitors tailor their experience.nprsr.Courtesy of Jason Flesser Locality map Exploring the range The D’Aguilar Range can be explored in two hours or over several days. To get the most of a visit.gov. To Nanango GU D’A ILA R N k Es Lake Somerset Neurum Ro ad smussen Ra D’Aguilar HI Road Delaney Creek Archer campground 22 GH W AY 20 Broadwater Rocky Hole 19 21 campground 18 Neurum Creek Falls lookout and Bulls Falls Road The Gantry 16 Sell in Roa d Mount Mee Caboolture Mo un Legend D’Aguilar National Park Conservation park Other reserve Major road Minor road Forest drive Information centre Parking Toilets Wheelchair access Barbecue (wood) Barbecue (gas) Drinking water provided Sheltered picnic tables Shelter shed Picnic tables Lookout (with platform) Lookout (without platform) Walking track 4x4 camping Bus parking Cafe Dogs allowed (on leash) Treat water before drinking No water provided Domestic animals prohibited No camping To E sk Somerset Somerset 17 lookout t Mount Mee Mount B ris ba Cr ee k Ro ad Dayboro La ys ce Mou nt To Nambour Kilcoy Road Woodford BRUCE Mount Mee Ro a d W 12 Northbrook 11 in n Lake Manchester Road Gap Creek Road Moggill Conservation Park Crosby Ro ad Ro Kholo WE FRE STER EW N AY Moggill To Toowoomba Scale 0 5 10 15 20 km WARREGO AY HIGHW 2 M ou nt Kil coy d Roa M ee Roa d oad ne R HIGH WAY Wivenhoe To E To B Da yb oro Ro ad risb an e Samso Lake Samsonvale So Lake Wivenhoe sk Petrie Gym pie m er se n BR t Roa d White and Red Cedar Parkway Clear Mountain Conservation Park Sa ms Ro onva le ad Roa d Wivenhoe outlook ad Ro 10 Maiala Mount Glorious Mo un Westridge outlook 9 t Glorious South D’Aguilar IS Manorina Roa d Mount Nebo 8 Samford Camp Mountain lookout 5 Bunyaville Conservation Samford Conservation Park 15 Park 14 Sa O ld North ad ern Ro Boombana 7 6 Mo Jollys Lookout un t N eb ord mf o Road 3 4 Bellbird Grove 2 Ro ad BA NE McAfees lookout Walkabout Creek Waterw or ks Road L VAL EY HI Fernvale Y WA GH Gold Creek Reservoir Enoggera Reservoir To Brisbane Mt Coot-tha 1 Lake Manchester 13 Lake Manch ester Road ad To Bri sbane .

Touring and places to visit Embark on an adventure on one of several scenic tourist drives along the range and visit spectacular lookouts. fits this area perfectly.translink. Westridge outlook Public transport access For information on bus services. Vehicle access 3 Bellbird Grove 10-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 6 Jollys Lookout 20-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 1 Mt Coot-tha Stop and enjoy a picnic or barbecue at this open. For those looking to circumnavigate the park.00 am to 4. The Gap—12 km from Brisbane’s CBD. the park can be reached via Samford along Mount Glorious Road (tourist route number 9). Brisbane’s first Lord Mayor (from 1925 to 1931). Brisbane Valley and the Glass House Mountains. Enjoy a stroll along one of the two short walking tracks that start from the visitor centre (Corymbia circuit and Araucaria track). With Enoggera Reservoir as the backdrop. McAfees lookout 4 and Boombana rainforest 7 . grab a coffee and a bite to eat. meaning ‘trees in bloom’. grassy day-use area and take a short walk along one of the walking tracks. and is easily accessible by public transport from the city. Start at Walkabout Creek 2 in The Gap and come face-to-face with the amazing diversity of native wildlife that lives in Queensland's national parks at the South East Queensland Wildlife Centre.brisbane.15 pm every day. Enjoy a barbecue lunch or take a walk through the forest. excluding some public holidays. The Walkabout Creek Visitor Centre and South East Queensland Wildlife Centre are open from 9.com. follow Mount Nebo Road (tourist route number 8) from The Gap. pink.qld. contact TRANSLink on 13 12 30 or visit <www. including Bellbird Grove 3 . On a clear day see amazing views of Moreton Bay and the Glass House Mountains from the lower lookout.gov. 5 Camp Mountain lookout 15-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 2 Walkabout Creek Walkabout Creek is located at 60 Mount Nebo Road. Catch public transport or drive to the summit of Mt Coot-tha for expansive views over Brisbane city. During summer the lacebark tree Brachychiton discolor loses its leaves and keeps its large. this lookout offers expansive views of Moreton Island. walkaboutcreek. or alternatively return via Samford. Alternatively. and surrounded by tall eucalypt trees. parkland picnic areas and stunning natural features. To find out more about the wedding centre and cafe. visit <www.au> or phone (07) 3403 8888. The road winds along the range to the mountain townships of Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious.au>.com. For further information or to obtain brochures or maps. function rooms and cafe. 3 . or journey up the mountain by car and visit a number of beautiful destinations within the park. please visit the Brisbane City Council website <www. showy flowers to create a burst of colour through the greenery. Named after William Jolly. The complex includes a visitor and wildlife centre. Boombana. The function rooms at Walkabout Creek provide a unique and secluded setting for conferences. Alternatively. embark on a short walk from any of the picnic areas at the foothills of the mountain or explore the Mt Coot-tha botanic gardens and planetarium. and adjoin the Green Tree Frog Café. the Green Tree Frog Café is a wonderful place to relax. South D’Aguilar To explore the southern end of the D’Aguilar Range.au>. the Northbrook Parkway provides a circuit back through Brisbane Valley and Ipswich. functions and wedding ceremonies. Walk along the ridgeline to another lookout offering surprisingly close views of bustling Brisbane city. 4 McAfees lookout 15-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 7 Boombana 20-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 This lookout was named after the first settlers in this area an d offers breathtaking views of Moreton Bay.

please visit the Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre website <www. For information about school activities in Bunyaville Conservation Park.qld.bunyavileec. 13 Lake Manchester 1-hour. 11 Wivenhoe outlook 50-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 14 Samford Conservation Park 15-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 This outlook provides a picnic area with scenic views of Lake Wivenhoe. and Western Scenic Rim. 4 . offering walkers lush wet eucalypt forest and views of Samford Valley. The lush subtropical rainforest of Mount Glorious. For information on the various environmental. 9 Westridge outlook 35-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 From the lookout perched on a high rocky outcrop. mountain bike and horse riding 10 Maiala 45-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 trails close to Brisbane’s CBD.8 Manorina 30-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 Two walking tracks leave from here. cultural and recreational programs and activities offered by Brisbane City Council visit <www.edu. 15 Bunyaville Conservation Park 20-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 Discover a peaceful bush retreat with walking. Courtesy of Bruce Cowell. Originally cleared for a timber mill. 12 White and Red Cedar 1-hour drive from Walkabout Creek 2 via Northbrook Parkway With open grassy areas and a picturesque stream running behind the day-use area.au> or phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68).au> or phone (07) 3353 4356. some machinery and a remnant hoop pine plantation remain as evidence of Maiala’s loud and laborious past.gov. Visit Ironbark Gully or Lomandra day-use areas off Samford Road and enjoy a natural woodland setting for picnics and barbecues. this is a great place to stop and enjoy the scenery.gov.nprsr. This special area was the first piece of national park declared on the D’Aguilar Range. visit <www. 20-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 Enjoy a picnic and take a short stroll to the lake’s grassy shores. Queensland Museum Connect with Nature A wide range of ranger-guided activities are offered in various parks throughout Brisbane. the Gold Coast and hinterland.eq. enjoy views over Lake Wivenhoe with the Great Dividing Range in the distance. Connect with Nature offers school holiday activities for adults. children and families as well as curriculum-based school educational activities for primary and secondary years.brisbane.qld.au> or phone (07) 3403 8888. For more information on Connect with Nature.

Drive slowly to allow time to react to changed road conditions and other park users. Start at The Gantry 16 and travel south-east along Peggs Road onto the Range Road forest drive. except for group or commercial activities. • Watch out for the unexpected. Return via The Gantry or continue north through the small township of Woodford. • Ensure your vehicle is mechanically sound. please check for park alerts on the DERM website at <www. Please note that the majority of these roads are unsealed and only The Gantry day-use area is accessible via sealed road. Drive safely • Please obey all park closure notices. Continue on to Rocky Hole 19 and relax by the cool water. A 400 m walk to a viewing platform overlooks the northern side of D’Aguilar Range and the picturesque Neurum Valley. narrow sections. For your safety. Mount Mee is closed after heavy rain—before visiting. The Gantry shelter is a legacy of the sawmill that operated here until 1981. For your safety. 20-minute drive from Walkabout Creek 2 Escape the crowds and visit this exciting destination for camping and motorised recreational adventures. The lookout can be accessed on foot by walking along the Somerset trail. Vehicles are permitted on all forest drives and unsealed roads in the Mount Mee section unless otherwise signed. This drive explores open eucalypt forest and rainforest along the highest point of the range. the closest Mount Mee day-use area to Brisbane. drive to Broadwater 20 . Follow Mount Mee Road (tourist route number 29) and turn into Sellin Road. 19 Rocky Hole 25-minute drive from The Gantry 16 Surrounded by open eucalypt forest. drive along and explore the Range Road forest drive (see trail map on page 6). offering views to either side. . journey along the Western escarpment forest drive (see trail map on page 6) through scribbly gum forest and take in spectacular views to the west over Somerset Dam and Lake Wivenhoe.Rocky Hole. unsealed gravel road. 18 Falls lookout and Bulls Falls 5-minute drive from The Gantry 16 Falls lookout can be reached by a formed. Vehicle permits are not required. • Please obey speed limits—the maximum speed limit on forest drives is 50 km/hr. which leads to the park entrance. this is a popular destination during the hot summer months. Start a half-day adventure on the Mount Mee forest drive (see trail map on page 6) at The Gantry 16 and wander along the tranquil Mill rainforest walk. For a two-hour scenic drive. do not jump or dive into the waterhole. 17 Somerset lookout 30-minute drive from The Gantry 16 Enjoy spectacular views over the Great Dividing Range. All vehicles must be registered and driven by licensed drivers. These roads are often difficult to navigate in wet conditions and may be closed to vehicle access after heavy rain. formed gravel road. The northern section of the park is also accessible from Dayboro and Woodford. a great picnic spot overlooking a large waterhole. this site features a rock pool and is popular during summer. 20 Broadwater 40-minute drive from The Gantry 16 Enjoy a picnic or barbecue lunch at this small day-use area near a large waterhole. Alternatively. • Forest drives are unsealed with some sharp curves. offering beautiful views of sheltered rainforest pools and rocky crags. From here. Normal road rules apply. Exit the park via Laceys Creek Road and finish the tour by visiting the small township of Dayboro. 5 Travel on a sealed road for 150 m from the park entrance on Mount Mee Road to The Gantry. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are advised for all unsealed roads in Mount Mee. or by four-wheel-drive vehicles along the Western escarpment forest drive. Mount Mee The 90-minute drive to Mount Mee from Brisbane meanders through the townships of Samford and Dayboro. All forest drives allow two-way traffic. Somerset Dam and Lake Wivenhoe’s headwaters. Some roads and trails are designated nonmotorised areas in the interest of visitor safety. Access is along an unsealed.gov.nprsr.qld. do not jump or dive into the waterhole. 16 The Gantry 1-hour.au>. Walk a further 80 m to Bulls Falls. loose surfaces and steep grades requiring careful driving.

Mount Mee Ra uss sm en Ro ad 22 Archer ! 20 South D’Aguilar campground Broadwater Lovedays R oad ek R Cre um Neur Road ays Loved ! 17 Somerset lookout k Centre Road Road By ron Cr ee kR D ia n a's Bath oa d drive Jacky Cr kR oad Ra ng op e Cre Ma y C r ee Ro e ad fore st ee Road forest drive Rang e ey Lac r sC Scale 0 2 4 km Map adjoins top of South D'Aguilar map 6 ee k Ro o ad L Traverse Ce 12 Red Cedar 12 ede ntip 19 Rocky ! White Cedar Hole Roa r rest d e fo Mount Me d oad Settlem Top R 21 Neurum Creek campground ent Ro ad ive Falls lookout and Bulls Falls 18 ! ! Mill rainforest walk To Mount Mee and D'Aguilar n ter Wes rest ent fo arpm esc Wiv e n 16 The ! Gantry Sellin Road ho Pe gg s Ro So m er se t e– ve dri ad R o ad Th eH Mt an g er Me eR k rea AB Diana's Bath car park ky C Jac oad Ch am ber sR oad Mt Brisbane Ro ad ree er Butch sh k Road kR Wi oad r th Ro ad Scale 0 2 4 km ad Note: Many trails lead to private property. Get permission from landholders before accessing private property. It is the responsibility of riders and walkers to determine appropriate access requirements. . Many gates are locked and cannot be opened.

ay 7 .au> or phone 3403 8888. cyclists and pedestrians Cyclists and pedestrians only Walking track Forest drive Easy Moderate Difficult Parking Camping W es tern Fr eew England ee Cr d oa k R 9 R rious oad Glo unt Mo Samford ilm s an ck Tra Bun ya Ro ad 15 Bunyaville Conservation Park ra er T J i nk ck Collins Road Dundas bush camp Mount Nebo 7 Jollys Lookout M Bo un d Sa m for Boombana South dR ou nt Ne bo Camp Mountain Roa d 5 oad Light Line Road bush camp ar y ad Ro 4 3 Bellbird Grove Scrub Road bush camp Sou McAfees lookout 2 Walkabout Creek Waterw or k s Ro ad To Brisban e d Sou oa th B oundary R Up pe rB ro ok fie Gold Cree k Ro ad ld R 1 Mt Coot-tha Forest* oa d * For further information about Mt Coot-tha Forest or to obtain brochures or maps of the area. please visit the Brisbane City Council website <www.gov.Map adjoins bottom of Mount Mee map To Dayboro Day boro Ro ad North Kobble bush camp mia Road Middle Kobble bush camp bble le Ko Midd break fire Lake Samsonvale To Petrie Lepidoza No o ok br r th y Parkwa Tenison Woods Mountain South Kobble bush camp W in n Ro ad Sams onva le 11 Wivenhoe Ro ad Mount Glori o outlook Moun tS a Cl ea rM n ou Clear Mountain Conservation Park in ta Northbrook Mtn bush camp Lawton Road m us nR so Roa d 10 oad ad Ro Maiala Mount Glorious Eatons Cro ssi ng Westridge outlook e Break Westridg Jo yn er sR idg e Ro ad England Creek bush camp Ro ad nd Du as Ro ad 8 Manorina G t oa ck Tra Samford Conservation Park Lomandra and 14 Ironbark Gully 6 Ma Ro ad Tree Ca bba ge Break Ta ylors Light Line Road ad re Ro th Bou ndary Road Ce nt Gap Creek Ro ad 13 Lake Manchester Lake M anch e ster Road Legend D’Aguilar National Park Conservation Park Other reserve Minor road Management access only Creek Forest trail Horses and pedestrians Horses.brisbane.qld.

well-graded track.gov. • Gently sloping. Take in views to the west overlooking Somerset Dam and Lake Wivenhoe. • Reasonable level of fitness and ankle-supporting footwear required. allow 20–30 minutes 21 Neurum Creek campground 15 minutes This circuit begins at the northern end of Neurum Creek campground. allow 15–20 minutes 15 Bunyaville Conservation Park Manorina 20 minutes This walking track starts and finishes at the northern end of the day-use area. allow 20–30 minutes 1 km return. four-wheel-drivers and/or motorcyclists—please see the trail map section of this guide (pages 6 and 7) for more details.au>. This subtropical rainforest track provides great opportunities for birdwatching so bring binoculars. Class 4 track Australian Standards • Distinct track. Walkers can also access a number of forest trails throughout the range. picnic facilities and seasonal creeks and waterfalls to explore. • Moderate level of fitness and ankle-supporting footwear required. allow 15 minutes 750 m return. allow 20 minutes 1 km circuit.4 km circuit. usually with steep exposed inclines or many steps. allow 4 hours 16 The Gantry Not applicable This track passes through scribbly gum forests. 8 30 minutes 8 . formed gravel road. well-defined track with slight inclines or few steps. other sections may be easier.Walking tracks The D’Aguilar Range offers a wide variety of walking tracks suitable for beginner and experienced walkers. Key to walking tracks Class 2 track Australian Standards Class 3 track Australian Standards • Easy level. Mount Mee Track name and classification Distance/ Time Access point Drive from The Gantry Description (90 minutes from Brisbane) Short walks (less than 1 hour) Lophostemon walk 750 m circuit. Walk through tall forest featuring cabbage tree palms.brisbane. Falls lookout track 18 Falls lookout and Bulls Falls Mill rainforest walk 1. Please note that while each track is classified according to its most difficult section. Mt Coot-tha Forest has a diverse range of tracks and trails. suitable for all fitness levels. • Caution needed on loose gravel surfaces and exposed natural lookouts. allow 40–50 minutes Off Neurum Creek Road between The Gantry 16 and Neurum Creek campground 21 10 minutes Longer walks (2–4 hours) Somerset trail 13 km circuit. The track entrance is accessed by a short unsealed. please refer to the track map on the Brisbane City Council website <www. rainforest and dry open forest. South D’Aguilar Short walks (less than 2 hours) Tree discovery circuit Atrax circuit 650 m circuit. Piccabeen walk 16 The Gantry Not applicable 5 minutes This short walk is along a boardwalk and track through a lush piccabeen palm grove. Walking tracks are classified according to Australian Standards and are only suitable for pedestrian use. For information on walking tracks in Mt Coot-tha Forest. Falls lookout can be reached by a gravel road off Neurum Creek Road and has a short walk down to a viewing platform overlooking the northern side of D’Aguilar Range and picturesque Neurum Valley. • Caution needed on loose gravel surfaces and exposed natural outlooks.qld. These trails may be shared by horse and mountain bike riders.

allow 40–50 minutes 1. This walking track connects Jollys Lookout to Boombana. allow 45 minutes 1. It is quite steep in places. This circuit winds through open eucalypt forest. allow 2–3 hours 6 Jollys Lookout 15 minutes . allow 20–30 minutes 1. The track is quite steep in places. allow 1 hour 14 Samford Conservation Park Boombana 15 minutes This circuit meanders through a forest of deeply furrowed and dark-coloured ironbark trees. Walk 600 m to the Western Window. This track leaves from the northern end of the dayuse area and goes through open eucalypt forest back to the southern end of the day-use area.5 km return.4 km return.5 km circuit. This track loops through wet eucalypt forest and a gully of subtropical rainforest. allow 35–45 minutes 1.2 km return. Walk through pockets of dry rainforest—a vegetation type known for its diversity and abundance of twisting vines. This is a short walk branching off the Rainforest circuit.5 km return.8 km circuit. allow 2 hours 5 km return.7 km circuit. This track branches off the Western Window track (see short walks). This track runs along the escarpment to the Western Window—an expansive undulating view to the west. This walking track winds through stunning subtropical rainforest. Western Window track Corymbia circuit 10 Maiala 40 minutes 2 Walkabout Creek Jollys Lookout Not applicable 20 minutes Egernia circuit 6 Bunyaville track 15 Bunyaville Conservation Park Bellbird Grove 20 minutes Turrbal circuit 3 10 minutes Golden Boulder track Rainforest circuit 3 Bellbird Grove 10 minutes 10 Maiala 40 minutes Cypress Grove track 2. Walk from the Manorina car park through wet eucalypt forest to Mount Nebo lookout and enjoy spectacular views over Samford Valley and Moreton Bay. A short track takes walkers along exposed ridges and past historic gold mines. allow 40–50 minutes 2 km circuit. so please supervise children at all times.South D’Aguilar Track name and classification Distance/ Time Access point Drive from Walkabout Creek Description Short walks (less than 2 hours) continued Crebra circuit 900 m circuit. Be prepared for an uphill walk on the return trip. Mount Nebo village can be accessed from this circuit via a 600 m track from the boardwalk. allow 2 hours 6 km return. allow 20–30 minutes 1 km circuit. This track winds down through a wet eucalypt forest gully and climbs back to the visitor centre.6 km return. This walking track winds past giant hoop pines along the shores of Enoggera Reservoir. Pitta circuit 7 25 minutes This track explores open eucalypt forest and then subtropical rainforest. allow 2–3 hours 10 Maiala 40 minutes The Greenes Falls track passes over rainforest pools and ends at a lookout adjacent to Greenes Falls. allow 45 minutes 1.3 km return. 9 Araucaria track Morelia walking track 2 Walkabout Creek Manorina Not applicable 30 minutes 8 Westside track 10 Maiala 40 minutes Thylogale walking track 8 km return. The track is quite steep in places. allow 1 hour 20 minutes 10 Maiala 40 minutes Longer walks (2–4 hours) Greenes Falls track 4. down into a wet eucalypt gully and back to the day-use area. Cypress Grove and a section of the Greenes Falls (see longer walks) walking tracks adjoin this track. before walking down to a level track perched on the side of a steep slope that finishes at Lawton Road. allow 2–2.5 hours 6. Access is from the top of the Maiala day-use area. allow 30–40 minutes 1.

cyclists must alert others when approaching them. wet and muddy tracks. 10 Courtesy of Tourism Queensland 11 . hooves and equipment are free of seeds before park visits. Horse riding Horse riding is permitted on specified forest trails in the D’Aguilar Range (see trail maps on previous pages). and onto the cool rainforest township of Mount Nebo to enjoy a cold drink at one of the local cafes. Bunyaville Conservation Park 15 and Mt Coot-tha Forest 1 both offer a variety of designated mountain bike trails that are interconnected by multiple-use trails. visit <www. or on roads in Mount Mee as this area is set aside for motorised vehicle-based recreation. or contact Brisbane City Council on (07) 3403 8888 or <www. Only allow horses to cross natural watercourses at designated crossing points on the trail for the protection of watercourses in the area • minimise damage to vegetation. and onto the township of MountNebo. • Avoid skidding and sliding around turns—collision and injury may result. Do not take shortcuts or form new tracks as this damages the environment and causes erosion • do not allow horses to enter or remain in or near natural watercourses. Bicycles are not permitted on designated walking tracks.nprsr. follow South Boundary Road to Mount Nebo Road.qld. please: • do not allow horses to remain in the park overnight • ride only on formed roads and trails designated for riding. For a challenging ride. The give-way code • Cyclists should give way to horses and walkers. • Always wear a helmet.au>. For more information on mountain bike trails in these areas visit <www.gov. • Avoid riding on soft. • Avoid riding in large groups.gov. ride within your ability and according to track conditions.au>.qld. For more information about horse riding in Queensland’s protected areas. Enjoy a half or day-long ride in the foothills around Enoggera Reservoir and the southern section of the D’Aguilar Range. To help reduce your impact on these natural areas.qld. • Cyclists riding downhill must give way to cyclists riding uphill.au>. • Plan ahead.gov. Do not allow horses to graze on any vegetation while in the area • tether horses at hitching posts or resting areas only for short periods to minimise soil erosion and compaction • avoid spreading weeds—ensure horses’ coats.nprsr.Mountain bike trails and horse riding trails Enjoy riding in a bushland environment on one of the many multiple-use trails in the D’Aguilar Range. A series of trails lead into the adjacent valleys of Brookfield and Gold Creek. Mountain bike riding Cycling is permitted on all forest trails within the southern end of D’Aguilar Range unless otherwise signed (see trail map on pages 6 and 7). • Walkers should give way to horses. or ride along the crest of South Boundary Road to Mount Nebo Road.brisbane. Ride safely • When using tracks.

Please check ‘Park alerts’ at <www.qld. South Kobble. Queensland Museum Courtesy of Jason Flesser Overnight stays and camping 11 . Open fires are allowed in the fireplaces and fire rings provided. To extend your stay you must amend your permit. why not unwind in the D’Aguilar Range over a couple of days. Courtesy of Bruce Cowell. Facilities are provided for campers only. People who camp without a permit can be fined. For more information about tourist accommodation in the D’Aguilar Range. natural bush setting near Neurum Creek. with minimal facilities—Dundas Road. North Kobble.com. Walkers need to be physically fit.au>. England Creek and Light Line Road bush camps. compass. Northbrook Mountain.au/camping> • by phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68) with credit card details. 16 22 Archer campground 40-minute drive from The Gantry 16 Enjoy the open. and have an emergency plan in place with a responsible friend or family member. Neurum Creek and Archer campgrounds are not suitable for caravans. milled timber off-cuts are recommended. Camping experiences D’Aguilar National Park has two formal campgrounds and eight remote bush camp sites. Formal campgrounds Located at Mount Mee. water and food.gov. How to obtain a camping permit A camping permit must be obtained prior to arrival.qld. A network of trails provides access between these camping sites and also link to the townships of Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious. There are eight walk-in-only bush camping sites. Middle Kobble. Bed and breakfast. visit the Tourism Queensland website <www.With the variety of trails and tourist sites. Obtaining a camping permit well in advance is recommended for public or school holiday periods. Remote bush camping Visitors can test their bush camping skills in the secluded back country of South D’Aguilar. fees are payable and a camping tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site. Mobile phone reception within the park is unreliable. Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious. have bushwalking and navigation experience. Bush camps within D’Aguilar National Park may be closed during periods of high fire danger or for regenerative purposes. resort and commercial camping accommodation are available in and around the townships of Mount Mee. family friendly. Obtain a camping permit: • online at <www. grassy. 21 16 Neurum Creek campground 15-minute drive from The Gantry 16 Neurum Creek campground provides opportunities for camping close to Neurum Creek in an enclosed forest setting. closures and conditions. Scrub Road.queenslandholidays.gov.au> for the latest information on access.nprsr. Bring your own firewood—untreated. first-aid kit. Always carry a topographic map. campervans or camper trailers.

qld. • Show consideration for other park users and wildlife by keeping noise to a minimum. • Wear appropriate bushwalking shoes. reduce risk of theft—ensure vehicles are locked and all valuables removed. June 2012 © State of Queensland. Tell friends or family where you are going and when you expect to return.au> • Go to ‘Park alerts’ for the latest information on access. To dispose of cigarette butts.gov. visitors will help protect the natural environment for the future enjoyment of others and ensure the survival of native plants and animals living here.gov. Fallen trees provide homes for insects and small animals.au>. BP1600 June 2012. closures and conditions. inform them. • Carry a first-aid kit and know how to use it. • Do not leave valuables unattended. photographs are the property of NPRSR. especially after rain. Stay away from cliff edges. Bushfire safety In conditions of high fire danger. • Obey all safety and warning signs. Email <info@nprsr. If you see a bushfire or any illegal activity. Printed on eco-friendly paper to save energy and resources. Phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68). Front cover: background photo courtesy of Bruce Cowell. • Let native animals find their own food. Photographs: unless credited otherwise. Tracks can be slippery. Sport and Racing. Start longer walks at cooler times of the day to avoid heat exhaustion in summer. If you change your plans. damages vegetation and can potentially result in injury. For your safety By following a few simple steps. • Carry a mobile phone.nprsr. carry a small container. • Use sun protection—wear sunscreen. Further information Visit <www.qld. walking tracks and other areas may be closed. Do not take or interfere with plants and animals. Human food can make native animals susceptible to disease and can cause overpopulation and aggressive behaviour. visits can be safe and enjoyable. • Carry adequate drinking water—drinking water is not provided on park. To access Lake Wivenhoe.Emergency contacts Ambulance emergency phone 000 phone 13 12 33 try phoning 112 non-emergency when low or no mobile service: for text-only emergency messages 106 (This is for people with speech or hearing impairments. • Plan to complete walks well before dark. 12 . • Never dive or jump into water as it may be shallow or have submerged hazards. but remember that reception may be poor in places. to access Somerset Dam phone (07) 5426 0188. Department of National Parks. • Remove all rubbish. please phone SEQ Water on (07) 5427 8100. Domestic animals are not permitted in the national park. • Avoid walking during wet weather. a hat and long-sleeved shirt even on cloudy days. No bins are provided in the park. No one will speak to you on this service. Conditions change and activities may be prohibited in some places. Queensland Museum Information provided in this brochure is accurate at the time of printing and is a guide only. • Never walk alone. Shortcutting causes erosion. Recreation. • Do not collect firewood.) Caring for the range By following these guidelines. • Stay on the designated tracks. When visiting these parks. • Supervise children at all times. • Leave pets at home. please phone emergency services as soon as possible. For your safety. • Everything within national parks and forests is protected. follow instructions on signs.

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