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and TXT formats. How to centrally browse and search for files in various formats? Huawei Confidential Page 2 . Word. PPT. Excel. LTD. How to find desired information in such a big file system? HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. automatic delivery Time-consuming search in a large amount of information Difficulties in centrally browsing and searching for files in various formats A package of Huawei product documentation contains dozens of documents. How to manage these documents? How to obtain the latest documents? Electronic documentation.Difficulties in Using Documentation Difficulties in managing documents of different products and different versions Documents are not updated along with the software. each of which has hundreds of pages. There are a large number of files in the PDF. A network or office involves documents of many products. Unupdated documents confuse the technical personnel for engineering and maintenance..

Huawei Electronic Documentation Development History HedEx Lite is the third-generation documentation application desktop 2009-2011 2003-2008 tool developed by Huawei. 2011.0 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.03.. LTD.2012 Huawei product documentation CD-ROM V1. Huawei Confidential Page 3 .0-V3.0 Electronic documentation Search functions Favorites HedEx Multiple-library management Remarks Feedback HedEx Lite Library upgrade Library management by type Management of files in various formats HedEx Lite HedEx Huawei product documentation CD-ROM V1.

Huawei Confidential Page 4 . LTD.HedEx Lite Six Highlights Accurately and quickly finding all desired information Running directly without any installation Pushing product documentation automatically HedEx Lite Managing Huawei product documentation centrally Providing feedback conveniently Making reading notes quickly HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..

Huawei Confidential Page 5 .Accurately and Quickly Finding All Desired Information Search Information search in multiple libraries Advanced search Search within results Search result filtering Information Search Navigation Scenario-based navigation Various links Library management by type Favorite Favorite creation Sort by title Sort by date HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD..

Huawei Confidential Page 6 .com Online query A maximum of 10 GB documents supported Management by type Managing libraries in a tiered structure HedEx Lite Upgrading libraries automatically by accessing http://support.huawei. such as PDF. and PPT Library upgrade Various file formats Library addition Adding libraries conveniently HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Word.huawei.Managing Huawei Product Documentation Centrally Large capacity Querying and downloading libraries by accessing http://support.com Supporting files in various formats. LTD..

HTML PDF WORD EXCEL PPT TXT HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 7 .Centrally Browsing and Searching for Files in Various Formats File formats supported by HedEx Lite HedEx Lite enables you to browse and search for files in 6 formats by adding local folders.. LTD.

Huawei Confidential .. Use HedEx Lite to access http://support.comto download the latest HedEx Litesoftware and libraries. The latest version of HedEx Lite is V200R001C00.huawei. Please download and upgrade your local HedEx Lite as soon as possible.Obtaining HedEx Lite Software and Libraries Log in to http://support.com to upgrade HedEx Lite and to query and download updated libraries. The documentation CD-ROM shipped with a product contains the HedEx Lite software and libraries related to the product. Page 8 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.huawei. LTD.

Highlight of HedEx Lite V200R001C20: Log in to Huawei Support Website for carriers/enterprises with one click A variety of themes with delicate design are available You can download any gorgeous themes through the HedEx Lite desktop to get rid of the previously dull desktop. and it allows users to manage all Huawei applications easily. Conveniently manage various applications provided by Huawei After logging in to HedEx Lite. LTD. you can log in to web applications such as Huawei Support website for carriers/enterprises by one click.. Huawei Confidential Page 9 . You can manually add Huawei applications to the HedEx Lite desktop. so you do not have to enter account and passwords again. HedEx Lite is the first desktop that Huawei Support website provides for customers. One-stop management of all these applications is at your fingertips. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

Huawei Confidential Page 10 .0/7.0/6..0/10.0 Chrome 9.0/8.com.5/4.0/5.8 GHz or greater Hard disk: 2 GB or greater http://support.0/5.HedEx Lite Deployment Requirements Hardware requirements: Memory: 512 MB or greater CPU: 1.0/11. LTD.0/12.0 A common PC is sufficient for running HedEx Lite and accessing http://support.com HedEx Lite Information search Remarks Document management Outdoor deployment Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista Microsoft Windows 7 HedEx Lite+Huawei Support Web site HedEx Lite software upgrade Library search and Maintenance upgrade network Feedback Office network Browser: IE 6.0/9. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.huawei.0 Safari 4.huawei.0 Firefox 3.

1 2 Select nodes to be exported. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Select a path. Huawei Confidential Page 11 . Click OK to save the nodes to an HTML file. LTD..) Click Save Page. 3 4 5 Open the HTML file in Office Word 2007 and use the Save As function to convert the file to a PDF file.FAQs  How to export nodes of a library and save them to an HTML or PDF file? ( Prerequisites:The Office2007 Software is installed on your computer.

HedEx Lite Widely Used and Highly Appreciated by Huawei Customers Over the World HedEx Lite has been widely used by global telecom operators. with more than 200 thousand users.. Huawei Confidential Page 12 . LTD. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

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