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Ot Guidelines Stroke Rehab Protocol Final

Ot Guidelines Stroke Rehab Protocol Final

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4.14.1 Patients are always encouraged the maximum use of returned or residual motor

ability to participate in functional tasks. However, if the patients’ recovery is

stagnant or very slow, for safety and maximization of functional level, OT will

firstly recommend adaptive techniques (e.g. one hand techniques) to patients

before considering the use of assisitve devices.

4.14.2 Provide user friendly assistive device for patient to maximize independence level

in daily live.

4.14.3 Avoid forceful effort in strength and manipulation required tasks, which may

induce associated reaction and increase tone of the affected limb in long run.

4.14.4 Reduce the stress of the caregivers.

(Please refer to Appendix III for Assistive Devices for Daily Living)

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