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LGA 3104 Documentation

Activity 1. Receiving the coursework question from the subject

Remarks Date: 06/02/2014

(LGA 3104) lecturers, Mr. Mohamad Razif bin Disa and In the classroom (B3-04) Mdm. Hjh. Norliza bt. Darus (JBI). Quick ‘look-through’ regarding the lesson with subject lecturer. 2. Further explanation about the task assigned for the Date: 08/03/2014 subject. In the classroom (B3-04) Brief discussion.

Groups are created for the staging or performance 6 members in a group. project. 3. Literature reading on children’s play scripts. Identifying the features of children’s stories. Choosing one children story after several readings and Story: The Three Kings’ Day its suitability. 4. Adapt the story into a play script. Discussion with group members on staging roles. by KIDSINCO Date: 12/03/2014 6 characters, equally divided. Venue: Class (B3-04) 5. First practice of the play. Date:10/02/2014 Venue: Makmur 6. Further discussion on performance entrance, its Date:13/02/2014 Dewan Darul Date: 09/03/2014

progress and ending. Visualizing the costumes and props to be used on the IPGKTAA’s café. actual staging. Exchanging ideas, modifying some parts of the script. Script is modified to suit the Malaysian’s setting.


Doing some readings and discussion in the library on the Date:17/02/2014 (individual and group) task. Venue: Library IPGKTAA Reading reliable articles from the internet. Discussion with subject lecturer on the articles read. Second drama practice. Date:03/03/2014


servant ideas. Buying items for props (basics only). 13.Lipis Stationary Store (Oversea) Total Price: RM52. IPGKTAA Script memorization.80 Picking up unused boxes at Aktif-mart. Mahjong paper (10 pieces) Large colour paper (4 pieces) Polystyrene (2 pieces) Double-sided tape (1 piece) Polystyrene glue (1 small bottle) Date:06/03/2014 Venue: K. Venue: Classroom (B3-04) Discussion. Doing budget calculation for the props and the costumes. clothes. . acting Sketching costumes for children. colour paper and paper cutter. Third drama practice. Full script practice with intonation and gestures. Date:09/03/2014 Venue: IPGKTAA’s Café. Discuss with lecturer what to add and what to emit. costumes full and King. Fourth drama practice. (full) sketches 10. old woman. 9. 12. Venue: Makmur Dewan Darul Items needed for props and costumes: water colour. Mahjong paper. Prepare drafts of coursework progress for lecturer to Date:10/03/2013 check. Ideas of playing the roles (sharing opinions). Date:05/03/2014 (Evening) Venue: In front of Dewan Darul Makmur Recording the play-time 11. Building props for staging. Date:05/03/2014 (Morning) Venue: Astaka. boxes.Dividing task for the stage creations.

Redo some parts of the coursework for final product. Date:11/03/2013 Appointing group for assistance (backstage. again. Two groups won best performance. Staging. The event ends at 2 o’clock. Coursework submission. Clear flow of the whole event. our lecturers wanted them to perform. Second staging (the winners). Rehearsal. Date: 18/03/2014 Venue: Makmur 19. 17. (Morning. Done thrice times. (including props and costumes) Script is memorized. runner. 18. Full practice. The Golden Goose and The Axes. 15. the next day. Fifth drama practice (with characters’ costumes). Date:13/03/2014 Background music and audio is played during the Venue: staging. 14. Preparation was done an hour earlier. Explaining the flow of the play the other group so that they can run their tasks smoothly. Venue: prompter. The event starts as early as 9 o’clock in the morning. Afternoon and Evening). Cooperating with respective group. including the institute academic secretary. need some improvements on intonation and mobilization of actors (static). We invited lecturers. Date: 21/03/2014 Dewan Darul Dewan Darul Dewan Darul . 16. technical and curtain). Overall is well. (In full costumes and props). Date: 16/03/2013 Venue: Makmur Date: 17/03/2014 Venue: Makmur As the winners are announced.

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