Deplorable Manipulators of Humans

By Elton Camp Canines and humans have changed together It’s regarded by some as an unbreakable tether Long ago, it was only wolves that were alive From them humans, present dogs did derive Selective breeding proved to be the key So that the current breeds came to be Dogs learned how themselves to ingratiate By actions to which humans learn to relate he behaviors they hold have but one goal o assure themselves a !ull !eeding bowl "It’s love,# gullible humans will assume I! Fido welcomes them into the room In !act, the dog is nothing but a manipulator $! his owner is most likely to be a hater "But my dog heroically saved me,# they cry I! so, it was because the dog !eared it’d die %o sort o! praise does such a dog deserve It only wanted to keep you around to serve $! this, cries o! outage, I can already hear Deep down, that it’s right is what they !ear

When we do this, he feeds us