March 28 2014

Silence of the lambs

The proposal to construct a racetrack on moorland in South Wales will be a blow to biodiversity Sir, National planning guidance policy is not influenced by particular cases of local planners weighing up the demands of communities with a need to protect biodiversity as set out within their adopted plan (Simon Barnes, Wild Notebook, Mar !

The urge to continue building on "lympic successes may not be directly felt here in South Wales but a large swathe of moorland, ad#acent to the Brecon Beacons National $ark, has been earmarked for a motor racetrack as part of the economic regeneration of nearby severely deprived Merthyr Tydfil (News, Mar !%

The area has plenty of skylarks singing on it and perhaps now is the time to be braver in e&ploring how biodiversity offsetting might enable progress of much needed development without 'trashing( wildlife habitat% )ob *orke +bergavenny, Monmouthshire