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Dose Reduction Techniques

Dose Reduction Techniques

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Published by Winny Shiru Machira
Dose Reduction Techniques
Dose Reduction Techniques

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Published by: Winny Shiru Machira on Mar 28, 2014
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Dose reduction techniuqes in CT scan

What is a CT scan?
CT scan or computed tomography is the use of Xrays to make pictures that show the detail of the internal body structure.During a CT scan, the patient lies on a table that has been attached to a CT scanner and the CT scannerthen sends X-rays throughout the body area under study.CT Scans are a big help in the medical world but have e posed patients to cancer risks, due to this its important to reduce the dosage of radiation that a patient is e posed to.

Dose Reduction Techniques
CT system optimization.The optimi!ation of the C" system is one of the main dose redction techni#ues.The system components of the CT systems for instance the detector, the collimator of even the beam shaping filter can be optimised to improve efficiency. $efinement of the electronic components that are inside the Xray detection system can also encrese the system efficiency and help in the dose reduction


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