SRIPERUMBUDUR Valarpuram before Mannur just 2.5 k.m from NH4 Chenna Ban!alore " !h#a$ !oo% n&estment ' h !

hl$ &aluable plot ()** s+.ft , Pr me on /ust Rs.(*0)*0*** Conta.t )(2121)234

Location Highlights
• • • • • • 5oo% Return on In&estment -o.ate% at 25 m ns %r &e from 6o$ambe%u Bus 7erm nus 8CMB79 Satell te to#nsh p near 7h ruma:h sa planne%. (* m ns %r &e from Poonamallee. Surroun%e% b$ #ell %e&elope% Res %ent al area. Surroun%e% b$ man$ In% an an% Mult nat onal Compan es0 onal Inst tut ons l ke Sr Venkatesh#ara Colle!e of 7e.hnolo!$0 Sa&eetha Me% .al Colle!e0 Pan malar Colle!e0 Rajalakshm Colle! of En! neer n!0 6a ser En!!. Colle!e0 Palla&a Pharma Colle!e ' St. /ohn;s Internat onal S.hools. Surroun%e% b$ man$ Banks ' <7M;s Surroun%e% b$ man$ .ompan es l ke Empee D st ller e0 Ma%ras Me% .al Pro%u.ts0 "un%a 0 It offers tremen%ous potent al for Mult pl .at on of In&estment an% Res %ent al %e&elopment n the =uture. /ust (* m ns %r &e from Propose% 5reen = el% < r port. E>.ellent Return on In&estment <ppre. at on Be$on% Ima! nat on

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