Workers are stopping operations and deserting the crippled Fukushima complex en masse, but the company is putting

out a spin on the whole situation by saying that only a crane was (feared) bent. The crane was being used to remove fuel rods from the cooling pool above eactor ! when all of a sudden, work was very hastily stopped. "ccording to the company management, work was halted on #$ %arch #&'! or two days ago when a (worker started moving the crane without first disengaging the handbrake.) The management is claiming that the worker)s action could possibly have caused some damage to the (e*uipment) and inspections are being carried out, and that the company hopes that work on rod removal can restart as soon as possible. +owever, the real picture is being hidden, or deliberately getting whitewashed, to prevent the public from getting into a huge panic. ,t is believed that while removing some fuel assemblies, the worker had knocked over ad-oining fuel rods inside the cooling pool. Work was then immediately halted.

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