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LD_IN0206_G1 Nouns exercise

Nouns exercise
Underline all the nouns in the following sentences. Are they common or proper nouns? Put a checkmark ✓ in the correct box. Subraya todos los nombres en las Siguientes frases. Son Nombres comunes o propios? Marca con una palomita cual es su forma

Common nouns

proper nouns

1. Do you like cheese? 2. They stood next to the Niagara Falls. 3. May !orro" your um!rella? #. The am!ulance "as dri$ing $ery %ast. &. Carl did not agree "ith them. '. (he lo$es to $isit Disneyland. ). *ould you like some more "ater? +. The %og "as $ery thick. ,. May in$ite Tom to -oin us?

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9%ter a "hile3 the "atches 6lady7 looked at their :6"atch7 and decided it "as time to go [2] . *rite the correct plural %orm o% the singular nouns in parentheses. &scribe una "S# en el espacio en blanco 'ue corresponda a nombres en singular y una "P# despu(s de nombres en plural. $ee el pasa%e siguiente. They "alked %or so 6%oot7 !ecame sore3 so they sat do"n on a !ench %or a 6monkey7. The monkies 6!ox7 and thro"ing ladies home. 2esterday3 she told a story //(///// a!out the animals///1////on a %arm///(////. The pigs/////1// and sheep/1////// ran %aster than the ducks///1////and co"s ////1///3 !ut the heroes ///1//// o% the story ////(///"ere the mice///(//// . 6monkey7 stickies "ere playing "ith card!oard !oxes 6stick7 at each other. !rite "S# in the space after each singular noun and "P# in the space after each plural noun. The %irst one has !een done %or you.Licenciaturas en Derecho / Criminología Inglés LD_IN0206_G1 Nouns exercise ead the following passage. Three ladies 6lady7 in pink dresses gira%%es 6dress7 took their 6gira%%e73 three 6!a!y7 %or a "alk in the 8oo. They sa" %our 6hippo73 t"o long that their rest near some kangaroos %eet monkies 6kangaroo7 and an elephant. . They "ere %aster than all the other animals///1////3 e$en though they had the shortest legs//1///// 4 5ead the %ollo"ing passage. (he0s $ery kind to all the children///1//// in the class ///(//// and she tells us $ery %unny stories ///1////. Notice that the plural nouns are missing. They all had a race///1////.ur teacher /(/////is a $ery nice lady///(//// .

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