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Free Energy Suppression

Free Energy Suppression


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A document from Gary Vesperman
Chief Operating Officer and Director of Research
Blue Energy Corporation. It details cases of Free Energy suppression.
A document from Gary Vesperman
Chief Operating Officer and Director of Research
Blue Energy Corporation. It details cases of Free Energy suppression.

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Published by: spencerarts on Oct 23, 2009
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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006
Subject: Great Information!
To: garyvesperman@yahoo.com
Hi Gary,

Energy Invention Suppression Cases 76 September 3, 2007

A friend just forwarded your 25-page e-article entitled History of 'New Energy' Invention
Suppression Cases, and I enjoyed the reading. Amazing stuff!
There was one machine (for lack of a better term) I saw back in the mid-seventies that has haunted
the back of my mind ever since, and I looked for a mention of it in your article. The article hints you have
much more information and files elsewhere. Thought I would share with you what I recollect in case you
already know about the contraption I witnessed.
During the mid-seventies I was a long-haul trucker and met an older man at a truck stop in
Tennessee. Over cups of coffee we were talking about motors and diesel and mechanical things in
general when he mentioned a buddy of his had invented a "perpetual motion machine" that he thought
was pretty interesting.

I asked where it was and could I see it. He said the guy didn't live too far from where we were
sitting but I would never be able to get my rig up the mountain. He offered to give me a ride. He was
right. This buddy lived back in the hills and in Tennessee that can mean a mouthful. Good thing his truck
was four wheel drive.

When we got there, his buddy was rather evasive about the whole thing which really puzzled the
guy that brought me up there. So he kept asking and pushing for a demo and finally the inventor told us
the day before some guys had visited and took a part or two and told him to not fix it or they would be
back. I got the feeling that if it had been just me there, he wouldn't have told me anything or showed me
anything but because his friend was with me it was different.
He took us out back where there were odds and ends on a workbench, and he quickly gave me a
brief explanation of how the parts fit together and how it worked. I am sorry for your sake that I haven't
remembered any names of the individuals so if you want to toss my email it is OK. Here is how the
description went:

Flywheels by their character tend to develop power once they are in motion and can generate more
power while spinning than they consume to keep spinning. Sounds interesting but I am no physics wizard.
So he had rigged a big flywheel between two double-acting hydraulic cylinders with the appropriate
switches triggered by the rams to keep the two cylinders reciprocating as long as there was a steady
supply of hydraulic oil pressure. The hydraulic oil pressure came from what looked like a modest-sized
power-steering pump which was driven by the flywheel.
The flywheel was kept in motion by the moving cylinders, and the cylinders in turn were kept in
motion by the switches and the fluid pump. The fluid pump was kept in motion by the flywheel. The
switches and support for the flywheel (bearings) was taken during the confiscation by his unpleasant

To start the whole thing in motion he had a small electric motor to help start spinning the flywheel.
Once it got up to a certain RPM the electric motor was disengaged and shutdown.
They both told me how he had been using it for various power needs around the farm from pumping
water to cutting wood for over a year. When someone told him he should seek a patent for his machine, he
followed that advice. Instead of getting a patent, he got the visit the day before I arrived.
I didn't feel like they were pulling my leg but again I know nothing of physics, and I was in my
early twenties. There was no appeal to partner, contribute money or support or anything that would have
made me suspicious. Wish I could have seen it working because it has kept me wondering the past 30

Perhaps you have heard of these things and can comment on whether it was bunk or not. You may
even have the scientific knowledge to instantly recognize its possibility or improbability. Anyway, after
reading your article I thought I would pass this along for what it is worth.
Best Regards,
Jim Powell
This writer, Gary Vesperman, does not know of any similar device in the unconventional science
literature. Perhaps one of my genius scientist friends can figure out this energy invention. Gosh, do the

Energy Invention Suppression Cases 77 September 3, 2007

energy invention suppression bullies even track down energy inventors in remote hillbilly country, take
away or damage their machines, and threaten them with death?

Energy Invention Suppression Cases 78 September 3, 2007

Christopher Bird/Walter (Reporter): Energy Suppression – An Invisible Galaxy of Inventions

http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/feb2/bird.htm and
http://www.befreetech.com/energysuppression.htm both list 48 energy inventions – nearly all of which
are suppressed or at least not being commercially made and sold.

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