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Modern Hardware for Your Home

Modern Hardware for Your Home

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1925 catalogue of door and windows hardware catalogue
1925 catalogue of door and windows hardware catalogue

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ickar4ft-Wll< "A HANGER FOR ANY DOOR




Modern Sim Parlor* Sleeping Porcli Ij^h^


Aurom UL USA.

days when chivalry ran rarnpant, was cheap, a man surrounded himself with turrets, battlements, bridges, and moats, and made the windows as small as possible, for proToday the homebmlder surrounds himself tection. with things of beauty rather than those of strength,
in the old




such as beautiful lawn, hedges, artistic fences, inviting porches and gardens, and builds as many and as large windows in his house as he consistently can without sacrificing all privacy. For he no longer fears the raids of marauding bands but the

To caustic criticism of his friends and' neighbors. one. peaceful but a castle, still a house is him his Where the medieval home was mysterious and repelling, the modern home is frank and appealing. Open spaces, such as windows and porches, have done Our complete espousal of the fresh-air doctrine this. has caused some radical changes in building ideas. That is why the sun parlor and sleeping porch They supply are today fundamentals of a home. in large measure the air and sunshine which make They are the home a real place in which to live.
the reasons for the beauty and appealing charm of the delightful home pictured on the front cover. For here the distinctive feature of the whole house is the "sunshine" parlor built at one end of the house under a pergola roof. This porch has been skillfully encased in walls of glass, which are really sets of folding and sliding sash fastened together in groups of five and two with a split mullion, part moving each way. These windows are equipped


"AiR-Way" fixtures. "AiR-Way" multifold window hardware can be applied to any number of sash the builder may wish to place in a row. The height of the window

does not affect the operation of this hardware, but the hardware is designed for sash not more than 12 square feet in area and maximum width of sash "AiR-Way" multifold not to exceed 24 inches. window hardware makes possible all of the features desirable in window construction of the sun parlor, It affords perfect sleeping porch and bungalow. closes weathertight and keeps ventilation and light They can be pushed back out wind and storm.

against the porch pillars, opening the enporch, or can be closed in cold and inclement In the warm months screens can be weather. placed outside of these sash without interfering with their operation. The house itself is an excellent example of the hoine, familiar square type hip-roof two-story always an economical house to build because of its simplicity in design, yet inheriting a real charm and warmth from its colonial antecedents. The exterior is stucco on hollow tile. If the latter is not desired it can be applied over wood or metal The front entrance, located at one end of the lath. main elevation, is distinctly colonial in character. Inside the front door is a small vestibule with side An open doorway to the right leads clothes closets. into a large and spacious living room well worthy of its name, for it occupies about 450 square feet of In space and represents the maximum of comfort. the wall facing the side porch is a large open brick fireplace "blest with that charm, the certainty to please," and on each side of this fireplace are doors of the vanishing French type opening out to the sun parlor, which has already been described. This is a very convenient type of door, sliding on special "R-W" vanishing door hardware. These doors slide into pockets in the wall on each side of the doorway. Triple windows on the other side of the living room supplement the excellent light afforded from the sun parlor, and make the room one of Opposite the sun parlor and cheer and warmth. opening into the living room by the same kind of sliding vanishing doors is the dining room, a room It is connected of appropriate size. 13 by 16 feet. with the kitchen by a swinging door. The kitchen is ideally located with regard to the service of meals and completely equipped. At one side is a small



pantry fitted with a disappearing door of "R-W hardware, thus eliminating any inconvenience from swinging doors in the small kitchen. On the second floor the sleeping rooms have been

segregated. They consist of four bedrooms and a sleeping porch located in the wing above the kitchen.The bedrooms are very generous in size, being by 10, 15 by 14, and two 14 by 10

Each bedroom has windows on two sides, and the sleeping porch equipped with the same type of sliding and folding casement window as

the sun parlor.




sliding the closets.


There is an attractive garage in It is stucco the rear of the house. and harmonizes in architectural lines with the house, making a very satisThe garage factory building group. is large enough to hold two cars and is equipped with sliding and folding




"Slidetite" garage door hardware. This is a combination door made up of several panels which fold up and

toward both




in the in use

same fashion


cheery sun parlor in winter, equipped with "AiR-Way" fixtures. glass area great, effect luxurious



on See inside back cover for floor plans of The Home Beautiful.

as the windows the sun parlor of the house.

for instance.>j». Disappear Silently Into the Walls. The doors interfere in no way with draperies. furniture. apartment or house of any pretentiousness anywhere that would not be made more modernly convenient by the installation of vanishing doors POSSIBLY the general inclination to overlook the advantages to be gained from vanishing doors in the modern home has developed from impressions gained in early childhood of the sliding doors that often times required the united efforts of a strong family to make them operate. «. That forerunner of the past half century of door hanger development is far removed from the present day silently vanishing door which disappears into the wall on adjustable ball-bearing hangers and woodlined track. Modem Vanishing French Doors Hung on Adjustable Ball-Bearingr Hangers. The utility and ornamental possibilities of having this door vanish into the wall instead of swinging into the room are obvious. and fixtures of the home. shows a "French" door hung on R-W sliding door hangers. l|]llII!IIIIIIIlllllllUIII!llllI[|llllllll[lllllllll[llllllltlllllIlllllllllllilllllllllllI[|||inillll1lllllillll[llH^ . z\y d W r^ i 1 c: > tho-t si z d G s" o X Vanishing Doors in the Modern Home There is not a flat. jfcr^ - - cJ^ /fa. The above installation. rt o G r^ /~o r ex.

In planning homes where it is desired to finish adjacent in different effects. The perplexity of conveniently closing the pantry door without interfering with the sink. Confer with your architect on this point before you make a decision. the gas stove. For instance. the radiator. Am The use of vanishing doors is now becoming more general than ever before. Space is one of the most desired features in the bungalow. the radiator and the ice box. apartment or house and architects are taking advantage of the space saving features which vanishing doors permit and are specifying them in their plans. .-ir- - rT i i^ i c <J^^ H u GL o -r' r* ccr-v W i_l rr -r i i 1 o yyicc -'T^ /^ o^^ ly cZooj^ thctt slxd G S 2^ Plan showing the possibility of improvements to he gained by the substitution of sliding doors for swinging closet doors. the mahogany door of a white trimmed dining room could not swing into a cyi^ress trimmed room adjacent without embarrassment. The plans above show two swinging doors opening toward each other. as illustrated. is removed by installing a sliding door. is easily removed by the installation The perplexity of a sliding door as shown below. which could palpably be improved by the installation of sliding doors. The occupants of thousands of apartments. the shding door obviates the embarrassment to harmony caused by opening a door of conflicting finish into an otherwise pleasing environment. have found it necessary to substitute hanging drapes in cases like this where closet doors interfere with access to the closet. while a sliding door between the two rooms could be finished on either side to suit the respective trims of the adjacent rooms and would never conflict with rooms either one. the sink. of conveniently closing the pantry doorway without interfering with the ice box. particularly in our large cities where space is at a premium.

half sets for 4-foot single opening. overhead center stop. full set: hangers. From to top of door top of track.00 . No. full set: hangers. From top of door to top of track. 63 type. Inches Track. and floor guides. inches. 11 Brass Bushed Bearing House Door Hanger Clearance required above top of door 7 R-W inches. brass bushed. is provided with cut-off slot one foot from each end. 9 track Discount. Weight. 2J inches diameter with vulcanized fibre centers. \y <J. 9.jrt. R-W No.00 3. No. l^x^^V-inch steel. Wheels. including track (8 ft. steel 3f inches diameter with vulcanized fibre centers.08 Note —No.) Extra track. 10 pounds. track. 3% of 8 inches. full sets for 7-foot double. blue lacquer.00 3. Finish. including track (14 ft. noiseless. g "<':!«1l>Hlilllllllllllll!llllll]!llllllllllllll|[l!IIIIIII]|llllllllllllllllllll|]||[|inillllll!!llllllim . 63. inches. 12 Model Roller-Bearing Steel Single-Track House Door Hanger Clearance required above top of door 7% inches. Bearings. steel rollers. to allow for variation in size of opening. Minimum width wall pocket. per foot - $6. Bearings. track 8| pounds."~'" - ri —ri rr- ] i i^ i c C^ K . weight.00 08 DiscouiiL _.) Half bet. hard maple and steel. per foot • 56.) Half set. 9 pounds. Packed complete with screws.) Extra track. 9 type. Wheels.€:f o 1^ s/icJes" 2^ XXX No. blue lacquer. No. including track (14 ft.. Track. PRICE LIST Full set. No. Finish. half sets for 4-foot single opening. 3% of 3 Minimum width wall pocket. and floor guides. including track (8 ft. full sets for 7-foot double.T *J ^L7 W JJ UL^ J -I JJ i fihcz-t 1 CD /fcL r^cTGi^ ror^ cx. Packed complete with screws. | | | | I 1 f | PPJCE LIST Full set. steel. 14 pounds. overhead center stop.

214 inches. « /» i . Order by number.00 6. Minimum width of waU poolcet. overhead track. \Discou)it. List illustrated. o£ 6% inches. various for given prices list ^hTngeis ^^Xut tm from the When nniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiEiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiii^^ llll^llll'l'llli ItllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllilUlllllllllllllll!^ liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiraiii'iii"!!!" . 19 type..25 5.50 5.'inches diameter. per foot. 1\ pounds. Finish. double doors. rs A popular Tandem "Trolley" for wide house doors adjustable as No. furnished with wood header. the list price lengths. 16 Twin Trolley Bali-Bearing House Door Hanger Distance top of door to bottom heading timber. Track can be easily removed without injury to plastered walla. guides.25 4. «. only. single doors . Bearings. center complete with screws.50 5.00 00 00 00 00 25 50 75 8. Wheds^'vulcanize^d Ibre. 2. steel full set: hangeis. blue balls.50 3.00 5.50 3.00 $3.25 $4.00 2.00 8.50 9. Weight. Note is found by deducting the list price ordering track without hangers.75 6.00 Hangers Hangers only. 7 pounds. PRICE LIST OF HANGERS DOUBLE DOORS Number 16-24 16-241 16-25 16-25i 16-26 16-264 16-27 16-27i 16-28 16-29 16-210 List AND TRACK SINGLE DOORS Width of Opening 24 feet 3 feet 3* feet 4 feet 4* feet 5 feet 54 feet 6 feet 6i feet 7 feet 74 feet 8 feet Width of Opening Number 16-12* 16-13 16-13i 16-14 16-14* 16-15 16-15i 16-16 16-16* 16-17 16-174 16-18 feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet 10 feet $7.00 4. floor and stop. Track No 16 gauge steel.75 4.i^ i c C^ Ttl SL ir -Wile ctz-ty o 2C /fcLi-Loez- /or door- tHcct slidGs R-W No.

2'/4 inches. overhead center stop. Packed complete with screws. blue lacquer.00 3. double doors Hang-ers only.50 6... the list price is found by deducting the list price of hangers without track from the list prices given for various lengths. guides.. Header Track.•• $3. and Weight.00 7.. for homes of Full Size Cross-Section 19 Trolley Track Less u of No.25 3. track.. Number 19-24 Width of Opening List Number 19-124 19-13 19-134 19-14 19-14i List 4 feet 19-24i 19-25 19-25i 19-26 19-26i 19-27 19-274 19-28 19-29 19-210 4ifeet feet 65 feet 6 feet 5 Gifeet 7 feet 74 feet 8 feet 9 feet 10 feet . cz.00 Discount 1. hangers. Bearings. 2^ inches diameter. The most popular "Trolley" moderate cost. $6.25 5. —When amillllliiiiiiijii ii:iiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii[iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiii[iiiiiii[iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!ii!ii!^^ . No.00 6.00 5.00 6. adjustable as illustrated.00 3. furnished with wood header. per 2| pounds. 19 type.50 4.50 5.00 6.50 Note ordering track without hangers.00 6. Finish. For :han doo^s five wider feet we 16 recommend No.75 - $3. 5^ pounds.00 6.i^ i c In^^ a.00 .25 6. 19 Hero Trolley Ball-Bearing House Door Hanger Track can be easily removed without injury to plastered walls.75 5.. 16 gauge steel. Wheels. Minimum width of wall pocket. steel balls. single doors 19-15 19-154 19-16 19-164 19-17 19-17i 19-18 .50 8. PRICE LIST OF HANGERS DOUBLE DOORS 1 AND TRACK SINGLE DOORS Width of Opening 24 feet 3 feet 3i feet 4 feet 44 feet 5 feet 54 feet 6 feet 64 feet 7 feet 74 feet 8 feet .z-\y - «S^ ffcLr-Loer^ d o o r^ W i tlxcxt 1 o o &/zcJgs" 2i R-W No.50 3. vulcanized fibre.75 7. floor foot. No. Order by number. full set: hangers. Distance top of door to bottom of heading timber. 614 inches. r* /~or^ d.75 4 00 4. r Hangers only.

A. C). — Pig. Header.rt cr ^y e r^ How To Adjust Vanishing Doors If The Building Settles Alttp unit TltAtA fijufxti x^av Fig. B. and (Dotted Unfastened From Header. If it is necessary. The adjusting screw at the back of the track (Fig. Close View Showing Slotted Plate and Adjusting Screw. Very rarely it is found necessary to raise or lower the end of the track located back in the wall pocket. the two screws over the opening screwed into the header and the track adjustment is complete. That's the point where the accessible adjustment provided in R-W door hangers of the header type is appreciated. C). Frequently houses settle after vanishing doors are installed. Accessible Hanger Adjusting Screw. B) may then be regulated as required.) g g g Fig. Usually the proper adjustment of the door can be made by turning with a screw driver the accessible adjusting screw of the hanger at one or both edges of the sliding door (Fig. Track. and turning the accessible adjusting screws which suspend the track directly over the doorway opening (Fig.i^ C^ ii 'K GL - W -»a -11 ^ri T r lu XT J 1 t: i 1 c CD 2£ /:fcc. Door Hanger Installation Showing Relative Positions of Hanger. and then withdraw it entirely from the pocket. As a result the doors stick at the bottom and the track becomes out of alignment with the threshold. Cross Section of R-W No. 221 C. (See Upper Left IJand Corner. sible Door. pull the track forward to disengage it from the slotted plate at the back end (Figs. Soffit and Casing. Slotted Plate and End Adjoating Suspend Screw Track at Back End. Elevation of Lines) Doorway Structure Showing Track Installed. A and B). By moving the detachable parts of the sofRts and jambs and unscrewing the hanger adjusting screws so that the hanger comes apart. Further adjustment may be secured by raising or lowering the track. the track again inserted into the pocket. To remove the track it is only necessary to unscrew from the header the adjusting screws in the track over the opening (Fig. C). This can be easily done by inserting a screw driver in the opening between the soffits through which the hanger pendant travels. |||l|l!|||lI|||!l|[|||||W!lllllllll{lillll1lllinilllllllllltllll[|llllllllllltlllli:illlllll1l!!IIIIIII!lllllltlllllllW 8 . AccesTrack Adjusting Screw. the door may be lifted out and the track removed without difficulty. the head of the adjusting screw at the back end of the track slipped into its slot in the header plate. the R-W House Door Hanger arrangement makes provision for the adjustment.

Minimum width of 2^/4 wall pocket. furnished with wood header. R-122 Royal Bail-Bearing Trolley House Door Hanger Distance top of door to bottom of heading 714 inches. double doors only. full set: hangers. grey iron. Track can be easily removed without injury to plastered walls.00 8.00 8. the list price is found by deducting the list price hangers without track from the list prices given for various lengths. timber. track.40 4. adjustable as lUustrated. Wheels. R-122 type.40 8. 16 gauge steel and hard maple lined. 1 r Track.50 1_75 Note—When o± ordering track without hangers.00 4. Fmish. 9^ pounds.60 10. lininii iniiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiifiiiiiiJiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij^ ^i»iiiiiiniiiiiiiijiiiiiii[iiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii{iiiiiiiiifiiiniiiiiiti]iiniiiiiiii[|iiiiiiiiiii^ .15 9. Inches.00 8. steel balls.00 8. and floor guides. lathe turned. No. single doors Discount $3. No.00 8. PRICE LIST OF HANGERS DOUBLE DOORS Number R122-24 R122-24i 4 AND TRACK SINGLE DOORS Width 2* feet 3 feet 3J feet 4 feet 4i feet 5 feet 5i feet 6 feet 6i feet 7 feet 7i feet 8 feet of Width of Opening List Number R122-12i R122-13 R122-13i R122-14 R122-14i R122-15 R122-15i R122-16 R122-16i R122-17 R122-17i R122-18 Opening 4i 5 Rl 22-25 R122-25i R122-26 R122-26i 5^ 6 Rl 22-27 R122-27i Rl 22-28 R122-29 Rl 22-210 6i 7 1\ 8 9 10 feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet $8.75 5. 3 pounds. Order by number.25 11. Bearing.65 7.i^icHetj-d w^ — -' -^ —— -• ^ —u ^^ s-Wi u Ji 11 T x^^n u— rBc=rDo S 1 R-WNo. Packed complete with screws.15 5. per foot.40 7.75 Hangers Hangers only.90 6. Weight.75 9.00 7. overhead center stop.00 $4.00 4.25 6.50 5. blue lacquer. 2\ inches diameter.

Req'd Number Name Page 9 11 Dia. . . also illustrates how our other styles Above cut is HEADING TIMBER TABLE SHOWING DISTANCE TOP OF DOOR TO BOTTOM OF Number 6 16 19 Name Page . . . . 5 6 R122 221 R-W Royal . R-W Advance . 7 6i' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIillllilHIllllllllllllUIIIIUIIIIIllllllillllinillKill 10 . .door hanger and except as to measurea vertical cross-section of No. Dis. .. . Req'd R-W Rex R-W Twin R-W Hero .. ments. 221 house of adjustable tracks and hangers are applied..

Order by number. Track can be easily removed without injury to plastered walls. 16 gauge steel and hard maple lined. double doors only.75 5.50 • l-'^5 Discotmi. PRICE LIST OF HANGERS DOUBLE DOORS Width 221-24 221-24i 221-25 221 -25i 221-26 221-26^ 221-27 221>27i 221-28 221-29 221-210 4 of AND TRACK SINGLE DOORS Width of Opening 2* feet 3 feet 3i feet 4 feet 44 feet 5 feet 5* feet 6 feet 6* feet 7 feet 7* feet 8 feet List Opening Number $8.00 8. Finish. pounds. 2| ter stop. inches turned.50 90 25 65 00 40 7.50 10. Wheels. Note—When ordering track without hangers. No. 6^4 inclies.15 9. wood Track. 214 inches. single doors - $3.40 8.75 Hangers Hangers only.00 4. the list price is found by deducting the list price various lengths. pounds. Minimum width of wall pocket. of hangers without track from the list prices given for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiira 11 .00 8.15 5.75 9. furnished with Steel diameter. 81 track.00 221-12i 221-13 221-13i 221-14 221-14i 221-15 221-15* 221-16 221-16i 221-17 221-17* 221-18 4i 5 5* 6 6i 7 1\ 8 9 10 feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet feet $4.40 4.00 8. Weight. grey cenoverhead screws. 221 Advance Bali-Bearing Trolley House Door Hanger Distance top of door to bottom of headine timber. No. adjustable as illustrated. 221 clincher type. full set: hangers. lathe iron. with complete Packed frames and hardened bearings. per foot.00 4. and floor guides. blue lacquer.25 11.^ i C C^ H T- cL i:" cJ ccrty W ^ " "• " u^ J' <-> ^ '^ i 1 O "r- c:> >c /fcLri^er- /or door^ tHcLt Gf/xcJes R-W No.00 8. \l header.00 8.

lor? What adds more enjoyment to home life in winter than a finely appointed sun parWhat gives a brighter. convenient to convert in-doors to out-doors and vice versa at a moment's 12 . all AiR-Way Window Hardware makes possible of the features desirable window construction of the sun parlor. schools. it clubs. Fixtures. effect luxurious. libraries. happier out-of-doors effect in the home. bungalow—any window which occupants of the building desire to open entirely. That's the point at which Multifold in "AiR-Way" fixtures become interesting. equipped with "AiR-Way" Windows tight. hospitals. keeps out wind and storm. sanitariums.m zzrxxz C O 2^ Patented The Right Idea In Casement Window Hardware k cheery sun parlor in winter. Makes notice. hotels. apartments and Builders of residences. Affords ventilation multiple perfect and light— closes weathertight. flats use this style of windows extensively. either winter summer? Nothing or — if the window conditions are right. glass area great. sleeping porch.

which may be applied to "AiR-Wav" eauioDed ' ^' t" ordinary windovvs"^ operating vertkally?™nd ^nS T'lr^' a.r's'cSf^s?. lyer- «iT^ door- w cc=i=«fr==)a=z:^^ae tHctt s/xc£ GS A sun parlor in summer.f draught wil not blow sash equipped with "AiR-Way" hardware as thev stand immovable any position. without locks or hoWers operating on "AiR-Way" ^^r m ^ ''&%'!S:t?.nd Z.c C^ K gl r* /o^^- - J^a..!'A.Windows thrown wide open or other obstructions in opening.t„.f//Slrvc. open oVclosed.jT^^^ lllllllllllOlllilllllilllllllllillllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllll iiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiitiiiiiiii 13 .!S>. WINDOWS OPEN INSIDE BUILDING Window Hardware open inside anff'rlo'n'!!^-^/"^'^' and do not interfere with screens. . "AiR-Way" No niullions equipped.

We ^^. 8) to will furnish from outside the building.^^^^^^ ^^.Tight Plans and details on pages 16-17 should be show how casing and sash To make the window constructed. thru sash and jv ndow Fig. Cross-section lation of AiKframe at bottom showing msta tight application Wa^" track below sash and or storm . when wanted.iiiiii)iiiirainiii™iiiii»ii'" llllllllllllllllllillllllllllllUllllllllilllllllllUlillllll iiiiiiiiiitiiiimtiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiii 14 .^ take the place of Protection of a tight a^r ^P^^^^^^^^ ~™ addition to the set of fixtures metal threshold.n^ e r^ ccnry tHctt Storm^.ijiiii]iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiinii. Set prices on page dow frame at top showing "AiR-Way" track above sash and cation of sash. The open windows the that fact The 'windows sash. storm-tight the vertical joints sash closes sash are rabbetted. or atorni of sash just back of obviates the possibility of groove sill-this sash.AiR-Way" hardware. top is fitted against stop and the storm sill with no projecclose to bottom of sash the water between sash tion to direct between and storm sill. wood threshold. following the bottom of the Fie 7. ^-^^'^'^^^^^^ 'cashing and mc^^^^^^^^^^ readily and --oves danger illustrated (Fig. This groove oh^rmtea iust back of threshold. The storm sill serves as the t me both come up ti^t agam track the and sill storm ^^^^^ the cold. iiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiniiiE . The small the through fall of seepage which may the bottom of the sash joint between and the storm sill will run down into outside ^^^ ^^^. . Fiff 6. The pressure of water is first sash striking the bottom of the 11 Multifold Windows parlor interior furnished with ^^_^^P corner of sun closed tight.C^ ff<x..threshold o?Jash*us^ng special metal bottom »* fa"V Note arched groove sill.^.i^ eshoM^ is furnished as an The metal thi desired when sill. wooden . the hot- m following thi possibility of moisture torn moisture of the sash. 8.^. Cross-section thru sash and win- of installation tight appli- Cross-section thru sash and window AiKinstallation of franTe at bottom showing tight applicaWay" track below sash and the Note arched groove in bottom tion of sash. Windows equipped which obstructed by the storm sill amount breaks up its force.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* ^lUllllIIIIDIIIIIIItlllltnillllHIIillllltllll liJiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiii 15 . Spans can be kept down to this size conveniently " When transoms are installed La7g-e'r"sash require special construction details. When wide open the sash equipped front fold together at an angle against the casing Fig. The shding and swinging sash produce a pleasing effect. 10. The sash may be opened at any point. or one sash at any particular point in the string of sash (See Fig. The Windows may be placed in such a position that the wind will not blow directly into the room. Manufacturing Company. For Show Window Partitions It is interesting to | | | | | note in one of our late installations. when occasion requires a wide opening. .. t. Interior riew of inn parlor "AiR-Way" window* wide open. Fig.i_ ^ ^xr-i Wilcox Sash and frames must be constructed to detail furnished by the Richards.. without transoms. *'AiR-Way" hardware is apphed to any number of sash the builder may want to form a place in a row. but we recommend that not more than 6 sash be installed to of this operation the string sKding one way. to enable him to conveniently reach his display or they | | | | | | | | I Sleeping porch equipped with "AiR-Way" Multifold Window deAll sash are closed except two which are open about 45 "AiR-Way" sash link can be plainly seen at the top and bottom grees. shades may be fastened to transom sash. interfere not windows do Note screns on these of both these open sash. aide window open at both endi. . but the hardware is designed for sash not more each keep to advisable area and maximum width of sash not to exceed 24 inches. leaving practically all of the window opening clear of obstruction. may Hardware. by the use of solid mullions. or moving split mullion. . how attractively "AiR-Way" can be used for Show Windows. It is tranhavmg windows opening within the limitation of a span 11 feet in width for som sash when our standard design of transom bar is used. or 20 feet for wmdows having no transom sash and a total vertical sash height of six feet. • . . 11) or any number of sash desired (See Fig. "AiR-Way" Window Hardware thrown open the 10). at the edge of the window. Height of the window does not aifect feet in square than 12 hardware. as well as making it very convenient for the window trimmer. 9.fi et r" CLTxy- w thctt s/i'cJgs CD ^ ffcLT-Loer^ /~or dooj^ Convenience of Ventilation gives entire opportunity to window frame . part of the sash moving to the right and part to the left. with the operation of the "AiR-Way" equipped sash. American (Austrian) shading may be attached directly to each sash. The windows may ¥ be constructed with stationary mullion. or they may be arranged to move all in one direction. be thrown entirely open. .

M^/ snr 7-0- J iSs ^ Pr c as 11 in &^ 16 .


brush brass finish. the . a combination fastener iwo (Fig. finger with one and handle bow tvnes of. dull 'XislfNo. it is simply necessary for the deliv^ complete "AiR-Wav" windows can be made and assembled responsibility if desired Ss ware men finished opening. and Fig.— SoHd brass. state whether they fold to right or to left as you face the with solid No. Finish Finish No. center of the opening or do all . -i- ™ Ha^dwU'is m^dffmSf n"/"oVe "24'' wide and not more than 12 Mill Work square feet in area.fasteners and handle are carried in stock. . No. "AiR-Way" adjustable link.vith all hai_dinto another very light frame.J^ K /-fcLr-to e r^ Hardware 18) protected by patents and consists of sash 1 nks (Fig (Figs 6 and 7) guides bottom and top for tracks metal bottom.V^^y AiK-Way the cost of The saving of lumber and carpenter work alone more than offsets less. ^ FhSh Na f-S hnkf and fasteners plated. brush brass finish. imitation Bauer-Barrf finish. 2 finish track. Thumb fasteners or bow handle fasteners? sash each handle fastener foi fasteners are wanted or one thumb fastener and one bow sash and frame in accordance ™th buldconstruct to which from detail complete furnish We to follow carefully details fuier^rrequirements. (Patented) One Fig. Thumb Fastener.-indows open in the XnStoW tooL'sMfonly. locks safety and 16 Fig. Hows and also dies away with the possibility of poor installations. with of mstalhng the %vinThis relieves the builder of the due to careless carpenters. 3-lS t^^:Sil^l^%l. stops chafing plates (Fig. j I g:'ltadTws"open\tt. of construction. which connect sash at top and and handle (Figs 13 and 14) bmss butts for sash adjacent to fixed jamb. 17. 14 Chaang Plate Rubber Stop.i.„ +i. u tu . 18. FiSV/'hTrdwe'tted: . 1. ^ . with the sash adjacent. Tracks. 3 fimBh.. . No. Cost electro-galvanized.No. Special constmction of sash makes it necessary 3 finish .H (. on ac"AiR-Way" Multifold Window Hardware instead of costing more costs The hardware window ordinary over comTof tie aSional advantages it embodies f. line it up and fasten. 16. dull brass. s 1 Fastener with bow handle Fig. installation of hardware. as usual. 15 Fig. 17) foi each sash. The appliance we furnish is fully .rwayTtm the 4 5. must have the following information in order to • fill an order for "AiR-Way Window Hard-* Total number of sliding sash m each window. Sash links and fasteners. Safety locks solid brass. at the bottom. Safety locks. . locks. Fig. Safety Lock.„™k For sash over 5' high state whether two thumb 6. 1 finish. t s Specifications We ware: 1. and assembles lid then binds the wi^^^^^^ carpenter to set it in the to the job. early part the dui^ng rlmrw^ f ef a Srmil f . brass solid with brass track No. 2 finish. 15) rubber gnp. iitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiuiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiinniiwnii Ill ii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiin»"»'"''i'i"«iii'''i'i"i"^^ 18 . top of these links connects each sash. In that case the bow handle Fm hioh windows it is advisable to use two fasteners may be used near the bottom and the finger grip type near the top. one with for each sash. f^ \ \ \^^/^ / the Mill 1 / Y y V ^— Q) at hardwaie. dull black.

We suggest also that you make a rough sketch of your plans on back of this sheet. If more than one window is to be fitted please answer the first group of questions separately for each window. open one way. No. ^.} 19 . 2 with brass . j. iii.AiR-Way Specification Sheet Please fill out this information blank so that we may advise more fully regarding your requirements. bow handle and one thumb No. with solid track k.Vni7 to the Address Richards-Wilcox Mfff. is desired please indicate Avhether you wish steel or brass Remarks Your Name (. • • • will fold to the right? • And how many e. 3 regular No. do you desire bow handles ? or thumb fasteners i. f. h. Aurora. will they fold to right or left (as you face opening If the from sash are to fold both to right and how man^. WINDOWS How many windows a. . If sash over 5 feet high..urora. fastener each sash or two thumb fasteners . 1 — 3 ? . to the left? Height of each sash Width of each sash GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR CONSTRUCTION h. Co. No. Please check finish desired: solid brass track No.. 2 regular . HI. to do you desire one . If special Storm Threshold . do you wish to equip 1st 2nd 3rd Total number of sash in the all window Do you wish If all the sash to open one way or part of them to open each c.) ntKn-tr Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii{itiiiitiiiiiiiiiii»iiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiii[iiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiia^ iTiin- ^o. . way inside) left. If sash are less than 5 feet high.

windows do you wish WINDOWS to equip ? 1st 2nd 3rd Total number of sash in the window b.H Please K C^ /fa. If special Storm Threshold is desired please indicate whether you wish steel or brass — Remarks : Your Name Address (Tear out and mail direct to the R-W Mfg. . If sash over 5 feet high. Aurora. Do you wish If all the sash all to open one way or part of them to open each c. No. We How many a. Co. to the left? Height of each sash f . bow handle and one thumb ? . open one way.) iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiii[iiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiii»iiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiniti!iiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiin^ 19 . Width of each sash GENERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR CONSTRUCTION h. fastener each sash or two thumb fasteners . . If sash are less than 5 feet high. will they fold to right or left (as you face opening from inside) d. do you desire bow handles -? or thumb fasteners 1. how many ... If more than one window group of questions separately for each window. III. 3 regular track No. solid page k. Please check finish desired: solid brass track . way . (See 3 with 18). 2 regular No. 2 with brass No. to do you desire one . If the sash are to fold both to right and left. 1 No.T-vy - W we may is to i 1 c Q 3<. rough sketch of your plans with this sheet. cL ir d cr. will fold to the right? And how many e. ly e jt /c O O J^ t-hctt sli des AiR-Way fill Specification Sheet advise more fully regarding be fitted please answer the first suggest also that you send a out this information blank so that your requirements.

"Our house faces east and south.. Fiost. They do not interfere with screens at all. Now when it rains we have an enclosed room. I took an architect out there the other day. iiiiii!iii!!iii[iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!ifiiintiiimiliiliiii{iiiiitiiiii This porch kept warm in winter. During the winter months in the chilly mornings we have a room that is easily heated up with a Perfection Oil Heater. E. Then." "We have come on ONE OF THE MANY The fied letter quoted below is typical of many which we have home-owners: received from satis- Milton. As this is only a photothat — '^ "We Top View shows have yet to have the first person come on this porch. view. who declared that in the future on all of his open work in Palm Beach he will use the AiR-Way fixtures. if you will refer to ^ " * — the interior picture. a varnished floor or any kind of furniture in the porch as the weather ruined it. W. lived in the sun room all summer and the combinations we were able to make for ventilation were We most unusual. I have had ahsolutely no trouble in openingf the "windows and everyone who has seen the lay-out say they have practically never seen anything like it. And in pleasant weather we have an open porch. "I mailed to you today. cool in summer by "AiR-Way" Fixtures 20 . and formerly every time there was a thunder shower or storm we had a drenched porch. exterior with windows closed. in a recent letter. Wilson.H K c^ et e r^ r* cxrty^ "W t^ i 1 c IxdGS cz> " x: /-fcert or fo t/xat MULTIFOLD WINDOW INSTALLATION OF FROST HOME AT WEST PALM BEACH body in the United is anyStates who appreciates AiR-Way multifold window hardware more than our family. will notice windows closed." says Mr. Bottom view. we have an overdrape over curtains. as the rain would blow three-quarters of the way across it and It was impossible to keep flood the floor. so as not to have it too crowded. you cannot appreciate the beauty the photographer in taking of the room this photograph removed some of the furniture.. Fla." "I want to say to you again that I am certainly well pleased with the hardware. West Palm Beach. Center interior of porch with AiR-Way windows closed. yet to have the first person this porch who has not been struck with the arrangement of the windows." Yours vei-y truly. who has not been struck with the arrangement of the windows. which is the prevailing direction of the storms in this section. Secretary and Manager of the East "We do not believe that there Coast Hardware Company. If you will glance at the interior picture with the windows open you will notice that we have divided the sash this is a 5' A" X 2' sash." says W. Frost. "W. a photograph of my sun room in which I installed the hardware which I purchased from you. Penn'a. interior with windows wide open. you the lace graph. under separate cover.

60 2. No.00 5.00 ' 4. No. No.10 6. " thumb fasteners thumb and 1 bow handle fastener 6' 6. 7.20 3.20 4. sash adjoining jamb toward which windows fold in opening.25 (Brass) .30 5.50 4.75 .80 4.50 ' ^ 1.30 . Finish Finish Finish Sash Wldtn 15''. Height up to Without fasteners Including 1 Including 1 thumb fastener bow handle fastener . 1 Finish No. each Chafing Plates.30 7. 3 with solid brass track No.80 40 80 1. No.30 4.80' 5.80 7.90 6.10 4.1 ix— i^ i c tJ^ K .90 Sash Width 15^" \o Without fasteners' Including 1 Including 1 \W .20 .60 4. 5'.20 2.20 7.00 1.60 5.10 5.40 .90 9. each Sash Links.20 6.'jo = Ji^ccrvo /o dooi^ slidGs*' 2^ Price List of Hardware HARDWARE o ~~ PER SASH . each Rubber Stops.60 6. 2 Finish No.20 ' ' Discount iiH'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiituiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^^ 21 . Height 5'1" to Without fasteners Including 2 Including 1 thumb fasteners thumb and 1 bow handle fastener .10 5. per pr 2.60 6.80 6.90 5.40 7. 3 f No.20 7.40 7. One safety lock is furnished for each sash up to 5 feet high two safety locks furnished for each sash 5 to 6 feet high..20 6.)$ .30 Brass .10 3.50.60 9.70 4.60 6. -<r~ ~ ' n- et e r^ 1^ W ctzT^ J^' TT^ i tjhctt 1 o J' Ju .60 9. Height up to Without fasteners Including 1 1 TT7- Tj_i ^ )-// TT 1 i i.10 8. Height up to 5' thumb fastener bow handle fastener 5' 6.30 8.90 5.30 4.40 8.90 5. 7. • Butts not included in above prices. 2 No.80 (Galv.00 6.50 5.90 $4.70 8.20 10.60 7.30 Sash Width 15^" to 19^.50 1.30 3.40 6.60 6.10 9.70 7. PRICE LIST OF PARTS Finish No.90 6.60 Butts are required only for first and are not included in prices shown above.70 5.60 7.70 4.80 10.20 3. per ft $2.80 $2. Induding 1 thumb fastener bow handle fastener 6.80 7.20 6.Jij. 1^ pair for sash 5 feet to 6 feet high. each Thumb fasteners.00 1.00 5. No. No. 2 with solid brass track No. each Safety Locks.)$ .40 6.60 (Galv. per foot.40 4.00 $3.10 Special steel storm threshold not included in above prices.30 8.00 6. Height 5'1" to Without fasteners Including 2 Including 1 thumb fasteners thumb and 1 bow handle fastener 6'. One pair recommended for sash up to 5 feet high.70 5.10 .30 6. each Lower Track. No.20 6.70 Sash Width 19f" to 24".00 7.30 5.20 5.40 3.70 7.30 5.10 6.90 . r-/ Finish Finish No. .60 .80 $4.30 Sash Width 19f" to 24".60 . . per ft Upper Track.70 5.70 Sash Width up to 15" Height 5'1" to Without fasteners Including 2 Including 1 6'.40 6. 312 312 312 312 312 312 312 312 Bow Handle fasteners. 6.50 (Brass)$ . l Nq.60 ^' $1. 3 %^m .80 $5.20 7.10 5.00 9.80 8.

feet wide. 1^/^ Shoes. o o j^ ^Jxcit six Patented R-W No. 3 pair R-W No.„^ lc\ gl r" /Q?^' d ccz-vy^ ffcLrtoet^ -Wile d d -jri n rr- =^ B B C3 gs 2<. R-W No. 514 Top and Bottom No. The 3-door "Slidetite" set of hardware makes an ideal equipment for the ordinary garage doorway. 1 1 A 3 Door R-W No. Japanned No. 435 Hanger. 435 Japanned Surface Hinges. 31 Track Center 1 1 R-W R-W No. 435 Garage Door Hardware For Private and Public Garage Doors Garage doors equipped with this fixture fold and slide inside building.. Slidetite makes possible the use of doors corresponding with the style of architecture of the residence with which the garage is EleTation Bhowing proper location of "SHdetite" three-door hardware incladlnif R-W No. Set consists of the following- 7 feet R-W No.) 1 No. 435-1 Intel-mediate 435 (l-7ft. requiring only minimum Recommended for doors not over three space. 435 Hanger I — Intermediate Bracket iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiii lllIIIIIII!IIIIII]|||lllllllIIIII)lllltllllllllllllllllilllll>llllllilllll[l!lllll[||l!iK!IIIKIllltl]|llllllllllll^ 22 . Slidetite Hardware fit perfectly are weather-proof and cannot sag. 435-C Bi'acket. wide. A ten door outfit will take care of an opening up to 30 ft. 514 Bolts. Butt Hinges. 271 Center Guide. •hewing doors partially opened. No.= " -T" rr- 1-1— j-r- i^ i c i. Floor plans of three-door "Slidetite" doorway. 2 R-W R-W R-W R-W R-W Bolt. two of the doors folding to one side of the opening. 1 No. The R-W "Slidetite" equipment permits the use of part or all of the opening and prevents warping of doors at the top. 485-E End Bracket. giving absolute clearance from jamb to jamb. No. R-W No. any number of doors from 4 to 10 in one opening can be used. Doors hung on tight. the third door being hinged to the jamb or to the middle door. When desired. Bow 301-72 Bumper Bracket. associated. doors open parallel with front wall. 71-2 Handle. however. 517 Top and Bottom Bolts. No. or ID pr. doors open parallel with sidewalls.

Brackets are swiveled to permit track to be set at angle suitable to thickness of doors. No. Packed. lathe turned. 417 Top and Bottom Bolts. Brackets. 'Slidetite" two-track. showing the details. Ballbearing swivel pendants. and wide open position. (2) doors partially opened.J^ H SL r* jTo d cti-ty —" - W ^ i_t — kJ^- l_t u l ir TT i 67xcz.i^ c '. including No. Intermediate and end brackets are adjustable. 517 Cremone Bolts. 2 R-W No. 514 Top and Bottom Bolts or two No. No. No. A-22. 435 Hangers. 4 R-W No. 31 Track. 435-E End Brack- 1 R-W No. E— End Bracket Fleer plans of two-track four-door "Slidetite" doorway. See our special Garage equipment catalog No. iiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^ 23 . mi Elevation showing proper location of "Slidetite" twotrack four-door hardware.(1) doors closed. less track. Wheels are grey iron. 271 Center Floor Guide. 517 Bolts. 71-2 Bow Handles. furnished with each order. showing. (Continued) 435 Garage Door Hardware furnish Ml necessary hardware except the lock for the entrance door. 3 Pair 3 R-W No. 301-72 Bumper Shoes. Vertical adjustment. 31 Track. giving absolute clearance from jamb to jamb. comi^lete sets. No.435 Japanned Japanned Butt Hinges. Direction sheet. nt Note: *' Slidetite'* is made for openings having from three to ten doors. 435-C Center 14 feet R-W No. Hangers support and guide the end of the door and prevent sagging. (4) doors open parallel with front wall. or No. 435 Surface Hinges. ^ A 2 4 Door Set consists of: 2 2 R-W R-W R-W ets.t 1 C o ti ^ct rxo e r^ ciooj^ &// c/ef s^^' 2^ SCidtilUri Patented R-WNo. 4 No. partially opened position. Pair No. in We wood box. (3) doors open parallel with sidcwalls. four door hardware on double doorway showing doors in closed position.

45 . Prices for other finishes on application.30 Size Size . Size .s 10. All parts are machined to a perfect Made in six sizes. dooi. Attachment by SofBt Bracket TABLE OF SIZES AND PRICES Size Description of Doors 1 Weight Each 6 lbs.25 For doors heavy or interior 2 light interior doors.R-W The of the No. Style of Bracket No. Finished in silver bronze or ivory black without additional charge.35 . R-W No. weight outside doors not eeeeding 3 feet wide For heavy outside doors not exceeding 3 feet 6 inches wide.40 . and A Attachment by Corner Bracket Fitted with soffit.: $6. scre\y required in assembling or winding up the spring.30 . 5.00 subject to strong_ drafts The above calculations are based on Standard doors. Checks are furnished regularly in gold bronze. malleable iron No special wrenches or tools are steel drop forgings. 2 No.25 6 For medium weight terior 15 lbs.00 doors not 2 3 ft. 643 Door Closer and Check is a R-W line and conforms in every respect All working parts are made of gray iron. .. The liquid occupies separate chamber from spring mechanism which prevents leakage of oil. from light screen doors to heavy outside doors and those operating against very strong drafts.30 . corner bracket. This check is being specified by architects and demanded by the home builder for the following reasons: It can be attached to right or left hand swing doors.60 . or furnished Regularly finished in gold bronze. or light outside doors not exceeding 2 feet 6 inches wide. It will establish itself in your community if you give it a start. for various fit and are interchangeable. The check can go together only the right way.l No. BRACKETS Prices on different Style of Brackets in Gold Bronze. Ivory Black or Silver Finish.50 Discon tit. 4 No. For light interior doors not exceeding 3 feet medium 12 lbs.55 . exceeding 7* lbs. flush or \\athout bracket if desired. Checks furmshed require a check one size larger than specified. driver is all that is necessary to i^ake the check apart.15 . making assembling mistakes impossible. 643 worthy unit Door Closer and Check to the high character established by Richards-Wilcox products. 3 No.00 18 lbs. For extra heavy outside doors and large operated doors against very strong drafts . . Extra heavy doors or m silver iiii]iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii[iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiii]iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin^ 24 . 10 lbs. 4. Tension Spring cannot be overwound. 6 Size . Can be changed from right to left hand by simply swingmg the arm from one side to the other. This liquid is a Attachment by Flush Bracket non-freezing oil which has high lubricating qualities so essential in a door check.55 .00 doors not exceeding 3 feet wide.85 .20 Size . Prices for special finishes on application. is of the spring adjustable to suit any condition. 8. List Price Size Description of Doors Each 4 Weight Each List Price Each 1 For screen and very $3. in- 5 6 in. fm It has a simple and effective spring adjustment. wide.Size . bronze or ivory black at the same prices as gold bronze.65 . 5 No.75 SofHt Bracket Flush Bracket Corner Bracket . weights of doors.

Vf.VANISHrWfiDooii'^ ^*0 r^4_ 34-0^ -^ fmSTfLOOH . s' DiniN6 a/A.Floor Plans of the aiR-Way Home Beautiful mnDom n T " fT " " T El 'bed Bed 2ootA RV.VAHiSHi.Y/.VANI&HINfi Da Ji!^.VAN15Hlfl6 DoOlt Closet a^-^'i-r Aall ^OOF R.VANISHINC DOOR!) LIV1JH6 1 I5-O"xl6'-0" M 6'- OV 2. fsM.VANISHI«6D0^ sr U U U U II U II 5EC0AD Floor.7-0" R.ifi Door. IllTGHEN „ „ 11-6a10-6"P PhmatR-VI.


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