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abstract poetry TIS 2012.02.


the feelings and the sounds are more important than the meaning of the words

Blue of the World on the - Hasan Green center shop change - Seiyu The Songs Purple - Waka The up is on Blue - Yu Some more Green rain good food - Kento So go it with Red - Jett

Long Say No Orange - Meita

Grade 1.2

What choice your snow enemy - Kiran

Ghost ake win handling space - Kaiyu

After beautiful cumulus secrets free - Ester

Deep light discovery Blizzard world - Reyo

trees dream sun lands world - Miu

New iPhone still standing Hail - Ray

Evolved $5,000,000 magic search barriers method - Eitetsu King twist gold by force - Yeon Tae The greatest neighborhood return in Earth - Dong Ha

Final politics change V-Power within duplicate - Sho Best small trouble force week - Gen Welcome change the world answered questions - Moemi

Flashback the culture of invention - Shin Routes knew week dreams - Kohsuke Tangtze Dolphin is model of Canon day - Hiromu

The Killer wildlife cultures price force - Nico Missing re ring of duplicate - Grace A short endangered wildlife motion now - Karuna Focus way new life Jobs - Daisuke

Grade 3.4 Gr 3.4

Rethinking intel gloomy a moderate Iraqs inquiry - Meu Seven small President race for models - Beom Su

Private duplicate army learning global city - Nini

Grade 5.6

Grade 5.6
Take the patience of gravity - Koichi Hell re sharks doom friction - Emi National Gorillas Can TIS - Satoki Green World Move Beyond Air - Jiwon Remember Future Losing Balance Survival - Isha