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by Donald A. McQuarrie" #ohn D. Simon

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Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach [Hardcover]
Donald A. McQuarrie Author!" #ohn D. Simon Author!
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0ublication Date1 -uly 1, 1..* 2 3S45+(61 (.3$*(!..* 2 3S45+(*1 .*/&(.3$*(!..0 2 7dition1 1

As the /irst modern physical chemistry textbook to cover 8uantum mechanics be/ore thermodynamics and kinetics" this book provides a contemporary approach to the study o/ physical chemistry. 4y beginning with 8uantum chemistry" students will learn the /undamental principles upon which all modern physical chemistry is built. 9he text includes a special set o/ :MathChapters: to review and summari;e the mathematical tools re8uired to master the material 9hermodynamics is simultaneously taught /rom a bulk and microscopic viewpoint that enables the student to understand how bulk properties o/ materials are related to the properties o/ individual constituent molecules. 9his new text includes a variety o/ modern research topics in physical chemistry as well as hundreds o/ worked problems and examples.

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2hi# item4 0hysical Chemistry1 A Molecular Approach by Donald A. McQuarrie ?ardcover $74.51 0roblems ) Solutions to Accompany McQuarrie + Simon 0hysical Chemistry1 A Molecular Approach by ?eather Cox 0aperback $52.12 Quantitative Chemical Analysis by Daniel C. ?arris ?ardcover $169.48

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28/03/2014 19:45

the subject is taught in the order the historical discoveries where made..D." I can see how that might be a turnoff for someone whose math skills are sharp. YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER TEXT. The math needed for a particular subject is put into interleafing chapters on a "just in time 7S+B&134 .. I noticed McQuarrie had written one. Cahaya | 4 reviewers made a similar statement Most Helpful Customer Reviews 94 of 97 people found the following review helpful THE Textbook of Physical Chemistry July became obvious that all those years of teaching the subject had paid off.4 out of 5 stars 5 star 4 star 3 star 2 star 1 star 41 7 3 2 4 “ “ This book has all the right information presented in a very clear manner. 3) BREAKS PARADIGMS.phthalmology Departments o/ the Duke Medical Center.. His clarity and skills of being a classroom teacher was awesome. http://www. (He is now at UC Davis). In the intervening years. advanced and current. ++Gichard Hare" Stan/ord Iniversity An excellent modern physical chemistry course that should inspire us to rethink our curriculum. McQuarrie received his 0hD /rom the Iniversity o/ . in Chemistry and received his 0h. ++Choice 3t is a superb book" to be greatly appreciated and treasured by generations o/ students to come.4 M''"A$% in 4ooks See 9op (66 in 4ooks! M( in 4ooks N Science ) Math N Chemistry N Molecular :hemi#try M' in 4ooks N Science ) Math N Chemistry N 0hysical ) 9heoretical N 3hy#ical :hemi#try MA' in 4ooks N 9extbooks N Science ) Mathematics N :hemi#try Dould you like to update product info" gi?e feedbac. ” | 15 reviewers made a similar statement See all 57 customer reviews “ #f it were printed in a regular paper. ?e is currently Chair Chemistry Department at Duke and a /aculty member o/ the 4iochemistry" and .%A+6.A. ” alntrev@aol. the text are clear and the explanations are well worked with examples and spite of having gotten a PhD in the subject from Cal Berkeley.%.2 x 2.2 inches Shipping Weight4 $ pounds Fiew shipping rates and policies! A?erage :u#tomer Re?ie)4 $% customer reviews! Amazon +e#t Seller# Ran. 2) Comprehensive.regon" and is 0ro/essor 7meritus /rom the Department o/ Chemistry at the Iniversity o/ Cali/ornia" Davis. If you have the misfortune of having a class where the Professor has chosen another text this would be THE supplemenatry text (though at [price] new there would be an 'ouch' factor).. Upon reading it . If you look at almost any other text on Physical Chemistry (Barrow or Atkins or . (Industry does that to one).%! Aanguage4 7nglish 7S+B&1(4 6. no hunting around needed. and the Mc uarrie!"imon book is very good in general. Editorial Re?ie)# Geview 0edagogically pleasing" as it builds up physical chemistry /rom considerations o/ atoms to systems containing numerous molecules. <rom his classic text on Statistical Mechanics to his recent 8uantum+/irst tour de /orce on 0hysical Chemistry" McQuarrieJs best selling textbooks are highly acclaimed by the chemistry community. Read more › 1 Comment | Was this review helpful to you? Advertisement Most Recent Customer Reviews Great book! That's a very nice physical chemistry book. ?e makes his home at 9he Sea Ganch in Cali/ornia with his wi/e Carole" where he continues to write. ++#ournal o/ Chemical 7ducation About the Author As the author o/ landmark chemistry books and textbooks" Donald McQuarrieJs name is synonymous with excellence in chemical education.. this book would have been twice as thick.It is right there.A$. /rom ?arvard Iniversity in (.... #ohn graduated /rom Dilliams College in (.2 x %.A*. The clarity in approaching the subject was set to print! What is great about his text is: 1) Totally self contained..3roduct 'imen#ion#4 (6.A. I was turned off by the textbooks that I had.. On the otherhand. on image#" or tell u# about a lo)er price@ Customer Reviews (57) 4. Jo. #ohn D. for folks that need a refresher (like myself) or had limited exposure to the subject . ” Jiujitsu Dave | 17 reviewers made a similar statement A new text in physical chemistry was very much needed. In searching for a text. =eller 0ro/essor o/ Chemistry at Duke Iniversity in (. A/ter a postdoctoral /ellowship with 0ro/essor Mosta/a 7l+Sayed at IC>A" #ohn Koined the /aculty o/ the Department o/ Chemistry at ICSD in (. 3roduct 'etail# @ardco?er4 (*-6 pages 3ubli#her4 Iniversity Science 4ooksL ( edition #uly (" (.). with a 4. right now. Published 22 days ago by Antonio Elias Gomes Antonelo 2 de 5 28/03/2014 19:45 . I had forgotten a lot of what I had known in PChem . Simon became the /irst =eorge 4.Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach: Donald A. 2001 By Steven Marks Format: Hardcover I had the good fortune of having Donald McQuarrie as a Professor for 5 Physical Chemistry courses while I was an undergrad at Indiana University (2 undergrad semsters and 3 graduate semesters).*$%62.*$%62.. McQuarrie. Now that my interests coincide with relearning the I decided that it was definately worth checking out. the Table of Contents is identical .

McQuarrie's text addresses and amends this problem in a brilliant. Read more Published 2 months ago by Nicholas Cummock 31 of 31 people found the following review helpful The best and most complete textbook for a very important subject September 6. I totally missed the fundamental importance of physical chemistry to the broader discipline.. I feel like I could go out. I already have a working knowledge of quantum and stat mech I think my primary source of frustration was really with my foreign professor. something I frankly thought was being charitable. whereas I trashed Atkins as soon as the semester was over (well.and kinetics. Having been spoiled the year before by a truly outstanding organic chemistry professor and an equally outstanding textbook (Wade's. I have heard of people getting this book for 100 bucks at times! Published 2 months ago by olivechem [NOTE: This is a revised version of an earlier review titled. which I highly recommend for undergraduates). Read more Published 1 month ago by daniel Sorry if you have to take the first semester of Physical Chemistry I only took the first semester of P-chem. Read more Published 4 months ago by Chet Doyle Search Customer Reviews Only search this product's reviews = See all 57 customer reviews (newest first) 3 de 5 28/03/2014 19:45 . very interesting reading. but McQuarrie just won't make any sense at all. but this book accompanied his teaching very well. Read more Published 3 months ago by Mike I stumbled across this awesome tome in my university library. 1400-page red monstrosity. When I took quantum chemistry (the first course of the P-Chem sequence). Comment | Was this review helpful to you? Good math This is quite intuitive. Many textbooks have unfortunately overseen the importance of treating the mathematics and establishing link between the mathematics and the physical interpretation of chemical phenomenon. I've never been much of a chemistry buff. but the rest was a nightmare. buy the solutions manual.. and at the time. At the end of the year. and the labs at my university weren't run in a very interesting way. review. A professor of mine. Yau Format: Hardcover One of the most emerging fear of P-Chem students is the rigid dificulty and obscureness of the mathematical background. 2006 By Andrew Gibson Format: Hardcover Mind expanding read This is the textbook for physical chemistry. and sitting in his lecture hall must've been quite an experience. Unfortunately professor from the second semester (thermodynamics) decided to abandon McQuarrie and used instead Atkins' Physical Chemistry. was something of a rude awakening for me. http://www. I certainly didn't appreciate the change in professors. Read more Published 2 months ago by Aaron The bible of Physical Chemistry Physical Chemistry can be considered the area of study and research concerned with all the physical aspects of chemistry. Avoid this book as well as p-chem.Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach: Donald A. At the time.. Comment | Was this review helpful to you? I regret choosing chemistry major after taking two years of chem and.his teaching skills come through on every page. Read more Published 3 months ago by Ry 24 of 25 people found the following review helpful Even a physics major loves this text October 26. It just never took for me in highschool. was of a useless exercise in complexity. I sold my text back to the bookstore for whatever pittance they offered me. I immediately sold it back). actually all of it for a great price . student and identified them as being part of this strange subject called "physical chemistry. This book was not very clear to me. which is absolutely not worth the money and very confusing and difficult to follow. Read more Published 2 months ago by Pichierri Fabio Great P Chem textbook I was very fortunate to have a good professor during the course. a biophysicist. something condescending PhD's conjured up to torture undergraduates with. then. so my knowledge of pure chemistry is mediocre at best. All the equations are backed by clear explanation and mathematical derivation. who had very poor English skills--and. I was not accustomed to using a textbook as my primary source of information. The first half of the text discusses topics in quantum chemistry while the rest deals with thermodynamics. perturbation theory. 2000 By Matthew M. Read more Published 26 days ago by Zaker Khan Great Book I purchased this book because it was the required textbook for my Physical Chemistry class. (I particularly liked the derivation of the emission and absorption spectrums of diatomic molecules in chapter 5." I was intrigued. poor teaching skills. join a spectroscopy lab. 2009 By spumn Format: Hardcover best of this book for a great price best of this book . I suspect. a classic qm text. McQuarrie. and the molecular spectroscopy in chapter 13. at first brush.] I first studied physical chemistry in college nearly four years ago.s (such as spectroscopy.) And the presentation is better than I've see for most PHYSICS books devoted to these subjects! It's treatment of quantum rivals Griffiths. But. rather critical. I kept the McQuarrie book and used that as study aids and reference. Jo. statistical mechanics.and this book still managed to teach me an enormous amount of new material. and I thought the first few weeks were bearable. and I am enjoying the book so far. My impression of the subject. in any language. Physical chemistry. had talked to me about some problems he did as a Ph.. as a physics major. In hindsight. and fostered an intense loathing for this colossal. "Not undergraduate-friendly.. and do actual calculations now. this attitude kept me from appreciating the beauty of the subject. Doesn't sound scary and it's not in hindsight. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that my previous review was little more than another tirade by a frustrated student blaming his professor and his textbook for all of his problems. Awesome stuff. and I feel I was not fair with my first." My opinion of this text has changed considerably over the years since I was first exposed to it (and to physical chemistry itself). etc). Read more › Comment | Was this review helpful to you? A very thorough textbook This is a dense textbook that really goes through everything you need to know for a quantum mechanics AND thermodynamics course. Difficult mathematical concepts are integrated along with the appropriate topics and are presented in a concise fashion. but probably more so. 51 of 53 people found the following review helpful The Only P-Chem Textbook You'll Need August 20. Commonly referred to as pchem. Not only am I interested in chemistry now (for the first time in my life!) I want to get a copy of this book just for the physics in it! I'm extremely jealous of the reviewer who got to take classes from one of the authors -. I gave the text 3 stars. we used McQuarrie and it worked just fine in explaining all the topics covered in lecture. I must confess that I absolutely hated this book. and the stat mech is among the clearest I've seen.. very efficient. very lucid writing that makes for relatively I've always been doing well in physics and chemistry. if I wanted to. McQuarrie is the only P-Chem book you'll find useful and clear.

>earn more Forums Aoo..# cite thi# boo.Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach: Donald A. McQuarrie. in the >indle Store 3/ you are a publisher or author and hold the digital rights to a book" you can sell a digital version o/ it in our Cindle Store..# on Related 2opic# learn more! Cuantum :hemi#try by Donald A. 3/ you have a 8uestion or problem" visit our @elp Quantum Chemistry by Donald A. http://www.. McQuarrie ?ardcover (-! $ =.4 Chemistry o/ the 7nvironment" Second 7dition by Gonald A. :itation# learn more! 0 boo. Dould you like to update product info" gi?e feedbac. Goss Celly in 4ack Matter Spectroscopy /or the 4iological Sciences by =ordon =. on image#" or tell u# about a lo)er price@ 3/ you are a seller /or this product and want to change product data" click here you may have to sign in with your seller id!.# citing thi# boo. 'i#cu##e#4 molecular term symbols diatomic ideal gas atomic term symbols Fundamental# of Cuantum +7%S 7n#tant Bote# in 3hy#ical :hemi#try. Met. for Similar 7tem# by :ategory 4ooks N 7ducation ) Ge/erence 4ooks N 5ew" Ised ) Gental 9extbooks N Science ) Mathematics N Chemistry 4ooks N Science ) Math N Chemistry N Molecular Chemistry 4ooks N Science ) Math N Chemistry N 0hysical ) 9heoretical N 0hysical Chemistry Feedbac.38 0hysical Chemistry" . McQuarrie 'i#cu##e#4 hydrogen atomic spectrum symmetric about the internuclear axis hydrogen atomic orbitals SchaumD# %utline of 3hy#ical :hemi#try by Clyde G. Second Edition by #. +oo. <itts in 4ack Matter Molecular Machines 9opics in Current Chemistry! by 9. ?ayward on page (%% See all 0 boo.. ?ouse 'i#cu##e#4 'i#cu##e#4 molecular term symbols molecular term symbols atomic term symbols symmetric about the primitive cubic unit cell internuclear axis atomic term symbols What %ther 7tem# 'o :u#tomer# +uy After Eie)ing 2hi# 7tem 0roblems ) Solutions to Accompany McQuarrie + Simon 0hysical Chemistry1 A Molecular Approach by ?eather Cox 0aperback 2'! $52. Your Recently Viewed Items and Featured Recommendations 4 de 5 28/03/2014 19:45 .th 7dition by 0eter Atkins ?ardcover ((%! 3ntroduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry Dover 4ooks on 0hysics! by >inus 0auling 0aperback 2'! $13. 4ailey in 4ack Matter 0rinciples o/ Quantum Mechanics1 As Applied to Chemistry and Chemical 0hysics by Donald D. ?ammes on page (' Quantum Mechanics /or Chemists 9utorial Chemistry 9exts! by David . Jo. Dhittaker 7.63 = E<plore #imilar item# Sell a 'igital Eer#ion of 2hi# +oo. :hemi#try by A.

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