A. Put the verbs into the correct passive tense: Simple Present 1. English (teach) in this school. 2. The room (clean) every day. 3. A party (give) every Saturday. 4. This magazine (publish) every month. 5. The letters (deliver) every morning. 6. English (speak) in many countries. 7. These buildings (paint) every year. 8. Smoking (not permit) here. I 9. This exhibition (hold) every year. 10. Our compositions (correct) every day. Simple Past 1. This book (write) by a famous artist. 2. The books (return) to the library. 3. A bank (rob) yesterday. 4. The lost dog (find) last night. 5. My house (build) in 1960. 6. She (send) to a school in England. 7. We (invite) to a party yesterday. 8. This road (repair) last year. 9. My car (steal) last week. 10. Hamlet (write) by Shakespeare.

The child (take) to hospital. 2. You can't find such things in England. C. We may do it tomorrow.Present Perfect 1. A car race (hold) next month 7. I will show her my stamp collection. This exercise (write) mar 2. 7. Change from active into Passive Voice 1. 10. Mr West manage the Personnel department. These letters (sign) tomorrow 2. 7. The novel (translate) into German. 9. 10. My brother has sent me many letters. She gave me a nice gift. His arrival (announce) tomorrow 10. Future 1. I water the flowers once a week. B. The government must take measures to increase productivity. 6. They always show the tourists the new theatre. 3. 4. The shops (close) tomorrow 5. His crime (punish) 8. They teach foreign languages here. The concert disappointed everybody. 9. 5. 8. 2. We must lose no time. 4. It (do) by Helen 6. A good job (offer) to me. His car (sell) already. Homer wrote Iliad. Our order (cancel). 6. 3. 4. . He has given us a difficult exercise. 5. My friend (not invite) to the reception. Many new theatres (build) recently. Many magazines (publish) lately. This bank (paint) next week 3. All the work (finish). The lesson (finish) in 5 minutes 4. 8. All students (examine) by me 9. Your question (answer) already. He must give a final answer. Change form active into Passive Voice 1. 5. 3.

4. Eliot (“The Waste Land”/write). The examiner is giving the candidates a very difficult test D. 13. 16. Electricity was discovered by Thomas Edisson. 19. 9. 9. 2.S. 7. by the Beatles (“Yellow Submarine”/sing). The students offered the teacher some flowers. All the rooms must be cleaned. by Fleming (“penicillin”/discover). 7. A new law will be introduced by the government. He must not be seen by anybody. 6. Who was my purse stolen by? 20. by L. 8. by Praxiteles (“Hermes”/make). Change from Passive into Active voice: 1.g. Da Vinci (“Joconda”/paint). 5. I will not be allowed to go alone. All the reports are typed by the Secretary. She read me an interesting story. 14. John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. 12. 4. 2. by Columbus (“America”/discover). 8. My bicycle is being repaired now. 10. 10. This novel is being translated now. Thousands of books have been published since the war. The National Bank was robbed by three masked men.6. 3. 18. 8. by T. No time must be lost. by Shakespeare (“Macbeth”/write). 5. "Murder on the Nile" was written by Agatha Christie. 11. Write the following sentences as in the example: e. by Homer (“Odyssey”/write) . 7. by Hemingway (“For whom The Bell Tolls?”/write) . The answer to this question must be found. by Kazantzakis (“Zorbas”/write) Who was "Zorbas" written by? 1. Everything has been written down. 17. 6. Periez is teaching us French. The building has been destroy0d by the flood. 3. She was being interviewed when I entered. 10. E. He was showing Mary some photos when I met them. Mr. 9. A message has been left for you. . by Kazantzakis (“The Last Temptation”/write). By whom has it been rewritten? 15.

He drilled a hole through the rock. Sharpen this knife! 12. Have you changed the flat tyre of your bike? 5. 2. 9. 4. 3. 10. She shines her shoes every day. Helen has pulled out two bad teeth. 7. We must cut that old tree down. 13. Will you translate this book? . Henry will clean his suit. 11. They didn't translate this passage.CAUSATIVE FORM A. I will do my hair tomorrow. 15. He will decorate his living-room. 14. please. I must add another room to my house. 6. Where do you repair your car? 8. He painted his room last year. Lengthen the sleeves of my coat. Rewrite the following sentences in the causative form 1.

13. It was answered when I was 0ut. She was brought up by an old lady. 13. 16. 6. 17.A. 19. 2. 9. 19. 10. 12. He must have been terribly disappointed. 5. 4. They are still discussing the same problem. 5. too? By whom was Helen helped? Hasn't it been reported yet? Is he being interviewed? We are being told to depart. 12. Are you sure Peter can do it? I must give a final answer. 3. 17. 7. 15. Will they allow you to stay? When will he tell her the news? How many letters has she typed since morning? The manager is interviewing a new clerk. Won't you be helped by your friends? Β . They offered Helen a very good salary. 11. 18. This language was spoken years ago. This subject was given last month. What animals do you keep? He cancelled the programme. too? Is it going to be understood? Are you going to be taught French. Her aunt was killed in an accident. Change from Passive into Active Voice: 1. 16. Her work impressed her boss. 10. The sales manager has been dismissed. 8. The secretary has to be paid. 18. She hasn't taken any decision yet. We must take measures to increase sales. Who asked her to come? Who is going to answer this question? . Has she been invited. We are reorganizing everything in the company. The rain prevented him from coming. All these letters must be signed. Has the order been placed? 20. 20. 9. 14. 8. 3. 11. 4. 7. 15. 6. The minutes are being taken now. The accounts have been checked. 2. Haven't you placed the order? We will appoint a new manager. A bad tooth kept him awake all night. Change from Active into Passive Voice: 1. 14.

15. 20. Οι παραγγελίες µ ας δεν εκτελέστηκαν . Γιατί δεν βγάζεις το χαλασ µ ένο δόντι σου . Κανείς δεν θα προσληφθεί φέτος . 7. Translate into English: 1. She was punished by Mr West. 3. Αυτό το ρολόι είναι κατασκευασ µ ένο στην Ιαπωνία . 12.C. 3. 4. 18. 8. I was invited by John. They have been told to come. It must be written in ink. 4. Ο λογιστής µας απολύθηκε πέρυσι . The first experiment was made in 1950. Yes. 9. George has been taken to hospital. Θα χτίσου µ ε ένα καινούργιο σπίτι . 7. Few of the girls have been invited. 4. Make questions to which the underlined words are the answers: 1. Οι πωλήσεις θα αυξηθούν σύντοµα . 11. 8. Κόντυνε τη φούστα της . It was written by Jean. ∆εν θα δοθούν περαιτέρω εξηγήσεις . 5. It has been tried three times. Ε. 2. 13. 5. He was arrested because he hit a man. No. 7. The book was found under the table. Θα µ εταφράσει δύο βιβλία . 9. It will be done next month. He has been asked to leave the house. 19. 3. Έφτιαξε τα µ αλλιά του χθες . 6. Translate into Greek (causative form) 1. Από ποιον ανακαλύφθηκε η Αµερική. 2. It was signed yesterday It was beautifully written. Πρέπει να καθαρίσεις αυτό το λερω µ ένο κουστού µ ι . 17. 10. it has already been completed. Έκοψε τα µ αλλιά της . Του προσφέρθηκε µ ια καλή θέση σε µ ια ναυτιλιακή εταιρεία . This book has been translated into 5 languages. 10. Peter was accused of murder. Το τέλεξ έχει ήδη σταλεί . . Το υπό µνηµα πρέπει να γραφτεί α µέσως . 16. 2. 6. 5. it hasn't been answered. 14. D. It was meant for Helen. 6.

9. From the beginning. 11. Κούρδισαν το πιάνο χθες . Rewrite the following passage using the active voice where required: A trade fair took place recently in the island of Santa Clara. large reserves of oil had been discovered both on the Island and under the sea. Gold was soon found there. A brochure was published by the Government to advertise the Trade Fair. and a very short history of the island was included. 14. near it. The island was given its independence by the British in 1963. 16. A short time before independence. 18. 19. and cotton and sugar were planted. Πότε επισκεύασες το ποδήλατο σου. 12. Clara was exploited by large international companies. Clara was one of Britain's richest colonies. 15.8. Clara was discovered by the Spaniards in the sixteenth century. Πρέπει να σφραγίσεις τα δόντια σου . 20. The oilfields may be some of the largest in the world. Until 1967 the gold and oil of S. Πλένει το αυτοκίνητο του κάθε βδοµάδα. Που φτιάχνεις τα µ αλλιά σου . In that year the gold mines and oilfields were nationalised by the government . Θα προσθέσω ένα δω µάτιο στο σπίτι µου. Ακόνισε αυτό το µ αχαίρι ! 13. S. Γυαλίζω τα παπούτσια µου κάθε µ έρα . Πότε επισκεύασες την τηλεόρασή σου. Έβαψε το αυτοκίνητο του µαύρο 10. Πήγε στο γιατρό κι εξέτασε τα µ άτια του . Elections were held and a government: was formed. Πρέπει να αλλάξω το ξεφουσκωµένο λάστιχο του αυτοκινήτου µου 17. Έκοψαν αυτό το ωραίο δένδρο . the new country's prosperity had been certain. although it was not very large. It was colonised by the English about a hundred years later. The island of S.

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