Cells consist of in multi-cellular organisms, are specialized Protoplasm consists of is surrounded by Mainly made of cellulose confers Rigidity

has maintains Cell shape Absorption when mature is a Dead cell such as of (in plants only) Mitochondria Vacuoles are found in directs Cellular activities such as for generates Chloroplasts contain which has No cytoplasm to allow the transport of Water & mineral salts Animal cells consist of Small vacuoles Plant cells has a Large central vacuole contains Cell sap to release undergoes Chlorophyll absorbs Sunlight is needed for Photosynthesis produces Respiration Glucose Cell wall such as Root hair cell Cytoplasm has Root hairs such as Xylem such as Red blood cell are organised into Tissues make up Organs make up Organ systems make up Organism

Cell membrane is Partially permeable


is Biconcave with increased

contains Haemoglobin binds Oxygen





Nuclear envelope has

will increase Surface area to volume ratio for

Surface area to volume ratio for Rapid oxygen diffusion

allows Nuclear pores Passage of substances in/ out of cells condenses during replication Controls the Entry of molecules in/out of nucleus


is strengthened by Lignin increases Mechanical strength is needed to Support the plant

has a

Chromosomes contain Genetic information

Narrow lumen that allows Water movement via Capillary action


Protein synthesis Occurs at Ribosomes

Cell division

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