Different phases (stages) of preparation for First Contact (Total Cultural Involvement

phase 1 - the covert studies by the contacting race personnel into the contactees' civilization, scientific & everything that can be studied

phase 2 - the actual visitation of the personnel who are initiating physical first contact, diplomatic introduction & everything under the keyword diplomatic emissary

phase 3 - the 3rd phasers consist of historians, psychologists, even medical personnel, & others who study the contactee culture's reaction to the offworlders' presence, their technological impact on the contactees' individual lives; the overall planetary implications of the First Contact

phase 4 - the ongoing adjustment period for the implication of the technological transference; the teaching, mentoring, passing-on of the technical know-how by the 1st contact personnel into the contactee counterparts, as well as assessing any cross-cultural compatibility issues; all as a preparation for the technological & spiritual advancement of the contactee culture.

Earth is already in the third phase of the preparatory stage for First Contact. But because of the multitudes of hindering factors such as prior unresolved intercultural conflicts, inter-religious conflicts; the high, intense involvement of the dark side / Maldecian agendas in economic world affairs/transactions, coupled with the world governments' Truth embargo that is also convoluted by dark side agendas, & most of all the PREVAILING PRESENCE of the FREQUENCY BARRIER prevents Earth from advancing forward from the 3rd phase into the 4th....

.....so a DRAMATIC deviation of plans will be conducted: from the extraterrestrials' time table & plans, to be transferred into the Hands & Will of that Almighty Entity that is being facilitated by that scribe & caretaker nicknamed Maestro Pedro; the partial details of that ' Divine Plan ' is described in the Books which are the extract of the Lemurian & Gorzanic Hall of Records.

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