A Taiwanese website has alleged that the search for the Boeing airliner that went missing on March

8th is being hampered by the supposed uncertain political situation in the country. Nothing was mentioned about Boeing’s role. An article that appeared on its website yesterday, 28th March 2 !", claimed that there e#ists $political turmoil’ and this $turmoil’ is hindering the search for the Boeing. The website also alleged that the cause for the Boeing going missing has been ascertained to be a political act. But there is no political turmoil in the country. Neither are any politicians’ positions in %eopardy as alleged or speculated by foreign media. &nly the tpm is 'eeping an eagle eye out for any faintly probable opportunity that might possibly arise. Admittedly, the airline did not handle the crisis (ery well on March 8th. )t should ha(e been bold enough to admit that one of its Boeings was missing and that a crash could well ha(e ta'en place. But instead lengthy silence, hesitation, and uncertainty allowed rumours to spread uncontrolled. )t should go on the offensi(e now with support from the go(t.

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