TEST 1. Change the following sentences from DIRECT to INDIRECT SPEECH: 1. He said, I will !e here at noon." #.

$ar% said, The train will &ro!a!l% arri'e on time." (. He said, I ha'e to finish this re&ort !% fi'e o)cloc*." +. The doctor said, $r. Smith will im&ro'e ,-ic*l%." .. /illiam said to me, I am lea'ing in the morning." 0. The teacher said, E'er%one has to write a com&osition." 1. 2ohn said, I saw that mo'ie on /ednesda%." 3. Helen said, I ha'e read that !oo*." 4. $ar% said to 2ohn, I cannot go to the mo'ie with %o-." 15. 2ohn said, I ha'e finished st-d%ing m% lesson." 11. $ar% remar*ed, 2ohn s&ea*s English well." 1#. /illiam said to me, I will not see $r. 2ones -ntil T-esda%." 1(. $r. Smith said, I will ref-se their offer." 1+. 2ohn said, I certainl% ho&e it won)t rain tomorrow." 1.. Henr% said, I can meet them later." 10. The !o% said, I am onl% eight %ears old." 11. She said to me, The lights ha'e gone o-t." 13. The man said, The tele&hone is o-t of order." 14. He said, I will ne'er s&ea* to her again." #5. I said to the cler* clearl%, I ha'e alread% &aid that !ill."

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