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Why do we need it? Embedded systems Working of the project Hardware Components GSM module & AT commands Advantages & Disadvantages

Why do we need it?

Increasing vehicle theft. Expensive commercially available anti-theft vehicular systems. Design and development of a theft-control system for an automobile. Use of an embedded system based on GSM technology.

Embedded Systems
A special-purpose system in which the computer is completely dedicated to the system it controls. Reduces size and cost of product. Ranges from portable devices such as digital watches to large stationary installations like traffic lights. Applications include cellular telephone, sprinklers, security monitoring systems.

Block Diagram

FIG: Block diagram of vehicle theft control system

The operation mainly depends on the MEM sensor. A control signal is given to ADC if there is any change in MEMs position. ADC converts analog signal into digital and sends it to the microcontroller. Microcontroller sends signal to the GSM module which then sends an SMS to the owner as vehicle theft detected. The owner asks the GSM module to lock the engine. The GSM module sends the secret code to the microcontroller which locks the engine. The location of the automobile can be found using signals generated by GSM.

Hardware Components
Micro-controller(AT89S52) MEMS ADC 0808 MAX 232 Liquid Crystal Display Light Emitting Diode Keypad

GSM modem and AT-commands

The GSM modem consists of a SIMCOM300 GSM module which is interfaced with the MAX232 level converter with DB9 connector.

FIG: GSM interfacing with PC.

AT commands are the instructions used to control the modem. Some of the AT commands used are as follows: AT+CPBR: Read phonebook entries. AT+CMGR: Read an SMS. AT+CMGW: Write an SMS. AT+CNMI: New message indication.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Low cost.

Less complexity.

It cannot be used in places where signal strength is low.

The developed system provides a low cost real-time vehicle tracking system based on latest technologies. This makes it available to average people who cannot afford the expensive GPS technology based tracking system.