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Small Projects to Knit
with Handspun Yarn

Amy Clarke Moore, editor of spin•off magazine


Spinning for Knitting


Fair Argyle Cap (Erda Kappeler) 6

Child’s Nordic Set (Sarah Anderson) 90

Coin Purse (Kathryn Alexander) 10

Sheepy Mittens (Amy King) 102

Moth Mittens (Sarah Anderson) 16

Chutes and Ladders Hat (Kristi R. Schueler) 106

Self-Striping Socks (Kathleen Taylor) 22

Square Bags That Look Round (Sarah Swett) 110

Andean Alpaca Poncho (Kaye D. Collins) 26

Indigo and Lichen Beret (Jeannine Bakriges) 114

Wisteria Lace Shawl (Diane Mulholland) 32

Glitterpants (Kathryn Tewson) 118

Zipped Baby Hoodie (Lisa Shroyer and Nancy Shroyer) 40

Entrelac Socks (Erda Kappeler) 122

Prairie Scarf (Nancy Bush and Judith MacKenzie McCuin) 44

Happy Headband (Liz Gipson) 126

Lace-Up Mittens (Sara Lamb) 48
Hannah’s Autumn Jacket (Amy Clarke Moore) 52
Stained Glass Cap and Mittens (Carol Huebscher Rhoades) 60
Nomad Bag (Sara Lamb) 64
Diamonds and Pearls Lace Mitts (Emma Crew) 70
Spider Hat (Nancy Roberts) 76
Old Garden Scarf (Faina Letoutchaia) 80

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I-Cord Bind-Off

Three-Needle Bind-Off

With right side facing and using the knitted method (see page 131), cast
on 3 stitches (for cord) onto the end of the needle holding the stitches
to be bound off (Figure 1), *k2, k2tog through back loops (the last cord
stitch with the first stitch to be bound off; Figure 2), slip these 3 stitches
back to the left needle (Figure 3), and pull the yarn firmly from the back.
Repeat from * until 3 stitches remain on left needle and no stitches
remain on right needle. Bind off remaining stitches using the standard
method (below).

Place the stitches to be joined onto two separate needles and hold the
needles parallel so that the right sides of knitting face together. Insert a
third needle into the first stitch on each of two needles (Figure 1) and
knit them together as 1 stitch (Figure 2), *knit the next stitch on each
needle the same way, then use the left needle tip to lift the first stitch over
the second and off the needle (Figure 3). Repeat from * until no stitches
remain on first two needles. Cut yarn and pull tail through last stitch to

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3
Figure 3

Standard Bind-Off
Knit the first stitch, *knit the next stitch (2 stitches on right needle), insert
left needle tip into first stitch on right needle (Figure 1) and lift this stitch
up and over the second stitch (Figure 2) and off the needle (Figure 3).
Repeat from * for the desired number of stitches.


Backward-Loop Cast-On
*Loop working yarn and place it on needle backward so that it doesn’t
unwind. Repeat from *.

Figure 1


Figure 2

Figure 3

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