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Reflection on Lesson Plan 3 I chose this lesson because I think it shows that I consider diversity in my teaching due to the

fact that it is a reading lesson for a small number of students that has been grouped together based on ability. While meeting with this group, the other students were participating in center activities, again allowing for differentiated instruction. he lesson was effective because the

book we read was appropriate for their reading level. !nother reason it was effective was because it was simple and straightforward, and I did not try to teach too many new ideas in one sitting. It was engaging because it was a book about winter, something they could all relate to and with which they all had e"perience. It held their interest because I allowed them to talk about their personal e"perience with winter. he thing I would change about this lesson would

be to include a #closing$ where I, or the students, briefly summari%ed what was learned in the lesson. his lesson was standards based. It addressed the following standards& RL.'.( )with

prompting and support, ask and answer *uestions about key details in a te"t+, RL.'.(, )actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding+, and R-.'.. )read emergent reader te"ts with purpose and understanding+. I assessed student learning informally by asking *uestions about the topic.