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Kristie Bravo Instructor: Malcolm Campbell English (1102) Januar 22! 201" Topic Proposal: Does Your Diet Impact Your Day Introduction/Overview #hat interests me right no$ is ho$ $e! an% b $e I mean the &nite% 'tates! can improve our health( I recentl $atche% a )ilm calle% *+at! 'ic,! an% -earl .ea%/ on -et)li0 an% it ama1es me $hat t$o months o) 2ust )ruits an% vegetables can %o to an in%ivi%ual( In this )ilm one man is tr ing to reverse an illness he %evelope% )rom his obesit situation( 3he %octors $ho ,ept a close loo, on him ,ept prescribing him me%icine an% more me%icine! $hich is not health )or the bo% either( 4)ter this man %i% his research he challenge% himsel) to onl %rin, presse% 2uice ma%e up o) ra$ vegetables an% )ruits( 3he results at the en% o) this )ilm $ere incre%ible5 6e lost 72 poun%s in t$o months an% is no$ maintaining his $eight $ith a health li)e st le! $hich inclu%es lots o) soli% )ruits an% vegetables an% e0ercising %ail ( 3hroughout his o$n 2ourne he manage% to encourage a )e$ others! $hich is ama1ing( I believe that 4merica is %e)initel lac,ing the e%ucation on ho$ to lo$er obesit levels success)ull ( 4ccor%ing to the )ilm! most 4mericans8 %iet inclu%es about 90: processe% )oo%! ;0: animal pro%ucts! <: o) $hole grains an% potatoes! an% onl <: o) )ruits an% vegetables( +ruits an% vegetables are our main source o) micronutrients! an% these nutrients help )ight %iseases because it is $hat ,eeps our cells strong an% health ( Micronutrients not also prevent these %iseases )rom ta,ing over our bo%ies! but also help %eto0i) our bo%ies )rom the unhealth )oo%s previousl eaten(

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97(7: o) a%ults are over$eight or obese in the &nite% 'tates an% out o) that percentage ;<(=: are obese accor%ing to the +oo% >esearch an% 4ction Center( 3his is $h m main )ocus is )or the a%ults in 4merica( I) the a%ults can e%ucate each other about nutrition an% maintaining a health li)e st le! them the can slo$l teach chil%ren an% a%olescents about $hat the have learne% an% %rop those percentages %o$n as $ell( 3his is not all about the $eight an% ,eeping it o))! $ith obesit comes man %iseases such as heart %isease! cancer! stro,e! %iabetes! an% ,i%ne %iseases( 3hose are 2ust the top < contributing )actors o) %eath accor%ing to C.C( I have share% this in)ormation $ith m mother mostl ! because I al$a s come to her an% tell her $hat I have learne% an% $hat I have so much interest in( 'he $as ama1e% $hen I tol% o) the stor in the )ilm an% I also mentione% that I $oul% li,e to tr the cleanse %iet )or a $ee,( I %i% tr the 2uicing )or a $ee, an% I )elt so alive an% I coul% not believe I lost 10 poun%s in 2ust one $ee, o) 2uicing( I thought I )oun% the solution to ever one8s $eight problem but the onl complication is e%ucating those $ho %o not ,no$ this super secret( 4)ter $atching 2ust one )ilm! I $ante% to learn more about ho$ I can change m li)e st le )irst so that I can have a better un%erstan%ing o) it to share $ith others( I $ent to npr(org an% basicall 2ust searche% online on ?oogle )or more in)ormation about ho$ ra$ )ruits an% vegetables can health improve our health to%a signi)icantl ( I also researche% speci)ic )ruits an% veggies to %etermine the bene)its )rom eating them or inclu%ing them in a %ail %iet( I aslo 2ust starte% a conversation $ith people li,e m mom or on t$itter mainl because a lot o) m )ollo$ers are all tr ing to get not onl health but that *beach bo% / ever one $ants( 'o I 2ust as, them *he have ou ever thought o) 2uicing ra$ )ruits a vegetables@/ an% o) course the )ee%bac, is not al$a s positive because it %oes not soun% appeti1ing at all( 'o $hat I %o is tell

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them to $atch the )ilm I $atche%! $hich inspire% me to sprea% the $or% to $hoever I can! an% let them %eci%e% )or themselves a)ter $atching the )ilm because it reall is inspiring( I believe people $oul% argue that this li)e st le is not health because it %oes not inclu%e an animal pro%uct! an% in our societ the )oo% p rami% $e are suppose to )ollo$ %ail has a section o) animal pro%ucts as sho$n belo$(

4lthough the animal pro%uct section is a lot smaller than the )ruit an% vegetables section! an% average 4merican8s plate loo,s li,e this )igure on the An the other han% a health plate shoul% actuall loo, li,e in the )igure belo$(


Refined Carbs

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'o the problem is ho$ %o $e get in%ivi%uals to un%erstan% $hat is a necessit in our %iets rather than $hat the me%ia thin,s $e nee% in our %iets( 4lso another problem $e might )ace $hen people start to reali1e that all $e reall nee% is )ruits an% vegetables an% no animal pro%ucts in our %iets! the )ast )oo% in%ustr $oul% %ie an% basicall that is $hat 4mericas is ma%e o)( Bou see a Mc.onal%8s ever < miles or so! it is prett ri%iculous( In a%%ition! i) the people $oul% reali1e that b 2ust changing their %iet $ill suppress %iseases that get treate% ever %a b %rugs! then %octors $ill be Cuestione% i) the reall ,no$ $hat the are %oing(

Initial Inquiry Question(s) 6o$ can us as a societ improve our health@ 6o$ can $e reteach ourselves $hat our bo%ies reall nee% an% $hat $e can cut out o) our %iets completel @ 4re )ruits an% vegetables the cure to man %iseases 4mericans )ace to%a @ 6o$ can $e ma,e health )oo%s seem more a))or%able than processe% an% re)ine% )oo%s@ #hat %o %octors have to sa about this theor @ 6o$ can $e convince the countr to better their health an% be smarter about their )oo% choices@ 6o$ can societ ta,e a ris, an% tr to 2uice ra$ )ruits an% vegetables )or onl ten %a s@ Can this be the ans$er to lo$er our obesit levels in 4merica@ #hat are other countries %oing that the &nite% 'tates can learn )rom to lo$er obesit percentages@ #hat are the percentages o) other countries o) obesit @

My Interest in t is Topic I am intereste% in this topic because I m sel) gaine% about ;0 poun%s in such a limite% time( I originall $as about 1;< poun%s in the ear 2012 an% )rom Actober to .ecember I gaine% about ;0 poun%s! $hich reall impacte% m moo% an% con)i%ence in m sel)( >ight no$ I am on the verge o) losing the $eight I gaine% an% )eeling much better about m sel)! probabl

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even better than be)ore( 6o$ever! I still $on%er ho$ I gaine% so much $eight in the matter o) three months( I believe it is because I starte% to eat a lot more )ast )oo% than I have ever eaten in m li)e( I believe )ast )oo% is li,e a %rug an% can be a%%icting! because I 2ust ,ept craving it a)ter I ate it once( 'o I $ant to learn ho$ I can prevent m sel) )rom ma,ing that mista,e again an% maintain m $eight an% health( I am also intereste% in this topic o) obesit levels an% ho$ $e can improve as a countr because over$eight an% obese $omen surroun% me at $or,( I $ant to learn about nutrition in general an% help these $omen reach their goal $hile I am attempting to reach mine( I $or, at an o))ice t pe o) 2ob so these la%ies o% not get much e0ercise throughout hal) their %a so that is one problem( 3he other is that brea, is onl ;0 minutes so the Cuic,est thing to get is )ast )oo% $hich $e have about " restaurants aroun% us( I) it is not a )ast )oo% restaurant the or%er ta,e out! ho$ever the la%ies usuall or%er something )rie% or unhealth ( I also believe their attitu%e to$ar%s losing $eight is part o) the problem! some might thin, the are too ol% or it is too late to improve their health or bo% ! $hen in realit it is never too late( 'o m interest in this topic goes be on% m o$n nee%s! I $ant to help the countr but I am onl one person( B in)luencing a smaller group o) people I $ill help improve or re%uce obesit levels in 4merica( #hat I alrea% ,no$ about m topic is that b increasing the inta,e o) )ruits an% vegetables to our %iet improves our energ an% attitu%e about ever thing( I use to be the cran,iest person to be aroun%! but $hile %oing the 2uicing challenge I )elt so alive an% happ ( 'o in conclusion $ith that I thin, )ruits an% vegetables are li,e super )oo%s( 4lso )rom the )ilm I $atche%! I ,no$ that this li)e change can lo$er our $eight an% cure %iseases that come $ith obesit ( #hat I hope to learn more about is ho$ to sprea% the $or% to more people aroun% the $orl%( I $oul% also li,e to learn $h animal pro%ucts are loo,e% %o$n upon because I thought

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mil, an% eggs an% )ish $ere goo% )or in%ivi%uals( Averall I $ant a better un%erstan%ing o) $hat )oo%s are actuall goo% )or the bo% an% $hat bene)its come )rom these )oo%s an% ho$ this relates to actual %iseases in the countr to%a (

!e"t #teps M ne0t steps )or this pro2ect $oul% be to go to the librar ! because ever thing I %o ,no$ so )ar is onl )rom the Internet an% sometimes it is not the most reliable source( It is time to ta,e it ol% school $ith this pro2ect an% chec, out boo,s about nutrition an% $hen the obesit levels arose( I $oul% also li,e to chec, out boo,s about other countries an% $hat their %iets loo, li,e an% compare it to our %iets in 4merica( In a%%ition I $oul% li,e to tal, to more pro)essionals about m i%eas an% see $hat their point o) vie$ about this theor is(