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Growth in Education

Katrina Sacramento
EDUC526 Capstone Experience in Digital Teaching and Learning Professor: Joanne Gilbreath Livebinder URL: Date Submitted:

Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus

EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014

1 February 2014

SECTION ONE: Introduction – Setting the Context. To be honest, I enrolled in the Digital Teaching and Learning Program because I knew that having an emphasis in technology would get me a job. It has proven to be a great thing to have on my resume, as well as an awesome talking point with people in the education world. Actually, I think that having the program on my resume was one of the things that helped me land the job I have now. When I began the program, I was fresh out of the credential program and had just gotten my first teaching job. I work in the San Bernardino City Unified School District as a 3rd6th grade mild/moderate SDC teacher. As a first year teacher, I’ve been given the arduous job of navigating through a low-income classroom and making it look like I know what I’m doing, all while balancing the responsibilities of my MA program. The goals I had when I started pursuing my master’s degree were to learn as much as I could about how to integrate technology into my everyday teaching, as well as how to use technology to my advantage to help make my own life easier. Personal Growth: Throughout the program I have learned a lot of things about myself. Although I am not very old (24), and it has not been that long since I finished undergrad, I learned that I am definitely not the same person that I was a few years ago. Since I started at APU in 2012, I have noticed that I have grown more comfortable in my own skin, especially as student. When I began the program, I was very shy – I never really wanted to speak up in my classes and I was very reluctant to join in-group discussions. I was also very used to studying for tests as opposed to completing projects and doing papers, so I had a lot of trouble getting out of the habit of studying to regurgitate information and into the habit of showing my mastery through different formats. Procrastination was also a huge thing for me to get over. I am happy to say that I feel like I have grown a lot since I started at APU. I am more inclined to join group discussions and connect with my classmates. Paper writing has gotten easier for me, and I feel like I excel with projects and presentations now. Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014 2 February 2014

Fortunately I have also gotten better at managing my time and balancing my professional, personal, and academic life. At APU I have had the opportunity to gain meaningful relationships with may different people in my programs. I have been very blessed with the professors in my programs, because I knew that they care about more than just my grades – they care about my actual learning and the application they have to my own life. APU also did an awesome job of pairing me my master teacher - someone that I now look up to, and can look to for advice in my career. My credential cohort grew very close, and the people within it are people I know that I can rely on to give me insight about work and all that comes with it. Three of my classmates in particular are women that are now my close friends and people I know that I can depend on for anything. My Spiritual growth since I started at APU is something that I am actually pretty proud of. When I started my credential program I was working at a church as a youth minister. I was at church almost every day. However, ministering to the youth in this direct way drained me spiritually, and I was at a very spiritually dry point in my life around the time I started my program. Thankfully, APU became a place that I started to grow strength from. I knew that it was a Christian school when I applied for the program, but I could never guess how much of an impact having a Christian-based education could have for me. Having my faith integrated into my studies made me want to learn even more about my own spirituality, especially when it came to ministering to others through my work as a future teacher. Now, I understand that I can be an example of God’s love to my students as well as my colleagues, and I know that I can use what I learned at APU as a Christian educator. On a personal level, this degree means a lot to me. Growing up, I always had the value of hard work drilled into my brain – especially because my parents are immigrants. I am excited for my family to see that all of our hard work has paid off, because I will be the first person in my family to get a Master’s degree. Moreover, this degree means a lot to me because I know that it gives me an edge in a field where the thanks are few and far between. People around me warned me that being a teacher is hard, and that I might be poor. I told them it was fine, because I know Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014 3 February 2014

that I’d be happy doing it. So far, I stand by my statement – but I know that if I ever want to move schools or move within the field of education, my degree in Digital Teaching and Learning will give me a little more leverage. Professional Growth Since I started at APU, I know that I have grown a lot as an educator. Before I got into the classroom, I know that I had the happy-go-lucky attitude that many fresh-out-of-college hopefuls have. I think that I even thought that getting a job would be harder than actually being in the classroom. Obviously I was wrong. Although I like to think that I still have a positive attitude toward my work as a teacher, I know now that there is a lot more work to being an educator than a lot of teachers let on. The job of a teacher isn’t just to write lessons and then do them – it actually takes work, research, and planning to make a classroom work the way it should. Even then, teachers need to be able to work with whatever is being thrown at them, no matter how perfect their situations may seem. I do not think that my educational vision has changed much. I still believe that it is the job of a teacher to be a positive role model for students, and to help students reach their potentials with their own strengths. In my “So What? Who Cares?” paper, I referenced a C.S. Lewis quote that said “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” This quote means that we should not be taking anything away from students that they already have, but filling them with information and love so that they can grow as individuals. I want my students to be confident in the fact that they can come and gain something from me, and that my classroom is a safe place for learning. Since I began my master’s program, I have been evaluated by my principal two times. The first time I came away from my lesson feeling like I was in over my head. I had taken on so much as a first year SDC teacher, and I felt like my principal could see it on my face when I taught. The second time, however, I felt a lot more comfortable, I was able to use the things I learned at APU more fluidly, and it showed. Thankfully, I have been recommended to stay a second year at my school, which makes it a little easier for me to breathe. I feel a lot more equipped and a lot Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014 4 February 2014

more comfortable in my own skin as a teacher, and I hope that it only gets better from here. There are several new instructional strategies that I have incorporated from the DTL program into my teaching today. In my first term, I was able to take EDUC522, and it has helped me create lessons that cater to all the different types of learners I have in my class. As a special educator, I know how important it is for me to differentiate my instruction, and the multiple intelligences gave me a lot of insight on how I could do that and reach the most students every day. I try to incorporate videos, which I learned from EDUC514, as much as I can as well, because I know that those usually keep my students’ attention for quite a long time. Although I have not yet tried to make my own videos, that is something that I plan to do next year at least once a month. From EDUC512, I learned about the power of using Keynote, and how I can put all kinds of things into my slide presentations that will engage my students in a way that keeps them invested in my lessons for longer periods of time. Lastly, in EDUC515, I did my case study on digital photography in the classroom, and I started using photos that I have taken in my lessons to help my students understand that their learning is relevant to life today. My action research study is something that I am actually very excited to work on. Lately, my students have shown a lot of disrespect to my instructional aide, Mrs. Fisher. They seem to have the attitude that they do not have to listen to her because she is not their main teacher and it has caused a lot of problems within our classroom. However, I think that because I have used her as more of a disciplinarian, I have contributed to this problem. During the action research study, I am going to try giving her a more positive role in the classroom by having her be the one to hand out reinforcers (raffle tickets and edibles). I am hoping that my action research will help the classroom culture in a more positive way, and that my students will show her at least a little more respect at the end of the project. My action research question is “Will there be a more positive classroom culture if I have my instructional aide give out reinforcers during my lessons?”

Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus

EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014

5 February 2014

Technical Growth I think that before I started the program I was already a pretty tech savvy person. I came in already knowing how to use many of the different programs that were required of me in my classes. However, I never knew that I could use the different programs in a way that could help me in my work as a teacher. For example, in EDUC514, I came into class already knowing how to use iMovie. However, I learned that I could use the program to make videos for different purposes in the classroom, such as using videos as writing prompts and interactive lessons. I also learned how to use Educreations, which is something that I am planning to use with my new class iPad. In EDUC515, I came in already knowing how to use twitter for my own personal life, but I learned how important having a PLN could be, and now I use it to keep up with current educational technology trends. EDUC512 taught me how to use a lot of different programs to my advantage as a teacher – such as utilizing tabs in Word and the charts in Numbers. EDUC522 brought a whole bunch of new things to the table – such as using music and movie clips in my lessons in order to help all of my students learn. There are so many things that I have learned throughout the course of this program that I now use in the classroom that I feel like it comes naturally, and it is hard to pinpoint them – but I know for sure that if I had not taken all of these classes, my classroom culture would be completely different. Life Long Learning Plan As I continue with my career after receiving my master’s degree, I believe that I will continue to try and learn as much as I can all of the things that were touched upon in my classes. My classmates and I were given a great base of knowledge that was able to pique my interest in educational technology, as well as education in general. I know that as a teacher, I will need to keep up with current trends and I plan to do that by being a member of various educational organizations (such as the Council for Exceptional Children). I also try to read educational blogs and keep up with my PLN. I want to try flipping some of the subjects in my classroom, but I know that I need to figure out some more strategies in order to do it Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014 6 February 2014

for students with special needs and for students who come from low-income families. Because I did my student teaching in a bit of a higher-income area, I have some trouble working with my own students because they are on the lower-income side of education, so I know that I also need to work on learning more strategies to reach them. In five years I hope that I am still in the classroom. I have heard that teachers who are in their first years of their career are the most likely to leave the field, and I hope that I will not be a part of that group, because I still love what I do. Still, there are days where I feel like I am not cut out for what I have taken on, so I am hoping that my love for teaching my students will continue to push me to keep going to work, no matter what. In addition to being in the classroom, I hope that I will also be enrolled in a doctorate program. My dream is to one day be a full-time professor, supporting students who are aspiring to be teachers as well. SECTION TWO: History of Coursework and Course Evaluation

Course Title & Term Instructor Completed Name
INSTRUCTOR: Joanne Gilbreath Fall 1 2013

Key Skills Acquired
      Created LiveBinder Did “So What? Who Cares” paper Tabs Excel Google Drive WebQuest

 Didn’t use LiveBinder in any other classes except for EDUC512 and EDUC526 Class seemed tedious & somewhat outdated– especially for students who already knew how to use all of the programs that were taught. Lots of busywork! LOVED this class! Seems like everything in this class was integrated into my actual job. Opened up my eyes to how video could be used

EDUC 511

EDUC 512

Instructional Applications Productivity Software INSTRUCTOR: Kristi Hernandez Learning in the 21st Century INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Courduff Digital Video in the Classroom

Fall 2 2013

 Fall 1 2013   Fall 1 2014 


Bloom/Gardner grid Multiple Intelligences QR Codes Filming & Editing Videos

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Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus

EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014

7 February 2014


INSTRUCTOR: Bill Selak Evolving Educational Technologies INSTRUCTOR: Jason Seliskar Capstone Experience/ Digital Teaching and Learning INSTRUCTOR: Joanne Gilbreath Fall 2 2013

        Spring 1 2014 

How to use iMovie Lighting/Sound Case Study Google Apps Flipped Classrooms Established PLN Curriculum Vitae Growth Assessment Curriculum Portfolio

Not just about video – but about visual learning overall Learned about how vast the educational technological field is This class showed how important having a PLN is Learned about the Wesleyan Quadrilateral – a decision making process incorporating spirituality, Scripture, reason and experience. Action Research – used to change things in our own lives.

 

EDUC 515

EDUC 526

Evaluation of the Impact of the Digital Teaching and Learning Program One instructional strategy that I would like to implement in my classroom one day is flipping my lessons. I love the idea that I could be using my instructional minutes to be helping my students learn more deeply, as well as re-teaching students who may not have understood the concept the first time it was taught. I also think that flipping could be a really great way for me to address the goals that each student has in their IEPs. It would give meaning to their homework, as well as support for each of their goals. The only concern that I would have with flipping would be that several of my students do not have daily access to a computer at home, so I would have to look for a different way to address these students.

Program Evaluation Overall, I have had an amazing experience at APU. I think that I have been given the tools to begin my career on a very strong note and the spiritual support to endure through the hard times of teaching in my first few years. I am excited to Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014 8 February 2014

continue on this journey of education, especially now that I have made so many connections to other teachers who are pursuing similar goals as me. The support I have gotten though my classmates and my professors is something I have never had before, and I know that I can rely on several people that I met through the program for advice about any troubles I have in the classroom. There are a few changes that I think would be helpful to future students in the program. In EDUC512, since the class is about basic programs, I think that flipping a few of the lessons would be beneficial. Much of our time was spent going over and correcting assignments that we did at home – but it would be useful just to have videos that did the same thing, so that our time could be spent going more deeply into the programs that were being taught. I think that I agree with Bill Selak in saying that I think we should do all of EDUC514 on iPads, since that is something that everyone in the program has. Other than that, I think that the program was great, and I loved everything I learned!

Katrina Sacramento Azusa Campus

EDUC526 Growth Assessment Spring 1 2014

9 February 2014