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At Hiruharama By Penelope Fitzgerald (2000) Worksheet As you read the story answer the following questions: (They are

chronological!) 1 . Why does Mr Tanner need to explain there is a lawyer in his family?

2. Why did Mr Tanner’s grandfather leave Stamford, England to come to New Zealand ?

3. What year do you think it was when he came? (Average 25 years per generation) Give evidence!

4. Where did Tanner and his new wife Kitty start their married life? (Town and area)

5. How much did they pay for the land and house? (evidence)

6. When did Tanner’s wife tell him she was pregnant and why didn’t he hear her at first?

7. What did he do once he knew of the pregnancy? What exactly did he ask and why?

8. Who is Brinkman and what is his problem?

9. Why doesn’t the doctor want Tanner to bring his wife in to Awanui so he can check her?

10. What 2 things did Tanner also do in town after visiting the doctor? Why?

How long would it take the doctor to get to Tanner’s place by his calculations? Write the times all out fully for calculation 12.11. What lesson does Tanner learn from the first child birth experience? 18. Brinkman and give an example from the story to prove each of your word. On your own paper. What is the point that Mr Tanner had wanted to make before he started telling this story about his grandparents? 19. What did Brinkman think of the whole episode? 20. Who comes to visit and why? 13. The Doctor. Why does Tanner leave Brinkman alone? 15. Kitty. Why does the doctor rush outside to look at the afterbirth? 16. What is his reaction when he’s told Kitty is in labour? 14. How many children did the Tanners have altogether? 17. . head up the story title and author and then write 3 descriptive words for the personalities of: Tanner.