March 11, 2014 To whom it may concern: This letter of recommendation is regarding Myranda Michaud. Ms.

Michaud will complete the University of Southern Maine Lewiston-Auburn College teacher education program earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Humanities and secondary teacher certification in English in May 2014. I worked with Ms. Michaud for over four years as her instructor and supervisor. Throughout her experience in the education program, Ms. Michaud demonstrated a high level of knowledge in both content area and pedagogy. She successfully completed all of the required courses in her major and the education program with exceptional grades. Moreover, she demonstrated this knowledge effectively in the middle and high school classrooms. She is adept in writing unit plans with lessons applying technology and differentiated learning. Combined with a determination and willingness to work diligently in preparing her unit and lessons plans, she teaches these subject areas effectively and proficiently. Ms. Michaud's personal qualities are outstanding. She is enthusiastic and interested in learning about the different aspects of teaching. She is a confident and diligent person who cares about her performance in class. The successful result in the classroom is due to her enthusiasm, preparation, knowledge, and sense of responsibility towards the welfare of the students. Her lessons indicate that she takes a great deal of pride in her work and is willing to try different techniques to maintain the students’ interest. As for her professional qualities, Ms. Michaud is adept in working with her fellow students, mentors, and university professors. She is a reflective practitioner, a keen observer of best practices, and an astute evaluator of student work. These will certainly assist her to attain her goal of becoming an exceptional teacher. Ms. Michaud shows a keen understanding of students. She knows her students well and can make important judgments of their knowledge and comprehension of an aspect of the content area. She takes time to reflect and think about teaching and the education profession. She is continually discovering her strengths, talents, and desires about teaching which support and enhance her developing skills. I highly recommend Ms. Michaud as a classroom teacher. The teaching profession needs future teachers such as Ms. Michaud. She will definitely be an asset to your educational community. Sincerely,

Dr. Paul G. Caron Associate Professor and Director Teacher Education Program (207) 753-6549

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