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Kristie Bravo Instructor: Malcolm Campbell English 1102 February 12, 201

Juice For Life !ince "e# $ears has passe%, many in%ivi%uals are &in%ing their o#n #ay to reach their resolution' (sing %iet plans, unnatural %iet &oo% )!pecial K, !lim Fast, etc'*+, an% maybe even consi%ering the gym' ,o#ever, #hat i& there is a #ay to reach your &itness or health goal that is 100- natural' ./ne thir% o& #omen an% one &ourth o& men in the (! are on a %iet0 )(niversity o& Colora%o, 2012+, there nee%s to be a change o& ho# #e as in%ivi%uals approach a %iet, not as temporary but as a change in our lives' 1o summari2e, it is believe% no#a%ays that press 3uicing is the most e&&icient #ay to consume your %aily vegetables an% &ruits recommen%e% &rom %octors' It is as simple as counting an% the best part is ho# there are no regulations' 1his is the in%ivi%ual4s 3u%gment an% can press 3uice any &ruits an% veggies that the person en3oys eating' What Is Juicing 1o begin, it #oul% be a great i%ea to intro%uce #hat e5actly press 3uicing is' 6ress 3uicing is e5actly #hat it soun%s, pic7 any &ruits or vegetables an% you use a 3uicing machine to ma7e a nutritious 3uice' 1he 3uice that is ma%e can be consume% &or brea7&ast, lunch, or %inner an% i& you are really &eeling %aring you can consume this 3uice &or all three meals an% ma7e some &or a snac7 even' Even though this plan soun%s 100- nutritious, %octors may believe that this is unhealthy because #e are leaving out animal pro%ucts' Meats contain protein, &ats, an% minerals

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nee%e% in our bo%ies %aily' ,o#ever these same proteins an% minerals can be consume% through other &oo%s such as nuts an% see%s even beans contain these proteins nee%e%' Bac7 to my point that %octors may not agree #ith the 3uicing .%iet0 because it is unhealthy in certain aspects, ho#ever #hile 3uicing you %o not nee% to neglect other non8animal pro%ucts that can give you the nutrients that these same %octors recommen%' Juicing Plan (sually many #ill %o this 3uicing plan to cleanse their bo%y, sort o& pressing the reset button' In other cases, in%ivi%uals use this plan to create a healthier balance in their %iet' 9hat ever the motivation may be, this plan is proven to be e&&ective' In a %ocumentary, recently vie#e% on "et&li5, .Fat, !ic7, an% "early :ea%0 the in%ivi%ual being &ilme% &or a perio% o& t#o months #ith only &ruits an% vegetables consume% in his %iet, ha% e5traor%inary results' 1his man lost over eighty8t#o poun%s a&ter the 3uice cleansing an% no# maintains his #eight #ith a balance %iet an% e5ercise %aily' 1o begin you #ill nee% to purchase a 3uicer, #hich is a great investment because even i& the 3uicing plan %oes not #or7 &or you, you can still ma7e organic orange 3uice or apple 3uice #ith it, it is a versatile machine' ;&ter you have your 3uicer, the ne5t step #oul% be to create a goal o& ho# long the 3uicing #ill last' Every in%ivi%ual is %i&&erent, #hich is #hy this %iet is convenient because i& you 3ust %o this &or &ive %ays or t#o months, there #ill be a %i&&erence in #hat you crave to eat' 1his #ill then give you results, unli7e those .&a7e0 %iets being sol% on television no#a%ays' How Juicing Benefits The Individual :rin7ing your vegetables instea% o& eating them as a #hole is believe% to be better in the sense that it is easier &or those nutrients to be sun7 into our system' ,o#ever, others #ill

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%isagree an% say that you are not getting all the potential nutrients that these super &oo%s can give a person );nna "guyen, 2012+' 9hether this is &act, there are still bene&icial things that come &rom this 3uicing metho%' !ince this %iet re=uires you to inta7e 100- &ruits an% vegetables, it ma7es you &eel &uller &or longer' 1his is because the &ruits an% vegetables %on4t contain empty calories li7e &ries or a burger has' 9hen eating &ast &oo% an% processe% &oo%, you are ta7ing in empty calories because that is all that you are getting &rom the &oo%, there is not much nutrients involve% &or &ast &oo% to be consi%ere% healthy' 9ith the i%ea that incorporating only &ruits an% vegetables in your %iet 7eeping you &uller longer, this #ill give much more energy than you4ve ever ha% in your a%ulthoo%' 1his is because &ruits an% vegetables are super &oo%s that contain micronutrients' Micronutrients help &ight o&& %iseases that can potentially become chronic' 9ithout micronutrients, our cells #ill not be strong an healthy #hich #on4t give us that energy that has been mentione% early' Why You Should Care Everyone is impacte% by this obesity epi%emic happening to%ay in ;merica' >ight no# ?@'@- o& a%ults are over#eight or obese in the (nite% !tates an% out o& that percentage <A'Bare &lat out obese, accor%ing to the Foo% >esearch an% ;uction Center' $ou may 7no# someone #ho is over#eight an% has trie% to lose that e5tra #eight #ith those overrate% %iet plans being a%vertise% on television, li7e Cenny Craig' 9ithin those commercials there are mo%els inclu%e% sharing their #eight %rop an% ho# the plan #or7s, but every in%ivi%ual is %i&&erent' !o ho# ama2ing #oul% it &eel i& you e%ucate that obese co8#or7er, aunt, uncle, cousin, #homever, #ith the i%ea that 3ust by consuming more &ruits an% vegetables through a %rin7 #ill give them results an% 7eep the #eight o&& over time' Even i& the situation %oe not suit you personally, you can


have the po#er to change someone else4s li&e #ith your 7no#le%ge o& the nutritional li&e change o& 3uicing' Conclusion "o# 3uicing &or all three meals #oul% not be a recommen%e% plan to &ollo# &or the rest o& your li&e, but 3ust by consuming one cup o& your presse% veggie an% &ruit 3uice, you are consuming probably more nutritional calories than you ever ha% throughout your #hole li&e' 6ersonally, I consume one cup every morning, an% it is 3ust &un e5perimenting #ith %i&&erent ingre%ients an% &iguring out #hat I li7e that most' 1his is the most bene&icial thing about the cleanse is that it is all about youD 1he %iet is simply about the in%ivi%ual, it is not some general plan create% &or anyone to try an% have an un&ortunate error #ith it' .(p to t#o8thir%s o& those on a %iet regain more #eight than #hen they starte%0 )(niversity o& Cali&ornia, Eos ;ngela, 2012+, #ith many struggling to lose an% 7eep o&& #eight, it is important to share the in&ormation o& nutrition an% sort o& reprogram ho# #e thin7 o& &oo%'

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