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Sanam Soomro Man and Superman “It felt fair to break the rules” This sentence seems like

it incorporates the main points that are addressed in this article being that there are certain variations among athletes and humans that make us inherently better at certain things. In the athletic sphere, athletes take advantage of these traits as those with lighter extremities run faster and those with high levels of red blood cells have more endurance. Athletes that do not have these abilities feel like it is not fair that certain people are inherently talented and feel like they should be allowed to change themselves so they are just as good as those who are talented. This is accepted in certain occasions as bikers are allowed to starve themselves and baseball players are allowed to replace ligaments, but it is not accepted when it comes to performance enhancing drugs and blood doping. I personally find this an interesting stance that has a good argument because both accepted and not accepted enhancing techniques are similar in that they can come from the athlete themselves like replacing a ligament in the arm with a tendon from somewhere else in the body and infusing the bikers with their own red blood cells. I feel like allowing any enhancements would make sports a lot more entertaining but not really fair. Going out of ones way to make things fair would be far too complicated and almost impossible. After “fairness” is achieved, I feel like sporting wouldn’t have enough variety for it to be entertaining anymore. In the end, a balance should be achieved between entertaining and fairness can be found if the purpose behind sports is addressed.