Date: March 18, 2014 TO : Arturo Uy Gemma Construction SUBJECT: Quotation for SINGLE DRUM VIBRATORY ROLLER Dear Sir


Quote# REL909

Thank you for your interest for Jinyi Import and Export Trading Co. Inc. products. We are pleased to submit the following quotation:


Price Validity: 30 days Warranty: 12 months or 2000 meter hours as from the date of delivery as recorded by the hour meter installed on the equipment.TAMPERED or to the Opinion of Jinyi Import & Export Trading Co.. Inc. BUSHINGS & OIL SEALS. BATTERIES and other ELECTRIAL COMPONENTS All other Components and Spare Parts which will fail due to NEGLECT.TERMS AND CONDITION: 1. 2. Approved by: Jacky Fong General Manager . will not be covered by this WARRANTY We trust that you will find our quote satisfactory and looking forward to receive your valuable order soon. Delivery Charges from showroom and Land Transportation Office registration (LTO) are for the account of the buyer. Delivery: 45-60 days upon receipt of Down payment. 6. BEARINGS. Please contact us should you have any questions at all. MIS-USE.F. The Warranty however. 30% upon Approval of Quotation. whichever comes first. 3. Thank you very much. 5.I. 70% upon Presentation of Bill of Lading. Davao Subject to VAT. does not include the following: BELTINGS. is due to IMPROPER OPERATION. 4. Price Quoted is C. ALL RUBBER parts.

REL909) thereby constituting as a binding contract which commences upon this date. as duly representative of GEMMA CONSTRUCTION do hereby conform to and accept the aforementioned quotation (reference no.Date:__________________________ Place:_________________________ The undersigned. __________________________ Name & Signature .