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Copyright © 2012 by lalice0610 Stories ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Wanted: “The Antagonists’ Hidden Agenda” Authors Note: [A/N:] Everything

in this story is merely fiction. Everything was just a part of my imagination. Please do not redistribute nor steal. Writer: lalice0610 Status: Finished Book Genre: Short Story/Romance Language: English/Filipino Remember: Plagiarism is a BIG crime. DEFINE What is an “ANTAGONIST”? An antagonist is an enemy, opponent, rival, adversary and a foe. Who is an “ANTAGONIST”? An antagonist is someone who ruins the lives of a two firm protagonists. What do you hate about an “ANTAGONIST”? An antagonist makes things very complicated; they entered at the moment wherein the two firm protagonists are having the lasting moments in their lives. How do you become an “ANTAGONIST”? You‘ll become an antagonist once you‘ve been an awfully obsessive ruiner in the lives of these two firm protagonists. Is an “ANTAGONIST” really an “ANTAGONIST”? --Story Depiction She‘s fussy, pretty, smart, classy and most of all, she‘s extremely divine. She‘s very different. Tell me, who do you think wouldn‘t fall for her? Well, this is a story of a girl who‘s intended to ruin each and every perfect relationship she‘s stumbling upon; she never fails to succeed. - And that‘s her hidden agenda. She‘s CHARMED and DANGEROUS yet, she doesn‘t even know how to love. But what if at time she failed doing her agenda? Would you think she‘ll still make

him fall for her and choose to make him suffer? Oh, it‘s all for me to know and for you to find out because… Once you‟ve entered this game, a game they used to call “LOVE”, you should bear with you your weapon... Your own HIDDEN AGENDA. *** Introduction An ANTAGONIST will always be an ANTAGONIST. “Please give me one more day dear. I‟ll prove I‟m worth having you… PLEASE!~” “Do you really think I‟d fall for you? Man, are you insane? Haha.” “Please Thea... Please. I can‟t afford to lose you. Not now...” “Not now? Then tell me, when? Tomorrow? The day after that? When? Haha...” “No… I won‟t ever leave you… I love you Thea…” “Insane. CURSE man. Do you really know what you‟re saying? Do you really know what‟s the real meaning of that word. The word “LOVE”?” “Yes, it‟s me and you. Together. So please.. Stay Thea.. I really really love you!” “Haha. You‟ve got the wrong idea „bout it man.Because LOVE? IT‟S ME, LEAVING A POOR MAN LIKE YOU- NOW! HAHA. So well OLD MAN, I‟m going. Somebody‟s still waiting for me.” “Thea no!” And I leave that very poor man alone in that empty room together with his empty heart. Haha. Does he really even know what he‘s saying? He‘s telling me he loves me. HAHA! I really love those kinds of guys when they‘re telling me they love me. Darn bit-witted. How many times did I hear that very ironic phrase? Well, I have heard that for a thousand times but still, I‘m not an advocate of that very insane thingy. Well, Hi there, my fellas used to call me their ―Empress Thea‖. The boys?

They‘re calling me their ―Queen Thea‖, I‘m their everything and I‘m very proud of it, knowing that I‘m the one and only girl in the campus their calling that Queen thingy. They are very good players. They‘re very athletic. You know what? I‘m planning to put up a club and name it: ―Queen Thea‘s Varsity Club.‖ Haha. That club? It‘s for my Die Hard Youngsters. I really love playing with them. Everyday? Different faces. Different foes. Different playmates. And my rivals in my own game? Their girls. And those girls? When the game‘s over. They‘re all leaving their stuffs to me. They‘re very pity, sorrowful, crying for my playmates. They wanted my playmates playing with them. Poor girls, don‘t they worry. I‘ll return their belongings after a day. I‘m not selfish anyway. I share. Especially when it comes to my playmates. I‘m the ―Protantagonist‖ here. Your protagonist and at the same time, their ―ANTAGONIST‖. My hobby‘s ruining my playmates lives. Leaving their hearts empty. Hurting their very emotional hearty. Yes, I‘m just playing with all of them and I really really find the FUN thing out of it! Seeing the tears falling in their eyes, damn, it‘s very enjoying! Very sarcastic as you may see but still don‘t try to blame me. Just being who really I am ‗coz—that‘s my way to show my love— hurting them and leaving their eyes swollen… And in this game I call ―LOVE‖. I‘m the one who‘s keeping the title crown and it‘s because of my secret weapon… “My Hidden Agenda.” Chapter 1: „The Antagonist‟ (Thea‟s POV) ―Thea please!!! Don‘t go! I love you!‖ Oh, here it goes again... Another left behind playmate... Well, he‘s Jay, one of my favorite playmates. He‘s handsome, he‘s nice, smart and he got the looks. Well, I don‘t like him anyways… He‘s

again, the term- ―insane‖. He left his girlfriend just for me? They lasted for 3 years. Dude, isn‘t that insane? Haha. And again, I ruined their very perfect wanna be love story. And for that, I won this game! Yea, I got him but still, my daily routine? I‘ll change playmates everyday. And I really love doing it. It gives me power to rule this game or something… “Empress Thea…” “Yes Diane?” “Nabalitaan ko nagbreak na daw kayo ni Jay ah...” Hmm… She‘s Diane, one of my closest friends here in our school. She‘s gorgeous, nice, kind and again, she‘s my close friend, may hawig nga kami eh, but hey, don‘t get me wrong, AKO LANG ANG NAG-IISANG ―THEA‖ sa MUNDO... Oh, MAHANGIN. “Oyes. Why? What‟s new about it?” “Akala ko kasi na-fall ka na sa kanya...” “HAHA. Good joke you‟ve got there but hey, it‟ll never happen anyway…” “Weh?” “I don‟t even know how to fall remember?” “But what if ma-fall ka? Would you even have your guts playing with your playmates?” “Of course, HAHA. Because what you are saying… IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN…” “Sure? Ikaw nagsabi n‟yan Empress Thea... But by the time comes you failed doing your evil thingy, humanda ka... Haha, there‟s KARMA.” Then she grinned. Ok, my mouth was totally shut there. KARMA? Would I believe in that thing? Haha. O‘common Thea, It‘s just one of their funniest threats. Narinig ko na yan dati sa isa sa mga GF ng playmates ko… “Humanda ka Thea, There‟s KARMA…” HAHA. Ooh. MOMMY I‘m SCARED! HAHA. Hayy. Why asa sa KARMA? Di ba nila ako kayang kalabanin? I guess they can do it naman but what I really don‘t know is

bakit hindi nga nila ginagawa? Baka takot lang or something like that… Well, di ko sila masisisi, pag ginalaw kasi nila ako, ang mga Die Hard Youngsters ko ang susugod sa kanila. Remember? I‘m the ―Queen Thea‖ here. “Hoy! Althea Corpuz!” Oh. Here it goes again, if you‘re wondering why walang ―Empress‖, it‘s because it‘s my bestfriend Peddy. “Oh, hi there my dearest bestfriend.” “Hey girl, alam ko na who‟s your next playmate!” “Who?” “His name‟s Spence.” “Oh, very nice name he got. Who‟s he?” “He‟s a transferee…” Ok, before anything else, I‘m a 1st year college student. I‘m taking up AB Political Science. No need to mention my school‘s name. Peddy is my classmate since elementary and Diane? She‘s just my classmate now. “Pedring Velasquez!” “Hey! Don‟t call me PEDRING! I‟m Peddy Helga!” “Oyes bakla! Oo na. Teka! My new crush ako! He‟s a Pol. Sci. student too!” “Lemme guess, his name‟s Spence?” “Oo!!! Bakit mo alam?” “He‟s Altheas‟ next playmate.” She‘s Helga, classmate din namin. She‘s my classmate since highschool. Maganda? Yes, but I‘m prettier. Mabait? No. She‘s like me but still, I‘m more devilish than her. We‘re close? YES! She‘s my closest friend next to Peddy. Well, speaking of Peddy… He‘s gay as you may see… “Whaaat?! Girl, ipaubaya mo na lang sakin si Spence!” “Give me 5 reasons…” I told her. Desperada? Wanting my next playmate to be hers? Darn. “Kasi una sa lahat, he‟s nice…” “I like nice guys…”

“Second, he‟s a very good looking guy... Mukhang mabait sya Thea... Huwag s‟ya...” “I like good looking guys…” “Ahayy... Naman e. Third na nga, he‟s worthful, He‟s everything I guess…” “Then, I probably would like him for that HAHA…” “Thea naman e... Fourth, Suplado s‟ya... Di nga nya ako napansin kanina e, kung hindi pa ako ang unang nag-approach di n‟ya ako kakausapin…” “Then maybe me? HAHA… Baka ako mapansin nya without exerting any effort…” “NO! Thea naman e... LAST, wala syang GIRLFRIEND kaya alam kong di ka masasayahang makipaglaro dun…” I paused for a while… PAUSE. PAUSE. PAUSE. “PEDRING!!!” “It‟s PEDDY ALTHEA!!!” “You gay! Are you setting me up again?!” “No Althea… Akala ko kasi may gf na sya… Ang gwapo kasing nilalang… Kay Helga ko lang nalaman na wala pa… -.-“ “Ok, FINE. You Helga, go, I won‟t even block your way anyways…Spence‟s yours…” “Thank you Empress Thea! :*” “No problem…” And there… Enough for that Spence thingy whoever he is… Go on, move forward, and let‘s get some playmate Thea… Si Peddy kasi, madalas akong iset up nyan… Ayaw nya kasi ng mga pinag gagagawa ko, concern daw sya, baka makarma daw ako… Ok, fine, that KARMA thing… ENOUGH! >.< Move forward… “Hi miss…” “Do I even know you?!” Sh*t, a guy approached me. >.< “Hmm… No, pero pede bang magtanong?”

I really do. WEAK. “Dear… Haven‟t you remembered me??” “No-no… Sino ka ba miss?” “:*” “You two!!! Ikaw!!! Philip!!! Magsama kayo!!!” Oh. Galit ka ba? Wag na lang…” “Ok. I saw a very sweet couple… HAHA. He‘s very humble yet handsome. At yun ang gusto ko sa mga lalaki. hatid na kita sa inyo?” “No need… HAHA…” “W-why?” “Last na pagkikita na natin „to. I‘m proud to say: ―NO‖. And there. Nice target but BTW nga pala. he‘s in the state of shock… I kissed him 3 times… What a very weak guy… Pede naman n‘ya akong itulak if he wants pero hindi. not even once. Haha. it was love at first sight? D‘ya believe on that? Well. then bye… Got to GO… . that guy. Sorry dude. His name is Spence. I super like him talaga kahit na first time ko pa lang s‘ya nakikita. 1 day unli is enough o kaya sabihin na lang natin na ang maghapon ay tama na. I‘m bored~! “Ayy. ni hindi na nga n‘ya hinabol gf n‘ya… Haha… Magsasaya na ba ako? I win again. Very pity girl… “Babe! Wait!” “No. Insane… I‟ve heard that for a thousand times…” “Thea. bumalik ka na sa GF mo… Nice playing with you Philip…:*” “B-but!” “Go on. Sa lahat ng makakaagaw ko wag si Empress Thea… So ayon. Haha… If you‘re asking me if I failed even once? Well. “I. nalaman kong tinatarget pala nitong si Empress Thea ang Spence ko. stay here with me Philip. Yes… Papatagalin pa ba? Remember.) Another playmate for today… If you‘re asking if kami na ni Philip? Well.. I‘ve gotta have my moves… Sinabi kong walang gf si Spence even if I really just don‘t know kung meron nga o wala. not yet and it‘ll never happen! Spell CONFIDENCE? “Hi there dear! :*” I kissed the unknown guy.P” I really just don‘t entertain strangers‘ kahit na ako ang ―Queen Thea‖ here… Kelangan ko ng maghanap ng bago kong playmate… I‘m super bored na… Then there. Sana naman wala s‘yang girlfriend noh? I think. you made my day very fulfilling… HAHA… You did well playmate… I admired you…” “Thea! But… I love you!!!” “HAHAHA. nawalan na ng kursunada ‗tong si Empress Thea kay . Kawawang GF. Hayy. “Babe!!! Who‟s she!!!?” the poor girl of my next playmate. I like playing with takens… Mas may thrill kasi kapag may kaagaw ka diba? Hindi boring! My favorite part in my Agenda? It‘s when my chosen playmate has to choose between me and her GF. Kanina with Diane. pabayaan mo na lang GF mo…” “Pe-pero…” “:*” Ok.“What?!” I asked him angrily. “So dear. . it‟s true!” “I… DON‟T… CARE…” Then I walked away with that Philip guy… Haha… He loves me daw? Another Insane man expressing his feelings with an antagonist… Chapter 2: „He‟s mine‟ (Helga‟s POV) He‘s the newest chap here in our school. his name‘s Philip? HAHA. didn‘t I? MAYBE YES… What else‘s new? Palagi naman akong panalo… “So you‟re Thea…” “Yes dear. hindi ako nakikipag play sa Single. tara let‟s go out. I do. my target mostly ay SWEET COUPLES. celebrate…” “Sure dear…” At nakuha ko na nga agad agad si Philip. And wait.I don‟t know…” my chosen playmate replied. that‘s why I ignored that Spence whoever he is. Peddy and Empress Thea.

You‘ll see… * “Yes miss…” “I‟m Helga nga pala… Ikaw?” “I‟m Spence…” “Naliligaw ka ba?” “Ah… Oo miss…” Oh. can‘t you feel the electricity? It‘s running between the two of us… Sana lang walang maki ―JUMPER‖ sa Electricity natin… Hayy… Ang bilis naman ng oras… Agad ng nakaakyat kami sa room? Hindi ko din tuloy nasolo si Spence. friend ko pa din sya kasi mabait din naman yang si Empress Thea e. Ewan ko dun. he‘s lost. Hayy. THINK! It‘s your chance… “Bago ka dito noh?” What was that all about? I know na he‘s new.< Ang bilis naman kasing maglakad. Hi Peddy!” Empress Thea with her good mood. kami kami na lang ang magkakaclose… Well. Talk. playgirl nga lang… Ayt. wait. I need to get some fresh air… Fresh air… Fill me! Then.. hoy bakla. >. :D “Anong section mo?” “AB2” Should I call it meant to be or it‘s really just destiny? Magkasection po kami… Yes! “Ayy… Kaklase pala kita e!” “Ta-talaga? Where‟s our room? Kanina ko pa kasi hinahanap e…” Hayy naman… Sabay na tayo Poor Handsome Boy… :D “Ahh… Sige. Go! Move. I‟m Diane…” “He‟s our new classmate…” sabi ko. Step 1‘s done.< Pero mabait si Spence ha. he‟s Spence…” sabi ko kina Peddy and Diane since kami kami lang ang magkakaclose dito sa room… Ewan? Dahil ata sa kadahilanang halos lahat ng kaklase naming mga babae dito. I think nagkakasundo naman sina Peddy and Spence. nakarating ako sa may field… Hey… Wait… Is that my Spence? I move closer and confirmed. Ihatid ko na lang kaya. Ocommon Helga.. boring sa classroom e. Ewan kung bakit. Naman… “Oh. papunta na din ako dun…” “Si-sige… Maraming salamat… ^_^” Yes. I need to make pakilala na si Spence ko sa kanya… Para alam nyo na… So that alam nya ang kanyang . Think Helga. Diba nga? Ayaw ng aming Empress ng single. minsan. Basta nung first day ng pasukan nag ―FC‖ na agad kay Empress Thea. Friends? YES. Ano kayang section nito. ayoko na din ng mga ginagawa nya… But still. Poor Handsome Boy.” “Yes?” Wait. inagawan na ng BF ni Empress Thea… Kaya ayon. sa kakafeel ko ng fresh air. samahan na kita. Poor handsome boy. wala lang. Hayy. I super like him. “Hi Diane. He? Didn‘t ignore me? Then what am I gonna ask him next? Oh. Excited ka? Sabihin mo lang… “Guys. Loyal servant yan ni Empress Thea e. She‟s here!” it‘s Peddy. “Hi Empress Thea…” bati ni Diane. Kung sa iba kasing lalaki ‗to. Kagandang babae napaka ―Playgirl‖. It‘s my Spence. ipinagtulakan na si Pedring papalayo… Well. And I really really want him… Papaibigin kita Spence. For sure may nakalaro na naman ‗tong babaeng ‗to… Kaya masayang Masaya e… What else is new? Masanay na tayo… Well. akin yan! Tsk. Madami namang lalaking seseryoso sa kanya for sure then why ―Playgirl‖ diba? Hayy… Enough for that… I‘m walking downstairs. ok lang naman… The pressure isn‘t getting higher… “He-Hello…” it‘s Spence. But I need to do my moves. “Hi Spence! I‟m Peddy…” “Hello. “Spence dito ka upo oh… Tabi tayo!!!” Hayy… Naman ‗tong si Peddy oh… Dun ko dapat s‘ya papaupuin sa tabi ko e… Naman e… >. “Hi.Spence since Spence is single.

< “Hey. “Yes!!!” it‘s Peddy and Diane. I realized something… >. kanina ko lang din nakita si Spence? Meaning mas nauna nyang nakita si Empress Thea? Oh NO! This can‘t be… >.” it‘s Empress Thea. “Canteen. should I be happy with that? Na FRIENDS na sila… >.< “May bago na kaming friend! Papabols pa… Welcome Spence Papsii!” it‘s Peddy. the gay‘s very happy… “Hehe… Thanks Peddy…” it‘s Spence with his killer smile…: D I love those smiles… It kills me! >. you‟re the stranger I‟ve seen earlier huh?” “Ah… Oo. to ask a guy to be her friend? WEIRD! Hey… Empress. Pag tumabi ka sa kanya.. I TRUST YOU. sa kabaitan ng may kapal. She should know for her to avoid those special to us.< “Hey. Peddy. Tumayo si Spence then lumapit sa amin… Hey. Kahit ako. balik sa aming apat.< Well. I know I‘m pretty pero nung tumabi ako kay Empress. “Ok…” Then there. mapapagtanto mong pangit ka kahit ubod ka ng ganda… Hayy… Kaya iwasang tumabi kay EMPRESS THEA. I trust you Empress Thea… I know hindi ka magkakagusto dyan sa Spence ko… Diba nga? You don‘t like SINGLE GUYS. “O-ok lang yun…” it‘s Spence. “Oyes girl… Ahm Spence right? Sorry nga pala… I was just bored kanina kaya natarayan kita…” sabi ni Empress Thea.< “Sure…” it‘s Spence. Empress Thea should know. Well.. pumunta kami ng canteen… Hayy naman Empress Thea naman e… Ano bang plano mo? May pinaplano ka ba? Wag s‘ya please… PLEASE? LORD. Starstruck ka din kay Empress Thea? NO! Wag… You‘re mine… You should be mine… “Hi… I‟m Spence…” “Oh. So nagkita na nga sila? Hayy. Kung sino naunang magkagusto. kanya dapat… First come first serve… “Girl!” bati ko sa kanya… “Hi Helga. gusto lang nyang malaman kung sinong mga special someone namin para maiwasan nya ang mga ito knowing na baka magkagusto sa kanya ang mga nasabing lalaki sa buhay namin. yes… He looks kinda familiar… Why?” Familiar? Don‘t tell me… Nabiktima mo na s‘ya? Naman… “He‟s Spence…” sabi ko na lang… Sana hindi pa n‘ya nabibiktima noh? Nakatingin lang si Empress Thea kay Spence… Starstruck? Sabi na sa inyo e. ok. hindi naman sa hindi friendly si Empress Thea but. “Friends?” tanong ni Empress Thea then sabay abot ng right hand to shake? First time. Gwapo ang Spence ko. sa pagkakaibigan naming apat.< Teka. nagsorry ang Empress namin… BUT WHY? Oh no. then where are we going? “Where are we going?” it‘s Spence. Happy much? Tell me why?” “You see that boy sitting next on Peddy‟s chair?” “Oh.limitations… Ganito kasi yun… Kapag ang isa sa amin. REMEMBER: Maganda po si EMPRESS THEA. Nakakita ng Playmate ang aming Empress ng wala sa oras… Oh Helga. magiging Masaya ba ako na magkaibigan ang Empress namin at ang Dreamguy ko? AYOKO! Pero… Wala na e… Magkaibigan na sila… >.M. Wala lang. come join us. Okey. And wait. nagkita na kayo kanina?” I asked them to clarify lang naman.” Huh? STRANGER? So nagkita na nga sila? Kanina? E diba. So ganito yun. O. >. help me… Keep Empress Thea a bit distance away from my Spence… So ayon. Diane and Me nagkaroon ng special someone. let‟s eat… Take a break…” it‘s Empress Thea. say goodbye to Empress Thea… Masosolo ko na ang Spence ko… :D . bawal ang talo talo.

Is he falling? Falling for our Empress? But NO.” “Yes?” “Bago ka dito noh?” “Yes miss…” “I‟m Helga nga pala… Ikaw?” “I‟m Spence…” “Naliligaw ka ba?” “Ah… Oo miss…” “Anong section mo?” “AB2” “Ayy… Kaklase pala kita e!” “Ta-talaga? Where‟s our room? Kanina ko pa kasi hinahanap e…” “Ahh… Sige. “Yes. I felt something creepy. Spence. Diane? Kelangan ipagtanggol si Empress Thea? Di ba alam mo namang gusto ko yang si Spence e… Kunsabagay. :)” sabi nya with a play safe smile? YOU DON‘T KNOW?(T. At sana nga. papunta na din ako dun…” New friend… Helga‘s her name… She‘s pretty. sakin ka na lang mahulog. Huh? Ano ba? Spence may gusto ka ba kay Empress Thea? I should be the one you like at… “Challenging. Ok. Well.Well. for me.< “I don‟t know. Oh. Ikaw din Peddy? Ano ba? Paano na ako… >. “Then that‟s a SLUT thing…” it‘s Spence. Hindi nga e… We can‟t consider her a SLUT…” it‘s Peddy. “So you‟re falling?” I asked. he‟s Spence…” “He-Hello…” “Hi Spence! I‟m Peddy…” “Hello. I‘ll *MAKE HIM MINE* so please… Chapter 3: „His Hidden Agenda‟ (Spence‟s POV) New school. she‟s a Playgirl but anyways she‟s not a SLUT. “Sorry Spence ha… Ganun talaga si Thea… Basta basta na lang nawawala… Haha…” it‘s Peddy… “It‟s ok…” sagot ni Spence. Ok Spence. I think may tinatagong Agenda ‗tong babaeng ‗to sakin e. LOYAL SERVANT ka nga pala nun… ―FC‖. baka kung maging tayo pa… May PAG-ASA pa… >. “It‟s just her hobby going out with different guys‟ everyday…” it‘s Peddy. I trust you all. “Guys. Bigla na lang lumalapit. don‘t fall for her that easy… ―No. every character placed in this story has their own agenda I guess? And there. samahan na kita.< Please guys. nasa canteen lang naman kami. Alam kong alam nyong I like that guy you‘re asking at. Paano na ako? I should be the one… THAT SHOULD BE ME! I‘m the one liking you Spence. Huh? Anong fall for her? (?. MAYBE.?” Spence asked. AKIN lang si SPENCE. mabait and very approachable… Biruin n‘yo inapproach agad ako. WALA KANG ―GF‖.” It‘s Peddy. I‟m Diane…” “He‟s our new classmate…” sabi ni Helga.” it‘s Diane. new friends… I‘m Spence and this is dirty little funny secret… “Hi.T) YOU SHOULD KNOW! “Ok Spence. “See Spence? That‟s why you shouldn‟t fall for her…” it‘s Peddy. Kwentuhan with our new friend Spence since nawala na sa aking landas ang aming Empresita Althea. she‘s not a Slut but please. “Spence dito ka upo oh… Tabi tayo!!!” Then the gay pulled my arm to that chair… .. Maybe mabait lang naman talaga s‘ya. defend yourself.?) FALL FOR HER? O_O TELL ME! ANONG FALL FOR HER?! “Playgirl?” he asked. on the other hand.. Wag kay Empress Thea… Sasaktan ka lang nun e! Tsaka hello. I TRUST YOU ALL. new life. Empress Thea? Well. “But—Why. he accompanied me hanggang sa aming room. please guys.” it‘s Spence.

. be careful with your heart… Haha…” “Why?” “HAHA. But please. anong gagawin ko?” . Pogi? :)” “Do you know Althea Corpuz?” “Oh yes… She‟s my bestfriend… and at the same time.?)” “Ahm… Nothing…” Ang dami naman agad nasabi ng lalaking ‗to. I know why… Yes. I‘m gonna *RUIN HER LIFE*. Peddy…” “Yes Mr.. kelangan ko pala munang magka GF then?” “Oh yes kuya… Madami namang magkakagusto sayo e… Ang gwapo mo kaya! Remember. she‟s our classmate…WHY???? (?. I just saw her awhile ago. ^___^” At kinurit ako ni Peddy the Gay… Bestfriend daw pala s‘ya ni Althea? Nice. do you like her? ^___^” “No-No…” Hey. then got it so. Aminin. she‘s crying… “W-why Yufa?” “That bitch! She flirted Ken!” My sister‘s name is Yufa… She‘s my twin. I‟m just joking. what‘s the problem now? May bitch daw na nagflirt kay Ken? Then… “Who?” “Kuya. Kambal nga diba? Then again. I know why… Makulit lang? (Flashback) “Kuya!” I saw my sister. I don‘t even want her to get hurt… May Bf sya… Si Ken… Matagal tagal na din sila… 3 years I guess? My sister‘s 17 years old now.” “Thanks… Dun na ako papasok next week. a slut and a bitch… Sorry for the term but… She even hurt my sister… And I really don‘t like seeing my sister crying… “Ok. Pogi. of course not… I don‘t like bitches… Yea. Gets? You‟re too slow…” “Oh. I really love my sister. “Ahm. It‟s nothing. I‘m 17 too. tinatanong ko lang naman kung kilala… Bading nga s‘ya… “Tell me. I‟ll do it…” Ayokong nasasaktan ang kapatid ko… Muntik na nga s‘yang magsuicide just because of Ken… I need to transfer to that school and meet that Althea… I‘ll do this for my sister… I‘ve got my REVENGE over you bitch… You‘ll see Althea… You‘ll suffer… “Kuya… I think… Hindi s‟ya pumapatol sa mga single… My source‟s said that Althea likes flirting guys who‟re in a very strong relationship…” “If that so. I need your help…” She told me everything… Ken and my sister‘s on the mall dating when a girl suddenly kissed Ken on his lips… My sister was shocked… Tinanong nya si Ken if she knows the girl… Nagmaang- maangan daw si Ken so nagalit si Yufa… Iniwan ni Yufa si Ken sa babaeng humalik dito… Akala ng kapatid ko hahabulin s‘ya ni Ken for explanation pero hindi naman nangyari yun… Ken stayed at that bitch‘s side… Althea Corpuz‘s the name… AB Political Science Student of a very well-known University here… She‘s a flirt. so what‟s the plan all about?” “Here… Read…” Then I read what my sister has written on that piece of paper: *Ruin the Antagonists’ Hidden Agenda* “Huh? What Hidden Agenda? What Antagonist?” “Kuya… It was just all of my terms… Kumbaga sa mga stories… I‟m the Protagonist (BIDA) and she‟s the ANTAGONIST (Kontrabida)…” “Ok fine… Then? The Hidden Agenda?” “It‟s her MASAMANG BINABALAK. I like good looking girls but I want a decent one… “Ayee… Si Mr. Nevermind. you‟re my twin brother.Nasan na ba kasi siya? Ang alam ko kaklase ko dapat s‘ya. I really know why… I know why… You don‘t need to explain things to me one by one ‗coz I know why… I know why nga e… Yes. Well gay.

Althea. but HOW?!” (End of Flashback) *Ruin the Antagonists’ Hidden Agenda*? But how? Paano ko sisirain ang Hidden Agenda nya kung hindi ko naman talaga alam ang tunay n‘yang plano? Think Spence… Ang alam ko lang.. what am I gonna do next? “Girl!” “Hi Helga. What should I call this gay?! Urgh. “May bago na kaming friend! Papabols pa… Welcome Spence Papsii!” “Hehe… Thanks Peddy…” Is that even a big deal na maging kaibigan ko ang mga ‗to? Tell me… But that Althea… I think she‘s quite nice… Nagsorry pa nga s‘ya e… Oh.-) Hey. Happy much? Tell me why?” “You see that boy sitting next on Peddy‟s chair?” “Oh. isang tao lang ang tinutukoy ko ok? It‘s her.“Aba! Make your own plan. She‟s here!” “Hi Empress Thea…” “Hi Diane. I need to get closer with this Althea… “Playgirl?” I asked. I won‘t fall for her anyways… Pero kailangan kong magpanggap. the slut and the flirt… Oh. HINDI s‘ya nawala. “See Spence? That‟s why you shouldn‟t fall for her…” it‘s Peddy. you‟re the stranger I‟ve seen earlier huh?” “Ah… Oo.” Yes. come join us. that girl was just staring at me… Spence.. I‟m just your adviser. nagkita na kami kanina. Helga and Diane… “Sorry Spence ha… Ganun talaga si Thea… Basta basta na lang nawawala… Haha…” it‘s Peddy… And to clear. she‘s a bitch ruining a couples life… Yun lang… Teka… Makipagclose kaya ako kina… “Oh. she‘s pretty but still… She‘s a bitch… “Hi Queen Thea…” “Hello there sweety…” “Another Playmate for today…” it‘s Peddy… Ano daw? Playmate? Kalaro? “Sorry guys… I‟ve got to go with my sweety…” then she walked away with that unknown man… Ganon na yun? Nakasalubong lang then gora na? Hayy… Bitch talaga… So ayon. think… What am I gonna do? Tumayo ako then lumapit sa kanya… “Hi… I‟m Spence…” “Oh. I‘m not falling gay… Do you want your mouth burst into blood?! Hell. “Yes. Wag kang magpadala… Maybe she‘s just starting to seduce you… “Hey. sumama s‘ya sa isang hindi kilalang lalaki… “It‟s ok…” I just answered him/her? OH. pumunta lang kaming apat sa canteen… I‘m with Peddy. . yes… He looks kinda familiar… Why?” “He‟s Spence…” Althea. and inirapan lang nya ako… What a rude girl… Tinanong ko s‘ya kung pedeng magtanong and she answered me na parang galit na ―What?!‖ … I was totally pissed off then buti na lang nakita ko si Helga… “Hey. Dora lang? “Canteen.” it‘s Peddy. Then wait.” “(-. nagkita na kayo kanina?” It‘s Helga… “Oyes girl… Ahm Spence right? Sorry nga pala… I was just bored kanina kaya natarayan kita…” “O-ok lang yun…” “Friends?” “Sure…” “Yes!!!” it‘s Peddy together with Diane.” It‘s her. Hi Peddy!” It‘s her… The bitch. MAYBE. the Antagonist… “Where are we going?” I asked. Spence… ERASE. let‟s eat… Take a break…” “Ok…” I just followed them… And here… Lahat ng lalaki nakatingin kay Althea… Yes.

I have to pretend na may gusto ako sa Empress nila na naging kontrabida sa buhay ng kapatid ko diba?. Slut thing naman talaga yun e. I can‘t wait to meet up my destined playmate for tomorrow. “Ok Spence. Diba. WIND. break his girl… And ayoon. what kind of girl is she? “It‟s just her hobby going out with different guys everyday…” it‘s Peddy.?” I asked. My favorite phrase… I just kissed him as a reply… Asa naman s‘ya na mag I love you back ako… Ew.” “THEA!~” Then. Don‘t you find it hard?! It‘s HARD! >. kanina pang iba ang tingin sakin. Insane. wala pang 10 seconds. masyado na akong nagiging Masaya. “But—Why.” it‘s Diane. I‘m with Clyde right now… My playmate for today… Nakakadalawang playmate na ako ngayon ah… Nice Thea… S‘ya yung nakasalubong ko kanina… Nung papunta kami nina Peddy sa canteen… “:*” “Hey Thea… I love you…” Oh my… Here it goes again… I love you daw? HAHA. well she‘s nice. Spence. he called up Samantha and break her… Insane Clyde… I‘ll break him later but for now… Oh common… Leisure Time… “Thea… Please don‟t leave…” “Oh Clyde… Sorry sweety. as usual… Iniwan ko na namang luhaan ang isa sa mga playmate ko… I really love this feeling… Masaya nga pala? I‘m gonna do this for eternity… Haha… ETERNITY! ENOUGH for this DAY.. then what should I know about that Antagonist? Kung ilan na ang napaiyak nyang mga babae o kung ilan na ang mga naloko nyang mga lalaki? Choose what? I‘ll listen… This will be fun my little great pretender… I‘ll probably like playing with you then… It ―CHALLENGES‖ me… Chapter 4: „Small Talk‟ (Thea‟s POV) New Friend. ―No. hello?~ Paano ko s‘ya makukuha kung ayaw n‘ya sa walang sabit? Come to think of it.< “So you‟re falling?” Helga asked.. “Challenging.” it‘s me. Kung di lang makapal ang mukha ko. I need to go…” “Thea I love you! Iniwan ko si Samantha for you! Don‟t go! PLEASE!~” “Oh? Then? My fault? HAHA. Her Gf‘s name is Samantha… I told him na kung gusto nya ako. Well. Oh. the kiss.O yes gay. she‟s a Playgirl but anyways she‟s not a SLUT. nasabi ko lang? Challenging naman diba. going out with different guys everyday? That‘s a SLUT THING. I know your friend‘s a playgirl. “Oh. May bukas pa naman diba? But still. I don‘t know why. maiisipan ko ng may gusto sakin ‗tong babaeng ‗to e. not now…” it‘s Peddy again… Ok. Clyde has her GF. I think you should know… But. Ang HANGIN.) TOMORROW… TOMORROW… TOMORROW… (The Next Day) “ALTHEA!” “Yes Peddy?” “San ka galing kahapon? Nakakahiya naman kay Spence…” “Oh. . She‘s not a slut? But then? What‘s she? I‘m mean. “Then that‟s a SLUT thing…” I said. this girl. nagustuhan naman ata nya… What a weak guy… Yes. so sorry… Si playmate kasi…” “Say sorry to him! Nakakahiya… Bago nating friend then iniwan mo na lang basta…” . Hindi nga e… We can‟t consider her a SLUT…” it‘s Peddy. I haven‘t said those words to anyone… Even with my parents… NEVER. this Helga? She‘s very nice. “I don‟t know. His name is Spence… He‘s weird I know… I find her nervousness out of him kanina… Well. Oh. Don‘t need to clarify. :)” sabi ko.

TRUST ME. para makilatis If he‘s worth having you. :( “ Oh. “I think may gusto s‟ya sayo. this girl.< Think THEA. THINK.< Helga.< *DING* *LIGHT BULB* “FINE. I have NO CHOICE! Hahalikan daw ako ni Peddy Gay if I disobeyed him… Urgh. gusto ko may rival. I can‘t blame him kung may crush nga s‘ya agad sakin. MAKULIT na BATA! >. >. >. Bye Spence! :P So after that. “Oh. OMGaad. PERIOD. “Empress…” Hoo! JIMMY NEUTRON. sa akin may gusto ang lalaking gusto n‘ya. It‟s your job. what are you doing here?” “I need to talk with you…” “About what?” “It‟s all about Spence…” Ano daw? SPENCE na NAMAN!? So anong meron sa Spence n‘ya? Wag n‘yong sabihing. Make him in a deep relationship muna… Then after that I‟ll do the next moves… Got to go Helga… BYE!” “But HOW?” “Oh.“Oh gosh Peddy. for sure I‘ll win… Spell C-O-N-F-I-D-E-NC-E? HAHA. Confidence! . gwapo s‘ya pero alam ko naman. “Then? What do you want me to do? >. “Ma-may…” “May?” O‘common Helga. TRUST ME. I‟m begging you. I don‘t play with fool single guys… “Oh… Helga… Isn‟t it clear? I don‟t batter Single guys… WALA AKONG GUSTO KAY SPENCE. Inaasahan ko na nga diba? I‘m pretty and I know it. HAHA.) “HAHA. “Please Empress Thea. Helga? She wanted me to seduce Spence? Ew. madali din yang maseduce. “Make him fall for you then break his heart…” O_O Huh? Nakahithit ka ba Helga? Do you know what you‘re asking me? NO! MAKE HIM FALL. my friend.< “Spence…” “Yes?” “Sorry kahapon…” “Ah… Ok lang yun… :)” “Sige. Spence maybe a friend of mine now… But still. DOT. Common… Magsosorry na…” Hmf.” Thanks Jimmy boy… Hahayyy… Sana mahirapan si Helga… Di ko matetake makipaglaro sa isang SINGLE noh. babaeng ‗to. are you listening to yourself? Is he my responsibility?” “Magso-Sorry ka o HAHALIKAN kita!?” “Ew PEDDY. I was shocked.<” SEE? I‘m right. I‘m SUPER CONFIDENT.<” oh. Wag ng magulat. Shoo! You‘re eating my GOLDEN TIME. THRILL‘s what I want diba? L-O-L. got to go…” Ok. I just find na kinakain ni Helga ang golden time ko. what is she saying? Hang over? May gusto? Agad na? Well. she‘s desperada. NO ERASE. “Oh. I know naman. Oh. Crush thingy? So?” “Alam mo namang gusto ko s‟ya diba?” Yea. Ok. Please Help me… >. And if ever I‘ll try. HAHA. CONFIDENCE. >. it was just a small talk after all. I don‘t get in touch with nerds tapos SINGLE pa. But first. I leave them na naman… Haha… Hello? New day… New playmate… Exciting! :D “Empress Thea…” It‘s Helga. Balitaan mo na lang ako. Bye Helgz. . Insane. EW. That gay… Kung hindi lang kita bestfriend… Oh wait. leave me. Pretend that I don‘t know what she‘s saying so. common. Kaya ko nga s‘ya kinaibigan e. I‘ve got to go find playmates. I left Helga ng nagmamadali.” “But---“ Oh. hindi kami talo… Oo. Should I? Should I apologize to him? Duh!? But still. Yes. inaasahan ko na… “What about him?” I asked her. No way Helga…” “You need to do this Empress Thea… Please… Baka mamaya mahalin ka na nya… Paano na ako?” Che.

I think I‟m done with my moves Empress . “Hi Spence!” it‘s Diane… ―Oh honey… :*‖ It‘s Spence kissing DIANE? O_O… O_O Si DIANE? At SPENCE? BUT how about… “He-Helga?” I called her. Hindi ko alam pero parang ayoko syang iseduce kahit na alam kong gwapo sya at maraming nagkakandarapa sa kanya… He‘s like a Casanova I guess? Hello. Hehe.So. Have mercy. (O_O) (>. Shoo! >. 1 day palang s‘ya dito sa school may fans club na agad! At mga haters ko pa… ENOUGH. Oh. so ayon nga. WALA akong katabi. Sana hindi na nya ako kulitin… Ayoko talaga sa Spence na yon… Ew lang… EW. HELGA. Great Idea! I got it. That DIANE!. we have classes. go away. :) I‘m not pabaya with my studies.<” she angrily replied. “Althea?” “Oh?” PAUSE… “ALTHEA CORPUZ!” it‘s Peddy. Hinila ko si Helga sa labas… WAG KANG IIYAK. Now do YOURS! >. Hindi n‘ya din alam… So.<” she‘s still. hindi masisira ang image ko… Ayoko sa SINGLE REMEMBER!?” “Oo nga pala Empress. dear Helga…” . ewan? Lahat ata kasi sila galit sakin. walang may gustong tumabi. Shoo* May gusto pa naman daw po sakin ‗tong EW nerd Spence thingy na ‗to. the sitting arrangement. what if magawa ni Helga pinapagawa ko? What am I gonna do. “Ye-YES EMPRESS? Oh wait. “I-I don‟t know! Darn. >. Bow. But wait. I don‘t need a LOSER SEATMATE. Hindi naman kasi maghapon akong nakikipag FLIRT no. MAGANDA ako at lahat ng boyfriend nila sa akin may GUSTO? HAHA. >. I don‘t care. I‘m here na with my new playmate now… He‘s Rick. may tumabi.(“ it‘s Helga with a bit teary eyed. “Hi Althea. I need your response ASAP. HAHA. Ayt. si Spence at Diane… “So Empress. :D Nice.” Then. RESPONSE PLEASE. I‟ll break his heart and ikaw naman. magiging sa‟yo s‟ya… Get it? In that way. Insane. OM.< CURSE THEM!” “Oh. katabi ko si Helga and she‘s grinning on me. saluhin mo. And don‘t for get to tally… ANOTHER BROKEN and ALL RUINED RELATIONSHIP. how about Diane? I don‟t want to hurt her… She‟s our friend too…” “HURT HER! Can‟t you see? I‟m the one who felt this hurt first! >.< IDK. HAHA. parang… “Thea… Please…” Sabi na e. Spence. “What was that all about? SPENCE and DIANE? HONEY?” I asked her. Kasalanan ko.T) Teka. But still. balik muna sa room. “But. ayon. I‘m a dean‘s lister here kahit na may bad deeds ako.<) (T. akala ko ba sa akin may gusto itong Spence na ‗to e bakit may… DIANE? (O_O) “HELGA!” I called her. nakuntento na si pretty Helga. OM. I‟m SUPER DONE WITH MY MOVES. Have mercy. And here. pakiramdam ko talaga. I‘m thinking na din. Well.” It‘s? O_O. “Oh? Why?” “Nothing… Hehe…” Still. Be his comforter at for sure. SPENCE. angrily ruled me. Oh.< “Helga… Napag-usapan na natin „to… I won‟t do it unless you do your moves first…” “Ano ba kasing plano mo?” “Simple lang… Bigyan mo sya ng girlfriend for a while then aagawin ko sya with that girl whoever is she. Ok. then. She‘s just like this. Girlfriend‘s ―Belle‖… As usual… After the leisure time… Another ―I love you Thea‖ and another ―Goodbye Dear‖.

< CURSE~! B*STARD! FIRST COME! FIRST SERVE!” “Helga… :(” “Please Empress. Shut! Not over my dead body…” “Then why are you acting like that?” “HELLO GAY! It‟s HELGA.< Diane! You‘re now getting into my NERVES.[* Power ranger? But I can‘t… I CAN‘T… I should confront Diane first… “Hey guys.< “Then? Kaya ayon? Naging sila agad na? HELLO! How about Helga? Alam naman ni Diane na may gusto si Helga kay Spence diba?” “Sorry Althea… Diane didn‟t mean it…” “STOP there GAY! Diane? SHE MEANS IT! She really does… Because if I were her in the first place. Anong magaling dun? LOOK at HELGA! >. OM.<” “You should follow your heart. I need your help… Naiintindihan mo naman ako diba? T. EXPLAIN yourself…” “Ganito kasi yun Althea e…Si Spence.<” “O_O Oh. Pero teka… Parang may mali e… >. what the hell‘s HAPPENING! >.Now she‘s crying… WHAT AM I GONNA DO? >. Helga. “Hey you gay… What show was that?” I asked. “So-sorry Althea… Kasii…” “What? NOW.” the gay said. lumipat s‟ya dito sa school natin for Diane…” “Huh? I can‟t understand?” “Ganito kasi yun… Si Diane at Spence. Now. Lande! >.< “So Pedring. FOLLOW MY HEART? HAHAHA.< HELP! I don‘t want to see my friend crying… “Hayaan mo na lang kaya sila? Diba nga.<” it‘s Helga and then. “STOP CALLING MY NAME!!!!” umiiyak na sabi ni Helga. walang talotalo?” I told her. Diane‟s the PREDATOR. HAHA. GRAWR. anong ginagawa n‟yo dyan?” it‘s Peddy. she‘s all gone. HAPPY?” I asked this gay. Hey. “HAHA. Uhmm…” the gay was shocked. can‟t you see? SILA NA! Haha… Ang galing diba?” the gay replied. “SHUT UP! I‟m the prey here Empress.< But then again? My job? *Ipagtanggol ang mga naapi! . I don‟t wanna see her crying like that…” “So ano? Sasaktan mo si Diane? She‟s our friend too…” “RAWR! I don‟t know what to do! >. without any further ado.T” Now she‘s crying… :C Can somebody help me please? Anong gagawin ko? Hindi ko kayang saktan ang kaibigan ko para sa isang kaibigan na nagdudusa pero hindi ko din kayang makitang nagdudusa ang kaibigan ko dahil sa isa ko pang kaibigan na nang-agaw at ngayon ay mag-isang nagsasaya… ANO DAW? Basta ayokong nakikitang luhaan si Helga habang si Diane naman nagsasaya… >. “WHAT? Now HAPPY? Happy for them right?!!! DARN! >. she walked away… “He-HELGA!” kami ni Peddy. “Oh. Alam n‟yong lahat from the start na may gusto na ako kay Spence then bigla bigla na lang na sila na pala ni Diane! >. “Alin?” “That DIANE and SPENCE honey thing with matching kiss in the near end part?” I asked the gay. What a gay thing… . Magkababata pala sila dati at itong namang si Spence hinanap talaga niya si Diane kasi matagal na palang may lihim na churlaloo si Spence kay Diane… So ayon…” O_O I was shocked about what I have heard… Wala naman kasing naiikwento si Diane e… WALA TALAGA AKONG MATANDAAN.” “A-Althea… Wag mong sabihing…” “ANO?!” “Selos ka noh? Ayee…” “Huh? EW GAY! Stop there. I won‟t entertain Spence that fast! Dapat nagparaya na lang s‟ya.

we have Spence… “Aminin…” I told him. masyado ng madaming nagagalit sa kanya dito sa school… “B-but HOW? I think wala naman akong pag-asa sa kanya e… Balita ko kasi. “Talk about what?” “About Althea. I think payag na naman itong si Spence sa aking mahiwagang plano. help me…” “ABOUT?” “Them…” “Anong gagawin mo?” “I know it‟s rude but… I‟m doing this for a thousand times…” “You mean?” Chapter 5: „The “GAY” Thing‟ (Peddy Bear‟s POV) Pedring Velasquez‘s the name and it‘s EW. Si Althea naman kasi. pasok…” “Yes. Then? Ano naman? “Peddy. common Spence… Kaya nga nagplano na agad ako e… Diane. Cry Althea. do you know him. at sa kasamaang palad. the Playgirl thing…” “Then?” “Teach her…” “Teach what?” “Alam mo na… Kung may gusto ka talaga sa kanya. HELLO! :D” si Diane. Call me PEDDY BEAR instead. TRUE. Pero true. At si Diane ay isa din sa mga asset ng aking plano. Buti na lang. Jay. si Althea Corpuz. and I need you in my plan!” “Ano naman yun?” May plano nga ako.“HAHAHA. Gaaad. Sinabi ko na kay Spence ang plano. EWAN NA LANG. Naku. HAHA. Hayy. ang aking kasabwat. Sana magtagumpay na ito para di ko na lagi pinoproblema ang kaligtasan ng aking pinakamamahal na kaibigang si Althea. can we talk?” I asked him.<” OK. pag di pa ‗to umubra. Lahat nagalit na kay Thea. And now. SUMUKO lang lahat. Nag-aalala na kasi ako e. Naniwala naman kayo? JOKE lang. may gusto ka ba talaga sa kanya?” “Huh? Ba-bakit mo naman natanong?” “I thought so. Clyde and Rick. S‘ya na kaya? S‘ya na kaya ang tamang lalaking ―FIT‖ sa plano ko? Ang dami ko na kasing nagamit na mga lalaki. We have there. I‘m the Prettiest GAY on earth next to E-babe and you can‘t change that fact. PERFECTO! “Hmm… May plano kasi ako. may gusto s‘ya kay Althea. Hindi s‘ya ligtas in a way na may group ng sorority na gustong tumira sa kanya. Hindi pa nila ako nakikitang umiyak. Hehe. she‘s a gay too… She‘s in |E-X-P|1-2-3 Pass| ♥ HAHA. Dapat hindi ka nya ituring na isa lang sa mga playmate nya… Dapat ikaw lang… Make her change… *MAKE HER LIFE WORTHY*” Papayag kaya s‘ya? Sana po please… Gusto ko na magbago ang bestfriend ko. Pumayag naman s‘ya. NO. Althea‟s not entertaining Single guys…” “Oh. don‘t you? I mean her? Oh no. make her yours. agawan ba naman ng Boyfriend yung leader ng pinakasikat na sorority here sa school. inagawan ni Althea ng BF yung leader ng Sorority here sa school namin but I don‘t know if . “O-oo e… E ano naman?” Oh. CRY! Dalii… Hindi pa kita nakikitang naiyak! :D” “Che! Shut up! >. Wala na kasing available na babae here sa school. At sana pumayag ka! :D “Ayoko na kasi ng mga ginagawa ni Althea… You know. you see… May gusto nga s‘ya kay Althea. Should I laugh?” I asked the gay… “NO. Plug lang? PROMOTE! XD Let me tell you first a story… (Flashback) “Spence. It? Well. yung tipong dapat seseryosohin ka nya. si Spence. so may gusto ka nga?” “Huh? Ah-eh…” I think.

That Spence and Diane. Isang napakagandang senyales.. you know what I can do…” “Pe-pero…” “Walang pero pero… I know.” O.. “Helga. THE END* BOW. our plan? Successful naman ang first part I guess. help me…” she asked me. Don‘t worry. (End of Flashback) And that‘s what the story‘s all about. VERY STRONG na kahit si Althea hindi kayang buwagin. I‘m a Fickleminded GAY. Gaaad. Sa may school cafeteria. YOU‟LL SEE the REAL ME. Siguro mamaya ko na lang ipapaliwanag kay Helga… I was about to walk away ng may bigla akong narinig. Ayokong nasasaktan ang kaibigan ko…” “Pero sa gagawin mo.< OM. HAHA.” . “Yes. Nakalimutan kong may Helgang obsess kay Spence.< Ano ba itong nagawa ko? Maybe I should talk with Helga na! :( Pero ito naman ang gusto ko diba? HAHA. ano? Ok na? Magpapanggap lang kayong naging magkababata. kumakain yun ng madami. They‟ll see. I‟ll do it.” Sabay nguso ni Diane kay Spence. I don‟t wanna see you crying Helga. “Basta. aren‘t they? “Si-sige Empress Thea. Bumaba ako ng building namin para hanapin si Helga.” She said then walked away. “Huh? Anong *tooot* ka dyan… *toootoootin* kita e. teka. “I know it‟s rude but… I‟m doing this for a thousand times…” “You mean?” “Yes Peddy. What have I done? They‘re planning for revenge na agad. May Helga pa nga pala. Kapag kasi depress yun.they‘re planning for revenge or not. Ayt naman. Didn‘t I get the best plan ever? It‘s the plan to make my bestfriend‘s life worthy.. kilala mo ko.” It‘s Althea. kasama naman s‘ya sa plano ko e. “Ta-talaga Empress Thea?” it‘s Helga with some sniff. “ABOUT?” “Them…” You see the intense? HELP daw o… HAHA. dapat nagparaya na lang s‟ya… Sorry but I have to do this for Helga…” “But---“ “No buts Peddy. pano na si Helga? Diba. Isa lang naman ang pedeng puntahan nun e. “Anong gagawin mo?” I asked her. “So. Eh.” “Eh Peddy. Nakakatakot po si Althea! >. Ay OO nga pala! Hay. Sasabihin ko na sa kanya ang plano… :D And there. pero once na humarang ka sa mga plano ko. What have I done? Sana maintindihan nila. even if Diane‟s our friend. I‟ll do it. HAHA. I found Helga but… I think it‘s too late… She‘s now with Althea… Gaaad. masasaktan si Diane…” “I don‟t care. Ako na bahala sa kanya… ” sabi ko sa kanila. :) May paghihiganti ng namumuo sa loob loob ng aking bestfriend na si Althea. so what are your plans?” “Ako na ang bahala don but for now. Sana WAG. May lihim na *tooot* s‟ya kay *tooot*” it‘s Diane.” “Itong si *toot* gusto ni Helga. *MAKE HER LIFE WORTHY* And there.. hindi mo magugustuhan ang gagawin ko. It‟s her fault in the first place~!” “But---“ “Shut your mouth Peddy. yung childhood sweetheart ika nga nila na muling nakita at super perfect ng relationship. Hayy… Makauwi na lang sa room. “Peddy. stop crying. I‘m doing this for you Althea.

“So. Hindi na ngayon. Diba. TEKA. Pe-peddy right? Hehe.. “Oh.” “Girl. she‟s a very CLOSE friend of the FLIRTEST GIRL here in the campus. but see? Now.” “TAMA Empress. Thank you talaga. I‟ll wait BITCHES. YOU SHOULD KNOW. So I decided to go upstairs. I confronted them. but. nakausap mo na ba si Helga?” Spence asked me. kilala n‟yo naman si Helga diba? HAHA. magkababata pala sila. Mga CHISMACKERS. She‟s there at the canteen CRYING! Buti nga sa kanya. So now what? Hey.” “Oh yes bitch. she‘s very kind. Mga chismosa. HAHA. She‟s a friend of Diane and at the same time. akala ko talaga kay Diane ka na papanig. . Nagbago na ang lahat because. I heard some girls chitchatting with one another. I‟m the BESTFRIEND of the GIRL you‟re calling a FLIRT. ang gwapo nga pala n‟ya talaga! S‟ya pala yung sinasabi nilang transferee from an international school. nandyan yung bestfriend n‟yang you know. How sweet Spence was. girls. kailangan na naming magingat with Althea and Helga knowing that they‘ve got a plan over us. nagbesobeso sila. HAHA. hinanap n‟ya talaga si Diane.“Ok Empress.” Then. hi girls. magsama sila ni FLIRT ALTHEA. YOU SHOULD KNOW the Althea Corpuz then. MAGANDA AKO. tara na nga! GRRR.. dahan dahan ka sa pagsasalita mo.” “And wait. Ang dating Althea. I‟m PEDDY yung FLIRT na BAKLA kamo and at the same time. kamusta ang mga pagchichismisan? DONE?!” I said to them sarcasticly. he‟s a Casanova wanna be… MyGaaad. she‘s the most adorable girl in our school.” “Ah. LAYAS! Dadaan ako… AYOKONG MAY BASURANG NAKAHARANG SA DADAANAN KO!” “Grabe ka namang bading ka! Akala mo kung sinong maganda! BADING! BAKLA! GAY!” “Talaga. and on my way back to our room. Hindi n‘yo kasi alam. I think I need to talk with Diane and Spence. “Peddy Bear!” it‘s Diane. Sana masira na ang friendship nilang mga FLIRT. Kahit na mabait si Diane.!! May araw ka ding bading ka! You‟ll SEE!” “Ok. Dapat ako ang kabeso beso. kilala n‟yo na ba yung si Spence?” “Oo girl. “Ah. you‟re the victim here.” “Oo nga. And wait. she‟s entertaining Spence kahapon. BABAE ka ba talaga? Mukha ka kasing LALAKI! Magsalamin ka nga! MUKHA KANG BALBAS!” “Che! Ewan ko sa‟yong BADING ka! BADING! GRRR!!!!” “Ano? Galit ka na n‟yan? HAHA. Jockpot si Diane. She hurt you. Naman. I think you ALL SHOULD. HAHA.” “No problem Helga. Aalis ka ba sa dadaanan ko o gagabutan ko muna yang mala ALAMBRE mong buhok?~!” “Girls. she‟s your loyal servant?” “Yes. wait. Akala naman nila napakaclose na nila ni Althea to judge her like that. biruin n‟yo. what she was then. tahimik at higit sa lahat. Sana nga ikaw din e. How poor she was. But wait. kayo pala…” “So. agang aga. who she was then and what prejudiced her to become like this now. FLIRT pala ha.” Hayy. I‘m the bestfriend here. I‟ll go with your plan. “Hey. they shouldn‘t judge my bestfriend like that at pati na ako.” I walk towards them. HAHA. the naive Althea ended in her own catastrophy. isa din s‟yang FLIRT kasi FRIEND s‟ya ng FLIRT! HAHA! Mga FLIRT! Samahan n‟yo pa ng BAKLANG FLIRT! HAHA. Mga chismosa. eh…” “ANO?! Kung gusto mo pang makitang buo yang mukha mo. Di ba. there. nung highschool. Pero hindi.

DIANE Villena… (Flashback) “Akin yan!” “Hindi! Akin yan! That‟s my doll! DADDY si Diane po!” “Oh. PALAGING IKAW NA LANG. I‘m your loyal servant don‘t you get it? Maybe. Pag nakikita n‟ya yang Altheang yan. “Sige guys… I trust you both but Diane… Be careful…” “Sure! Smile na Peddy. sana nga. pag may mag-aalaga na sa kanya… Leave her to them! Can‟t you see mommy? She‟s the one who suffers here. Nung bata palang tayo. please have your sympathy on mommy!” “Oo anak. Althea CORPUZ. nakakasawa ng MAGPARAYA. they are planning for revenge… Sabihin na lang nating joke joke lang yung kanina…” “Pero Peddy. pero…” “TRUST US. ano na namang nangyayari dito mga bata… Ikaw talaga Diane! Ibigay mo yan kay Althea…” “Pe-pero daddy diba sakin mo yun binigay…” “Ano ka ba. Wala kang alam sa salitang ―MAGPARAYA‖.” Tumatak yan sa isipan ko ALTHEA. Anak s‘ya ni Daddy sa kanyang secretary. HAHA. namumuo na naman ang galit sa loob n‟ya… Daddy. “I think we should stop na lang guys…” “Bakit?” “Because Helga and Althea. ikaw ang mas matanda… Magparaya ka na lang…” Magparaya ka na lang… Palagi na lang yan ang sinasabi ni Daddy sakin… MAGPARAYA! Eh anak mo lang naman sa labas yang si Althea na yan! Sampid lang s‘ya dito… Kung bakit ba kasi kailangan pa n‘yang makitira dito! Don na lang s‘ya sa nanay n‘ya! “Anak.“Hi-hindi pa e…” “Why?” they asked me. I crumpled her picture with my bear hands. para rin s‘yang si Althea. I know what I‟m doing… But for now… Pakisamahan mo na lang muna s‟ya…” “Sige na nga daddy…” Althea was 5 then and I was 6.. ^_^” Chapter 6: „The Great Pretender‟ (Diane‟s POV) “I don‟t even know how to fall remember?” “But what if ma-fall ka? Would you even have your guts playing with your playmates?” “Of course. I know we can do this…” Sabi ni Spence sabay tapik sa balikat ko… “Pa-paano si Helga? She‟s very hurt…” “Maiintindihan din n‟ya…” sabi nila sa akin. I think you should meet me… I‘m your long lost sister. guys. Well. Sana maintindihan nila… Kilala ko si Helga. tapos yung yaya naman n‟ya nakaleave… Tayo lang ang mapupuntahan n‟ya Diane…” “Basta daddy. Because what you are saying… IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN…” “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. alam mo ba. “Oo. But what if it happens? Anong mararamdaman mo? Mararamdaman mo din kaya ang naramdaman ko dati. super nadepress… Nagpapsycho pa nga si mommy sa . Mas matanda ako sa kanya ng 1 year.. But they differ in a way that Helga‘s too much obsess with someone when she falls. Meet me. may sakit si Althea… She got asthma…” “Eh ano naman ngayon daddy? Nakakamatay na ba yun?” “Maybe now no… Pero paano kung lumala? Walang mag-aalaga sa kanya sa kanila since her mother is in abroad. ikaw na lang palagi. My mom? Well. hindi mo ko natatandaan but… Palagi mo kong inaagawan since we‘re those little kids. Akala ko ba gusto mo ng bumalik si Althea sa dating s‟ya?” Diane asked me. Huh? ALTHEA? Then.

nagkabalikan rin sila after all. Bata palang kami. my dad? Pumatol sa secretary n‘ya sa aming company. my MOM was hospitalized for about 3 months… Masaya naman kami e. It‘s been 3 years. At nagkaanak pa sila which is Althea. Naaawa na ako kay mommy… Dahil sa Altheang yon. .. But still. Bakit naisipan n‘ya pang bumalik? Niloko lang ba s‘ya nina Althea? Magsasaya na ba kami ni mommy? Ano kami? Matapos n‘yang iwanan. lahat ng panlolokong ginawa sa kanya ni daddy. nanalo ka. 9 years old na ako ng may mabalitaan kami… Althea was rushed daw in a hospital… Lumala yung asthma nya… And so? Pinuntahan s‘ya ni Daddy… Ano pa nga ba? Anak n‘ya din naman yun kahit papaano. bumabalik lahat ng sakit. I know I‟ve got the wrong decision then… But please… Forgive me…” “Diane… Anak… Please forgive me. Congrats Althea… Dahil sa pagpaparaya ko. now… I‘m already 15 and now. And without any further ado. Maitim kasi ako nung bata. you see? It‘s daddy.sobrang kadepressan sa ginawa ni Daddy… Imagine. And now? They‘re planning to get married again. Napakagaling Althea… You‘re the reason behind this! How rude my life is.” Oh. my mom‘s obsessed with my dad. I think paiyak na din si mommy. And it‘s because of you Althea! You made my life the worst it can be! Wala na si daddy.< Naghiwalay na nga kayo tapos magpapakasal ulit… The heck… (End of Flashback) Bumalik si Daddy sa amin. So kung hindi pa pala nagkaroon ng ibang lalaki ang mommy ni Althea.. hindi babalik si Daddy? FOOL. palagi na lang s‘ya ang mas higit… I hate that fact. Nahuli daw kasi n‘yang may kalaguyo ang mommy ni Althea. That‘s why kapag pinagcocompare kami. But not until that day… I‘m 16… “Hon. How awkward is that? Try to imagine. babalikan na lang n‘ya basta basta? Ang buhay nga naman. don‘t worry. O‘common. Nabalitaan na lang namin na nagpakasal na din sina Daddy at yung Mistress n‘ya which is the mother of Althea. It‘s been 6 years. s‘ya pang naiwan. At ngayon lang s‘ya bumalik. Pero sa tuwing makikita nya si Althea. Wala akong pakialam kung mas maganda s‘ya sakin… AKO ANG LEGAL NA ANAK… Ibinalik na din ni Daddy si Althea sa kanila. They are all happy I guess. I‘m Diane Villena… I‘m in the custody of my mother… Nagpa-annul sila ng kasal ni daddy after a year na hindi na bumalik si daddy… Nagbago na ang lahat… Kung sino pa ang legal. Ano? Iiwan kami ni daddy just because of Althea? WHAT?! “Diane… I‟ll be back… Don‟t worry…” “I hate you daddy!” Umalis si daddy… Mas pinili n‘ya si Althea… ―MAGPARAYA…‖ yun na lang ang pumasok sa utak ko since daddy told me that he‘ll be back… Lumipas ang maraming taon… I‘m now 15… “Diane… I’ll be back… Don’t worry…” I‘ll be back. Ako ang legal daughter here. Hay. Stop your foolish love two old man! >. I was Diane Corpuz but then. She‘s just ruining our lives. It‘s been 7 years. maybe because she has whiter skin. Akala ko ba babalik ka daddy? Then nasaan ka na? Sinungaling ka! I hate you… When I was 9. Walang Althea. mas kapansin-pansin na sa akin si Althea. Si mommy medyo nakakarecover na. Sana wag na s‘yang bumalik sa poder namin. May obligasyon din s‘ya sa kanya but… I hate the day na dumating sa point na… “Diane… Listen to me… Kailangan ako ng kapatid mo ngayon…” “Then what daddy?! Bakit ang dami mong dalang bag?! Wag mong sabihing???” “Diane… Your sister needs me…” “But daddy! How about us? :(“ Nakatingin lang si mommy sa may bintana.

I‟m your friend and I‟m Althea‟s too… Promise. kung bakit s‘ya nagkaganyan at kung ano ang puno‘t dulo ng lahat. I‘m in College. She‘s studying in the most famous school here in our place. anak sa labas… May kapatid nga s‟ya e… And you know what. At first. Pumasok ako sa school na pinapasukan n‘ya. kelangan ng mag-aalaga kay Althea… Yung father n‟ya mas piniling alagaan s‟ya kasi that time yung mother n‟ya nasa abroad…” “Oh? Eh anong nangyari dun sa LEGAL Family?” “Iniwan nung father n‟ya…” “Kawawa naman… Diba nakonsensya si Althea??? Kasalanan pala n‟ya kung bakit nasira yung unang pamilya ng father n‟ya…” “Siguro naman nakonsensya din… Kawawa nga yung legal family e. si Althea. when she was 9. And you know the reason why? It‘s disgusting… (Flashback) “Peddy. kinakabahan ako. sinugod daw s‟ya sa hospital… Lumala na pala yung asthma n‟ya… Pumunta yung daddy n‟ya sa hospital kung san s‟ya nakaconfine…. do I have to tell you ba?” “Oh. Akala ko nung una makikilala n‘ya ako even if I‘m Diane Villena and not Diance Corpuz anymore. Naiwan…” “Then? After nun anong nangyari?” “Naging masayang pamilya sina Althea… Nagpakasal pa nga yung father nya at mother nya e…” . at first daw masaya kasi alagang alaga s‟ya nito pero yung kapatid daw n‟ya parang ayaw sa kanya… Ang gusto lang naman kasi ni Althea that time magkaroon ng daddy…” “Then?” “Pagkatapos nun. Peddy common. keep your mouth shut…” “Sure thing Peddy… PROMISE!” And the gay started to tell me everything… “Kasi… Nung bata palang si Althea. nameet n‟ya yung father n‟ya… Yung father n‟ya may nauna na palang pamilya… Bale. yung bestfriend n‘ya. kahit na si Peddy. Pero hindi… Maybe because ang laki ng ipinagbago ko. I‘ve got the looks now… Sinubukan kong makipagkaibigan sa kanya. kapangalan mo pa nga daw e… Diane Corpuz daw? Hehe…” Oh Peddy. Althea. nagmeet sila nung father n‟ya. kung alam mo lang… Ako talaga ang kapatid n‘ya… I‘m just a great pretender… “Talaga? Tapos?” “So ayon. naging close din sa akin. lumaki s‟ya just with her mother… Wala s‟yang kinagisnang ama…” “Then?” “I think she was 5 then nung mameet n‟ya yung father n‟ya… May sakit kasi s‟ya nun e… Asthma daw…” “Tapos…” “Si Althea. Sino ba namang hindi sisikat kung halos lahat ng couples here sa aming school nasira ang relasyon ng dahil sa kapatid ko. alam n‘yo naman siguro. Well. ibinalik na daw s‟ya nung ama n‟ya… Mga 2 years din s‟yang walang balita sa daddy n‟ya… Then. ganito kasi yun… But please. I think they‘re rich din naman. mana nga s‘ya sa mommy n‘ya… Mga maninira ng relasyon… Mga FLIRT… Naging mas close pa kami.And now. “It‟s because… Hmm… Teka.” “Tapos???” “Sabi daw nung doctor. It‘s time to face my long lost sister. Peddy told me everything about what happened to Althea. Well. bakit ba napakaplaygirl ni Althea?” I asked the gay. It‘s because she‘s the most famous here in our school kahit na we‘re studying here for just a sem lang. I‟ll shut my mouth…” “Si-sige. And I didn‘t fail.

I‘m not an ECO Friendly. there’s NO MORE DIANE*. Alam ko lahat… Lahat ng plano ni Peddy. I‘m gonna *RUIN HIS LIFE*. *SHUT MY MOUTH THEN* Chapter 7: „Revenge‟ (Thea‟s POV) Kumuha ako ng isang kapirasong papel at nagsulat: *FROM NOW ON. I crumpled the paper and throw it somewhere. malandi or some sort of that. ayon. nagalit si Althea sa mommy n‟ya… Happy Family na nga daw sila tapos sinira pa nung mommy n‟ya… Nadepress si Althea… Parang naisipan n‟yang lahat na lang ng lalaki. And this Spence. *TO RUIN MY SISTER‘S LIFE*. I‘ll do this for Helga. So. Di ba n‘ya naisip na kung noon palang. This ―LOVE‘s‖ causing them to much pain. she‘ll SEE. so I‟ve got to go. naisipan ni bakla na tulungan si Althea na bumalik ito sa dati nitong ugali. yes Diane? How‟s life?” After what you have done? May gana ka pang makipag-usap sakin DIANE VILLENA.“Oh? E anong kinalaman nun sa pagiging playgirl nya kung “HAPPY FAMILY” naman pala sila?” I emphasized the word HAPPY FAMILY. PLASTIC as you may SEE. My top secret. ang tulungan si Althea na maging ―good girl‖ na daw ulit not because I want to help Peddy with Althea… It‘s because of my OWN REASON. we have the plan over my dearest sister… Pumayag ako sa planong ito. Empress Thea…” it‘s Diane. super Fine with MY SPENCE. that‟s it… Pero siguro kung hindi sila iniwan nung father n‟ya hindi s‟ya ganyan… Mabait naman kasi si Althea e… I‟m her Classmate since elementary kaya alam ko ang ugali n‟ya…” “Hayy… Yun pala ang nangyari… Now I know…” (End of Flashback) So it‘s our father‘s fault? HAHA. makikisama muna ako sa plano ni Peddy na kunwari kami ni Spence which is I‘m starting to like at. I‘m the best actress na siguro ngayon… But for now. kailangang maging ―Anghel‖ muna ako sa paningin nilang lahat para mapagtagumpayan ko ang plano ko. HAHA. my VALUABLE‟s waiting for me… He‟s UNATTENDED. madaling bumigay… DON‟T KEEP YOUR VALUABLES UNATTENDED” “Sure Empress. hindi na n‘ya inagaw sa amin ni mommy si daddy e di sana hindi s‘ya ganyan ngayon… POOR Althea… After Peddy told me everything. Fool. “Hi. hindi pa tapos… After nun.” “Oh really? So dear. Ikamusta mo na lang ako kay Helga… Bye… :)‖ then she grinned at nag-FAKE SMILE. “Teka teh. bad girl. kasalanan pala nung mama n‟ya?” “Parang ganun na nga…” “Then? After nun? What happened?” “Iniwan si Althea at yung mommy n‟ya nung father n‟ya… Bumalik daw ata dun sa Legal Family… After that incident. . hindi pala alam nung father ni Althea na may ibang karelasyon yung mommy n‟ya… Biruin mo? Nakuha pang magkalaguyo ng iba…” “So. Insane. Naging kasabwat nga n‘ya ako diba? And now. Yung hindi playgirl. I‘m gonna *KEEP THEIR SECRETS* muna. Hay… >. That Diane. just be careful… Ingatan mo si Spence huh? Ang mga ganyang klaseng lalaki. mas pipiliin ang mga legal sa buhay nila kesa sa mga sampid… Gets?” “So yun yung puno‟t dulo ng lahat? Yung father n‟ya? Kaya nakikisampid s‟ya sa mga perfect relationships na naeencounter n‟ya?” “Oo.< Stay away from me bitch! “Oh. Well. I‘m gonna kill this LOVE THING out of them. And now? My TOP MOST HIDDEN AGENDA is to *RUIN THEIR LIVES*. “I‟m FINE.

I got it! “Well. Wala akong plan! >. :*” *BESOBESO* I need to go on with my PLAN. “Hey. tutulungan na kita…” Nagplano na kami ni Pedring Velasquez. “Plan A” encomprises the seducing way wherein you‟ll just seduce the chosen person with your acts… It includes the acting scene. we‟ll then proceed. what‘s my plan nga ba? I don‘t have any plan yet… Ang laki naman ng problem ko! Gaaad. She‘s getting into my NERVES! Wag na wag kang magpapakita with Spence and you‘ll see what Althea Corpuz can do… Darn! “Empress Thea…” it‘s Helga. Thanks then. we don‟t need to proceed to “PLAN B” but if this plan failed.) “Really Peddy? You‟ll help me?!” just to confirm… “Oo nga Althea…” “O well.” “Magsisimula pa lang ako Helga… Just wait and see… Spence will be yours soon…” “Ok then Empress. Just call me and I‟ll be there. I can‟t understand what you have written…” “Ganito yun Althea… Ang una… Plan A: Seduce him with your words…” “Then?” The gay gave me another sheet of paper and there. You‘ll both see… I‘m now here with my bestfriend. “WHAT!?” “Bestfriend. “So here it goes Althea…” The gay gave me a piece of paper and there. may nakasulat: *PLAN A: Seduce him with your acts. kung ano man yan… Sige. “Yes?” “How‟s your PLAN? I mean OUR PLAN. THANK YOU GAY. It‟s not pang-aagaw. may nakasulat: *PLAN A: Seduce him with your acts. *PLAN B: Seduce him with your words. Maaasahan talaga itong bestfriend ko. and there. “Huh? Ano? What do you mean? We‟ll do it now? O_O” “Oo ALTHEA? Bakit? May angal?” . My dearest bestfriend. someone‘s calling… I fetch my phone and here. gay. Buti na lang nilayasan ko s‘ya kahapon… Naisip tuloy n‘ya I‘m annoyed… . Then.<” “Ganito yun Althea…” Then the gay explained things one by one to me clearly. This gay… Ano na naman kaya? Tss. this gay‘s gonna help me.Urgh. I‟ll hang up… Bye…” So here. I‟m coming…” “Ok. rephrase your words gay. pumunta ka dito sa school… We‟ll plan to improve my plan…” “Ok. may kasabwat na ako.< *RING*.” “Oo na. it‘s Peddy who‘s calling… Sasagutin ko ba? Urgh. ano ba kasing pinaplano mo Althea?” “Hmm… Simple lang… Aakitin ko lang naman si Spence para lumayo kay Diane para mahulog si Spence kay Helga… At tutulungan mo ko…” “Do you really need my help then? Expert ka naman sa pang-aagaw diba?” “Oh. if you need back up. SEDUCING na. My bestfriend‘s on my side as always… HAHA. *PLAN C: Seduce him on a date. we‘re on the school garden. now ready for our Plan A?” Peddy asked me. This will be fun Diane and Spence. It‟s what they call “SEDUCING”. “pang-aakit scene” and the kissing scene… Once this plan worked. Ano daw? I don‘t get it! Darn! “Huh? Gay! I really just can‟t understand! >. sorry na kahapon… If you need me in your plan… I‟ll help… Just please forgive me…” Oh. Thanks :*” “Sure. “So.

not bringing a bunch of thick books nor an intelligent guy but then hey. “Thea. “Huh? Ah-eh… Pa-parang… Aw! .< I like his smell… Hell. May kissing scene kaya… Yea. binuhat na n‘ya ako. I‟m not scared! >. eh… Kaya mo bang maglakad?” he asked. . Ano daw? Natatawa lang ako ng… “Oh. SPENCE? Yea. nandidiri lang ako sa planong yan… Ew. >. wait… Kumapit ka ng mabuti sa‟kin… Pag ikaw nahulog…” Oh. Kanina ko pa s‘yang hinihintay dumaan. Ang bango n‘ya… AW. He‘s now running towards me.< Di mo ba makuha ang acting ko… LUMPO po ako here… Kunwari may sprain ako sa ankle… Hahayy… Pedring‘s IDEA. common… I‟m gonna take you to the clinic…” Then kinuha n‘ya yung bag ko at… “Ah. GO with the FLOW… “Ok. >.“Sure ka ba d‟yan Pedring! Can we have it by tomorrow? Or the day after that? Or maybe next week na lang? >.< EW. (11-11-11) FRIDAY to be exact… I‘m infront of the room. OA lang? “Oh. I‘m the one seducing here… So. eh… O-oo naman… Thanks…” “Bakit ka ba kasi na-sprain?” “Ah. 2011. today‘s November 11. “Oh. Duh?! Oh. >_< Nakakahiya… Buti na lang hindi matao dito… Sana walang makakita… A NERD‘s CARRYING a ―QUEEN‖. Ano nga ba? Bakit nga ba? Alangan naman sabihing kong. For me He is so a NERD and it‘s EW. muntik na akong mahulog… SCENE 2: The “Pang-aakit” SCENE “Oh. eh… No-no…” wag tayo sa clinic! Mabubuko ako… >. But I‘m calling him a NERD even if he‘s not wearing eyeglasses. nandito na s‘ya… SCENE 1: The Acting SCENE “Aw!” I shouted para makuha ang atensyon ni Spence. Spence may not be a NERD. magaling ka namang umarte diba.” It‘s exactly 1:43pm. I got it… Let‟s then… Start? *gulp*” napalunok ako dun ah… Chapter 7. YUCK. ERASE. lover‘s carry? EW. Ano daw? But a plan is a plan and we can‘t do about it… >.” “Hey. wait… Parang… Oo nga. what am I gonna do NEXT? Oh. NOW NA! Bakit? Takot ka na noh? HAHA. Thea… What happened to your ankle?” it‘s Spence. here‟s what you‟re going to do…” Then nag-explain na naman si gay about what am I gonna do… Role play lang ba ito? Hayy… Parang… Common Thea. Tatamaan yun sakin mamaya! Grawr. “I think I‟m… Uhm… sprained? :(” I told him with matching teary eyes… “Ah.< “But your ankle‟s sprained… Here…” At bago pa ako nakasagot. kunwari maisprain ako…‖ HAHA. Everything‘s weird today I guess… Nasan na ba kasi si Spence? Urgh. that gay talaga.1: „PLAN A‟ (Thea‟s POV) “PLAN A: Seduce him with your acts. HEY! LAB5254?! >. wait… Kumapit ka ng mabuti sa‟kin… Pag ikaw nahulog…” “Sasaluhin mo ba ako…” I told him while looking in his eyes… MAGPAAKIT ka MAHINANG LALAKI… MAGPAAKIT KA. are you alright?” he asked me… “Ah.< “So. eh… Kasiii…” Hayy. mukha bang kaya kong maglakad? HALLER! >.<” “Oo nga. Hell. ―Kasi sineseduce kita… o kaya naman.(” with tears na ang eyes ko dyan. Aw. Hey. Imma good kisser but to think na I‘m gonna kiss a NERD.< Peddy told me he‘s gonna call up Spence papunta sa way na ‗to… Oh.<” Hell. THINK* Wait… Am I done with my acting scene? Tapos na ba agad? Please tell me so I can proceed to the next scene… Hahayy… EXCITING. Nilalangaw na ako dito. hell… Sa sobrang saya. Kasi ito ang sabi ni Pedring.

You dropped me! Stupid! >_< “Thea. naghahalucinate ang mata ko. WEAK. HAHA. .)) I want to kill you! >. Remember? We need to catch on your plan…” Oh. Darn! >_< Patience is what I need now. d‘yan nga ako babagsak… Where else!? >. as what we‟ve seen… Plan A didn‟t work… Isa na lang e. “I said catch me if ever I fall…” best actress? Kilig na nyan si NERD. Yay. are you alright?” it‘s my bestfriend Peddy.) Super close na s‘ya sakin… I then looked at his face… I was… O____O Amazed? Oooh… Was that HIS EYES? Hell… GREY EYES! Oh. S‘yempre I won‘t mean it. naman FAKE! baka retoke lang! >. Yea.) “Hold me tighter… Please…” then I put my arms next to his neck.“Huh? A-ano?” he asked me then biglang BLUSH? O_O Ayee. so stupid! ―D‟yah think I‟m alright!? Darn! That nerd dropped me!” I told the gay. We had a plan. GRAWR. You‘re getting into my NERVES! Di ba n‘ya nakuha yung pick up line ko… DARN! SLOWPOKE.< It turned me on O_O I think I want to like. Spell ASA? HAHA. Gotta kill me now… >. Hoo! “Darn! That NERD‟s getting into my URGH!” “So Thea. He‘s starstruck? O‘common. I‘m not blind. *GO LOWER* Was that HIS NOSE? Hell… PIERCING NOSE! Oh. SLOWPOKE HEADED NERD THING. >_< “Oh Thea… Please stay cool…” “COOL?! Do you know what you‟re saying?! Stupid! I‟ve never been dropped like this before!” “Just please stay calm. *BOOGSH* Chapter 8: „Run!‟ (Thea‟s POV) “Aw! You dropped me stupid nerd! >_<” I told him sarcasticly. Chillax Thea… You should be nice to him… REMEMBER your revenge thing. Sakalin ko ba naman… Medyo nakayuko na s‘ya n‘yan… I‘m holding him… You can‘t breathe? HAHA. .< Konti na lang… Konting konti na lang mapupuno na ako…! Darn! GRAWR. You‟re just going to kiss him and it‟s done…” . I‘m seeing DIANE in you… GRAWR. Kilig ka naman NERD. I can see the ground! Pag ako nalaglag. sinong makakahinga sa ginawa ko.< *GO LOWER* *GO LOWER* *GO LOWER* Was that his LIPS? Omy… HELL. I forgot. But STILL. Kung alam mo lang Spence. I‘m gonna KILL you NOW! >. di ba nga lover‘s carry? And to think na nang-aakit nga pala ako here… I need to FLIRT him… “Huh? Si-sige… Don‟t worry… Di naman kita ihuhulog eh…” “Good…” Then I hold him tighter and tighter… *TIGHTER and TIGHTER* *TIGHTER and TIGHTER* *TIGHTER… and to the TIGHTEST* “Uhm… The-Thea… Wait… I. naman baka contacts lang.< YOU HURT HELGA.I can‟t breathe…” Ok. I know I‘m charmed but still dangerous… “Huh? How? Can‟t you see I‟m holding you…? The only thing that can catch you is the ground…” >_________< Oh. “A-I‟m sorry Thea… Ikaw kasi e… Nakakagulat ka… Basta ka na lang nasigaw…” “Stop it STUPID NERD! Get off me!” Then I walked away from that stupid nerd! “Thea wait!” Bahala ka NERD! I‘m done with you! Darn. kiss him? “NO!” I shouted.

nakarating ako sa isang unknown street. kung saan saan na ako napadpad! “Mmmm!!!!!! MMMMMM!!!! MMMM!!!!” O_O . Stupid Spence! Stupid Gay! Everything‘s stupid now! >_< Hoo! Need to fill this uneasiness out of me. he‟s my honey…” then I put a grin on the girl. the UGLIEST COUPLE I‘VE EVER SEEN. >. baby? This ugliest couple on earth‘s getting into my nerves. Darn. >_< “Hi honey… How‟s life?” I told the ugliest guy on earth. Hell. Darn! The hell. it‘s the ugliest girl on earth! O‘common Thea! Keep on running or else that ugly girl‘s gonna chop of your beautiful head! RUN!* Palayo na ako ng palayo sa kung saan mang lugar na naroon ako kanina… Gaaad. Darn! Kadiri. Duh?! They admitted they‘re ugly? How phatetic! “Oh. I found a playmate. I can‘t take this anymore. NO CHOICE! >___< Stupid BOREDOMNESS! >_< Lumapit ako sa pangit na couple. “Ah! Honey pala ha! Diba baby nagpromise ka sakin you‟ll be loyal to me!” sabi ni pangit na girl dun sa boyfriend n‘yang frog face. honey… What are you saying? I‟m your one and only remember?!” I told the ugly guy then I put my arms around at his arms. I‟ll be loayal to you no matter how ugly you are…” sabi ni ugly guy kay ugly girl.( Urgh! >_< Searching for playmate! Gaaad. Sa pangit na couple pa! >_< I can‘t believe this is happening to me! Oh. papatayin pa n‘ya ako! >_< Sige. Then there. I don‘t wanna be lost! Well. Darn! “HONEY????!!!” the ugliest girl replied. I‘m going to make patos na. I can‘t imagine I‘m doing this right now! >_< ―Oh my god! You bitch! Stay away from my baby or else I‘m gonna…‖ the ugly girl said then sabay kuha ng… KNIFE sa kanyang bag… …kill you!‖ then the ugliest girl on earth aimed me the knife! Darn! RUN THEA! RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Tumakbo ako knowing that ugly girl‘s going to kill me for that ugly baby of hers. I‘m bored! Kahit gaano kapangit pa iyan. that stupid girl is still searching for me! Darn! Ganon na ka big deal ang agawin sa kanya ang napakapangit n‘yang frog face boyfriend! >_< I saw a parang abandoned na building as I run… To be sure na hindi na ako makikita ni UGLY GIRL. you need to be patient…” “Fine! Got to go gay! >_<” Urgh. Bakit wala?! Everything‘s stupid now! PROVEN. sa bahay at sa city! Darn! Where am I? “You bitch!!!” I heard a voice and yes. >_< But still. “Yes. O‘common. darn! Sa ganda kong ‗to. Darn! Malayo na ako sa school. O-M. gaaad! It all started with that stupid nerd! >_< Sa kakatakbo ko. so POSSESIVE! >_< Kakaunti na nga lang kaming maganda dito sa mundo. I entered this very horrific building! Darn!* “Oh! That stupid ugly girl!” darn! Ayan tuloy. >_< “Oo baby.Urgh! Yun na nga gay e! I‘m about to kiss but URGH! Stupid NERD! I can‘t… >_< “Hell! Let‟s just talk about it by tomorrow gay. Gaaad! For the first time. Darn. takbo lang Thea. I‟m tired right now…” “Ok Thea… Just make sure you‟re in a good condition by tomorrow… Remember. I was defeated in my own game! Grawr. I need to find my playmate right away.

sabi ni girl… Takte. gandang babae! Ito kaya. HOT body GANGSTER TYPE GUY! >_< Darn! He‘s HOTTER than the SUN! >_< I think I need to go bago ko pa agawin sa‘yo Chloe yang Zeke mo! >_< First time… I‘m attracted. am not I? . are you alright? Sorry. I‘m pretty… “Chloe!” an unknown voice of a guy… Huh? Who‘s that? “Zeke!” then tumakbo si cute na girl sa likod ko… Huh? Chloe‘s her name? CHLOE? Then tumakbo yung Chloe dun sa ZEKE daw na nasa likod ko knowing that the guy‘s voice from my back so. she‘s cute. she‟s great!” sabi nung si Chloe then… “Are you sure my angel? This girl saved you?!” sabi nung Zeke from my back… Yuck? Angel? Kanina BABY! Ngayon ANGEL naman?! Weird couples! >_< At teka. “Wow. miss naman pakipot ka pa…” sabi ni VIOLET HAIR. WEAK! I really just don‘t kick where it hurts most. “Hi miss beautiful… Anong ginagawa mo dito? Naliligaw ka ba?” sabi nung matabang lalaking mukhang baboy na may violet hair… “Miss Ganda. she‘s cute yet still. pa HARD TO GET ka pa! Wag ng ganyan miss. I‟ll assure you‟re all dead…” *BOOGSH!* Tinanggal ko na ang tali ni girl na nakatape pa ang bibig… Poor little DIE HARD GANGSTER BOYS. I‟ll assure you‟re all dead!!!” sabi ko dun sa mga lalaking ewness ang prettiness. magugustuhan mo din naman gagawin namin e…” sabi ni kuyang mukhang DIE HARD GANGSTER sabay lapit pa! “As I said… One step closer. palapit na ng palapit sakin ang mga nagsasamaang lalaking ito! “Hell! What do you think your all doing! One step closer. GAAAAD! Do you want me to PUNCH YOU WHERE IT DAMAGES A LOT!? Humarap na ako sa kanila… Kina Chloe at Zeke… O_____O At… Umalis na ako… Bahala kayo… Darn! Chinky eyed. pede na nating tikman?! Yummy!” sabi nung isang lalaki… Mukhang DIE HARD GANGSTER yet pangit pa din… Ew! Hanggang dito ba naman! Andami pa ding panget! >_< Akmang lalapit saken yung mga pangit na lalaki… Yung babae namang nakatali naghuhum padin… “Mmmm!!!!!! MMMMMM!!!! MMMM!!!!” yan. ayaw pang maniwalang sinave ko ANGEL n‘ya. namin…” sabi naman nung lalaking maitim na may hikaw sa ilong… “Mga pare. I was late…” I heard them from my back… Hindi ako tumitingin sa kanila… Darn! Yah! You‘re super late STUPID ZEKE! >_< “Yes Zeke… That girl saved me… She‟s brave. pointed nose. Oh. what I really do is that… I PUNCH where it DAMAGES a lot! “Miss. are you alright?” I asked the girl being untied. very cute… Ang cute ni girl… Darn… Ok. nagkamali ka ata ng pasok… Ang swerte mo naman… Este. “Yucks! I‟m warning you all!” sabi ko then sabay KUNG FU POSE.I saw a girl. She‘s sitting in a plastic chair. “Naks miss. ganun na lang? I was the one who saved her then she‘s just gonna ignore me for a second?! Darn~! Tinatanong pa hindi man lang sumagot! >_< “Chloe. sweet lipped. she‘s tied with a rope and her mouth was wrapped by a tape.

ok. and me? O________O . “Hindi! Basta ayoko na!” sabi ko then umub-ob na sa aking arm chair… AYOKO NA! Sorry Helga pero nakapagdecide na ako… Bahala na kayo… >____> Ayoko na talaga. At natapos na ang klase. “Why?” tanong ko naman. ayoko ko na! Please stop it! >_____<” sabi ko sa bakla. ―The Hunger Games‖ book. Konsensya? Urgh. Wala lang. “Althea! Look oh! Si Diane at Spence! Dating?” sabi ni Peddy. Period. hello? Dean‘s lister din naman ako. I just felt like being in this way. Ang bilis ng mga araw. “Omo~” sabi bigla ni Peddy. Pagdating namin dun. >_< Chapter 9: „Please.“Wait!” Chloe shouted. After that moment when I saw some gangster in that old creepy building kidnapping and hostaging a girl. Tinatamad lang ako. hell. ayaw ko na. I need some fresh clean air. fine. here we go again… Nasa school na naman ako… I can‘t get over from last week… Gaaaad! >_< Zeke… Zeke… Zeke… “Hoy Althea!” the gay approached me… Gaaaad! Can‘t this gay see me? I‘m still reminiscing some moments. Like you all care? Nagsimula na ang klase. stop it. “Diba sabi ko Althea. Ok. we decided to go to a bookstore. gusto daw n‘yang mabasa ang nakalimbag na version. Umaattend din naman ako ng klase noh. Tumigil naman ako… “What?” I replied her… “Wha-what‟s your name?” Chloe asked me… “My name? Oh… It‟s not so important…” sabi ko then lumayas na sa abandonadong gusaling yun… Gaaaaad. Niyaya ko si Peddy sa mall tutal si Helga. Duh? What‘s wrong in quitting? “Oh? Bakit naman Thea? Loosing hope?!” sabi ni Peddy. may bibilhin daw kasi si Peddy e. Napansin ko lang this past few days. It‘s just that. Oh. I don‘t care. tinatamad na akong maghanap ng playmate and play with them. I just felt like quitting all my bad deeds. I think. I don‘t know why. still sa loob ng mall. At si Spence? The hell? Why looking at me? Naiirita ako. Nagulat naman si bakla. What so ever. We ended eating at a restau. Dot. I mean my bestfriend. Napatingin naman ako dun sa tinuro n‘ya… “And so?” sagot ko na lang… Like I care? I don‘t care… Kumain lang kami and after that. Napanood na naman daw n‘ya yung movie nun but still. I don‘t know why. Like I‘m doing the same thing but wala e. Napatingin ako kay Helga which is nasa unahan ko lang… Nakatingin s‘ya kay Spence. Tuldok. Basta ako. Nakatitig lang s‘ya sa isang lalaki. I need to change. >_< “What???!!!!” I asked the gay. Binagsak n‘ya ako! Darn. Call me a quitter. dumiretso na agad kami sa place kung saan nakalagay yung book. naalala ko yung nangyari last week. dapat you‟re in a good mood now!!! Remember. ayaw daw sumama. I think she wants to stop me.‟ (Thea‟s POV) One week has passed. Ayoko na e. YOUR PLAN!” sabi ni Peddy… “Look gay.

Salamat po sa pagligtas n‟yo sa‟kin last week. I think I‘m gonna like her. Napatingin sa‘kin si Peddy at tiningnan lang ako ng parang. Ano nga pala yung sinasabi mong Thea is your savior?” –Peddy. gay… Oo nga pala… Ikaw ang puno‟t dulo ng lahat… Diba. “Bakit ang taray mo? Nagtatanong lang naman?” sagot n‘ya sa‘kin at aba‘t! Sumasagot na? “Pakealam mo ba? Ayoko lang kasi sa‟yo… Masyado kang malandi!” sabi ko sa kanya then magwawalk out na sana ng hinila n‘ya ako. Thea pala pangalan mo ate? :) I‟m Chloe po. Pagtatlikod ko. “So. >____< “Watch your words Althea… Sino ba sa atin ang naging girlfriend ng halos lahat ng lalaki sa buong campus? Ako o Ikaw? Who‟s bitcher? Who‟s slutter? Now tell me…” sabi n‘ya then hinigpitan pa ang hawak sa braso ko… “You are slutter. Nah. I just saw you flirting my boyfriend last week. bakit dito pa? Madami namang ibang lugar e. she‘s pretty cute and awesome.“So it‟s you?” sabi ni Zeke. Wala lang naman. pakelam mo?” sabi ko sa kanya. plano mong lahat „to?!” sabi ni Diane then step back… Nagulat ako sa sinabi ni Diane. di ata ako nakita? Napatigil si Chloe nung nakaramdam na nandun ako. Buwisit. “Ah. “Thea? Kilala mo?” tanong ni Peddy.” –Chloe. . “Wala. you are slutter than me. hindi sa akin kundi kay Zeke… Si Chloe din nakatingin… Gaaad. Di ko na lang pinansin. ahm. “Zeke!!! I want this… buy this for me please~” sabi ni Chloe. I‟m Chloe and this is Zeke… Nice to meet you… :)” –Chloe. Naaalala koang ginawang pang-aagaw kay Helga. ―anong-meron?‖ look. Hi Peddy! Anong ginagawa n‟yo dito? . Thea‟s bestfriend. “Oh.)” bati ni Diane. nakita ko sina Diane at Spence… Papunta sa direksyon namin. Sumunod naman si Spence… ―Thea. Gusto ko lang… Hoho~ “Ah… He-hello!!! I‟m Peddy. TT____TT “Stop it Diane! Please. Si Peddy? Puno‘t dulo? Nakatitig lang si Spence. kukulitin din naman ako nito mamaya e… “Ah. :)” pakilala ni Peddy dun sa dalawa… ? Gaaad. What a coincidence. what was that? Acting like having a hard sprain on your foot and pretending that you can‟t walk? What was that?! You bitch! Stay away from Spence! I‟m warning you!” sabi niya then mas hinigpitan pa ang hawak sa‘kin… “Diane! Ano ba?! Bitawan mo nga si Thea!” sabi ni Peddy then grinab ako palayo kay Diane. “Haha. “Oh! It‟s you ate!!! My savior!!! ^_^” sabi ni Chloe ng nakasmile then lumapit sa amin… Ok. you are bitcher… Sino ba sa atin ang mang-aagaw? Sino ba sa atin ang atat d‟yan sa lalaking yan? Sino ba sa atin ang traydor? Sino ba sa atin ang ipinagpalit ang friendship para sa lalaking yan? Sino? Ano? Ikaw o AKO?” sabi ko sa kanya then just stare. Nakita n‘ya agad kami and nagsmile like fake? “Hi Thea. ok ka lang?‖ tanong ni Peddy. stop it!” sabi ni Peddy. not a big deal…” sabi ko then hila kay Peddy at akmang aalis na. “Hindi pa tayo tapos Althea… Hindi pa…” sabi ni Diane then walk out. ewan ko ba. =____= “Hi. Peddy! Wrong move. Napatingin na lang ako kay Peddy and say… “I think so?” sabi ko then smirk kina Zeke at Chloe. They are watching us. Althea. So. naiirita ako kapag nakikita ko si ‗tong si Diane. your approaching a gangster.

“Nah. I don‘t care. nagstop na yung car. Omo. magkasubdivision kami ni Peddy. close na sila… Nagbigayan ng number kanina e… Pagkatapos nun umalis na sila. si Zeke. nasa unahan… Nagkwekwentuhan lang sila. I effin‘don‘t know why. I‟m happy na ikakasal na ulit sila…” sabi ni Diane then tingin sa‘kin… What‘s with me? =______= Then after non. Sabi nga pala ni Peddy. Yay. Yea right. “Ay! Free ride? Sure! Haha. naikasal na sila kaso may nangyaring hindi magada so nagdecide silang magdivorce but now. may new target na daw siya. Speaking of Peddy naman. ―Thanks for the time ate and Peddy!‖ sabi ni Chloe nung makababa kami. pumunta na kami sa parking area. like I care again with this girl? . Niligtas ko nga s‘ya. ako nakikinig lang… “Eh? Niligtas ka ni Althea last week nung kinidnap ka ng mga gangster?!” tanong ni Peddy. “Anong meron?” tanong ng isa kong classmate. sweeter than ever and I don‘t fcukin‘ care. I‘m happy for her and that‘s all. may pupuntahan daw kami mamaya… Umoo na lang ako tutal wala din naman akong pupuntahan. “Ah---“ –ako then naputol. So busy sa katext. “Hey. namigay na s‘ya ng mga invititations. kinidnap nila ako…” sabi ni Chloe. So what? “Opo… Hehe… Buti na nga lang po dumating s‟ya e…” sabi naman ni Chloe… “Wow! E bakit ka naman kinidnap ng mga yun?” tanong ni Peddy… “Eh kasi po. =_______= Chapter 10: „Ignored‟ (Thea‟s POV) Another week has passed. Nakakahiya si Diane. “Opo. may inannounce si Diane sa harap ng mga classmate namin. My college life has been borer and borer each day. “Eh?!” –Peddy. ―Thank you din girl! Text text na lang ha…‖ sabi ni Peddy. Mayamaya. He‟s older than me… :)” sabi naman ni Chloe. Ewan kung sino.“Yea? Maybe… Tara?” yaya ko sa kanya. sa may labas ng subdivision na lang kami nagpahatid and by the way. kuya. May kotse pala sila. Mayamaya. gate pass daw yun kasi exclusive party daw yun… So. Magkasundo sila infareness… Ako? Tahimik lang… Pareparehas kaming nasa backseat. classmates… May party sa house namin this coming Saturday… You are all invited…” sabi ni Diane. What a day. ―A—ate?‖ sabi ni Chloe. umuwi na din kami. Bahala s‘ya… Diane and Spence. Speaking of Helga. hindi na n‘ya ako kinukulit about Spence kasi. here. “Ah.” Sagot agad ni Peddy. “Sige po… Hehe… Oh. Nagkwentuhan lang sina Chloe at Peddy. “Would you mind if ihahatid na namin kayo ni Zeke?” tanong niya. It‘s just that it‘s boring. malaki galit nila sa gang nina kuya e… That‟s why. it‟s my parents engagement party…” sabi ni Diane… “Wow? Di pa sila ikinakasal?” – classmate. Nandito nga pala sila… What to do? What to do? “Yea?” sabi ko na lang. “Ah… Kaya pala…” sabi na lang ni Peddy. Pinagtinginan tuloy kami. Well. tara? Hatid na natin sila?” sabi ni Chloe kay Zeke… Teka? Kuya? O_______O “Magkapatid kayo?!” tanong agad ni Peddy. Pagkatapos nun. mageeskandalo na nga lang sa matao pang lugar. Yea.

I said get off me!!! Di ka ba nakakaintindi ng English?!!! GET OFF ME FOOL! Wag mo kong hawakan!!! Buwisit!!!” after non. Buwisit! . stranger… “Miss naman… Pakipot ka pa… Sayang… Ang ganda mo pa naman!” sabi nung lalaki sabay hawak sa kamay ko… Pushaaaa. Yuck. Di ko pinapansin. haha! Malling daw tayo. “Miss. may nakahanay akong lalaki sa kabilang lane. Si Peddy din. so close na talaga sila noh? Nauuna nga e. Kung makahawak… Ito namang si Zeke. kahanay ko si Zeke. buwisit. nageenjoy yung mag-ate (Peddy at Chloe). “Yuck! Ano ba.” Sabi niya. kasama n‘ya si Zeke. it‟s my peace offering… I‟m sorry talaga… Please? Punta ka ha… I have a surprise for you… Friends again? :)” sabi niya then abot ng kamay sa‘kin… Kinuha ko na lang yung kamay n‘ya… Wala lang. ayoko na rin kasi ng may kaaway… May surprise pa daw s‘ya? Naman. may pupuntahan nga kami… Pumunta kami sa tapat ng isang school… Sa Northwest International School… Exclusive school for rich kids only… Well. walang pakialam. as what Peddy has told me.Mayamaya. umoo na lang kami… As usual. Eh kasi naman… Boring. Buwisit! “Ano ba miss! Ano ka ba?! Kung makairit ka naman parang may gagawin akong masama! Kung sa bagay… Sa ganda mong yan! Meron nga. I wasn‘t informed… Mayamaya. Bwisit e. mapapanis laway ko nito… =________= “Zeke?” kinausap ko s‘ya. Binabantayan yung kapatid e… Pumunta lang kami sa mall. Two lanes yung pila. there‘s no conversation happening between us… Wala lang… Ayaw ata akong kausap nito e… Nakapila lang kami. After that. lumabas na si Chloe. Buti nakaramdam… Nagsorry sa‘kin yung guard kasi nabastos daw ako. Di ko alam gagawin ko. Yea right. Nakarating kami sa arcade place ng mall… Naglaro lang yung dalawa… Mukhang chaperon lang tuloy kami ni Zeke. tinulak ko s‘ya. Highschool at College and inooffer ng school na ‗to… “Anong ginagawa natin dito?” tanong ko kay Peddy. Wala na kaming nagawa ni Zeke. Close tayo. Tumingin lang s‘ya sakin… Yun lang yung response n‘ya… Weird. kumain kami sa isang fastfood chain… Inutusan ba naman daw kami ang magorder ng food nina Chloe at Peddy. Bale. “Ah. Haha!” sabi nung lalaki then hinigit ako palapit sa kanya. bahala ka. >_< Kinuha naman agad s‘ya nung guard. Bitawan mo ako kung ayaw mong masaktan! “Miss naman! Pakipot ka pa e!!! Di naman kita gagalawin… Number mo lang please?!” sabi nung lalaki at mas hinigpitan pa yung hawak sa‘kin… “Get off me!” sabi ko sa lalaki. nasa likod ko si Zeke. Mayamaya. as usual. So rich nga pala sila nung kuya n‘yang si Zeke. pinapapunta tayo ni Chloe. ano number mo?” tanong nung lalaki. lumapit s‘ya sa‘min ni Peddy tapos nag-abot ng invitation… “I‟m sorry Atlhea for what happened last week… Sana makapunta ka sa party ni daddy… Let‟s say. nakipagbati na s‘ya… Anong nangyayari kay Diane? Biglang bumait? After nun. not kids but for the very rich teenagers living in our place… Bale. Ok. Ayan tuloy. nakipagbati na s‘ya… Ewan? Nag-away ba yung dalawa? Kay Helga din.

“Ah. school kung saan napasok sina Chloe and Zeke huh… Rich kid din siya… Well. Nakauwi na din. a boy. peace na din naman kami ni Diane. Nagpaalam na din s‘ya kasi may pupuntahan din… Nagready na ako. Althea?” napatingin ako sa tumawag sakin. wala man lang ginawa kanina! As usual. I called Peddy but there‘s no response… Pumunta lang ako sa park ng subdivision and feel the fresh air around. 5:30pm. si Zeke. it‘s almost 4pm. The Party is at 6pm and will be held at Glimmer Subdivision. Sayang na bading. after nung conversation namin. Naupo lang ako dun when someone approached me. Unlike me.Ito namang si Zeke. 3pm palang so I decided to walk around muna sa aming subdivision. Her father‘s engagement party. wala pa ring imik… Nakabalik na rin kami sa upuan namin. the gay‘s with his car. wala naman akong pinupuntahan e. Still breathing… Nakauwi ka na pala?” sabi ko sa kanya then smile. this is the day. he is Zaichi Inares. Ganun talaga… I treat my mom as my worst enemy… Kung hindi dahil sa kanya… Hindi sana ako ganito… Hindi sana ako naging bad lassie or whatsoever you may call it… Dahil sa mama ko. naghintay pa kami ng 5mins. He looks handsome with his tuxedo but still. nawala yung papa ko sa amin… Ayoko ng pag-usapan pa… Nabwibwisit lang ako! Kasalanan ng nanay ko kung bakit nawala ang ama ko! Nakakabwisit… Chapter 11: „The Engagement Party‟ (Thea‟s POV) Saturday. walang pakialam… Nakakbuwisit na din! Takte. “Hey. dumating na si Peddy. I decided to go home. One of my childhood friends. “Yup! Musta na? Long time ah…” sabi niya sakin.” Sabi naman niya. hinatid nila kami sa labas ng subdivision nung umuwi. Nagkwentuhan lang kami… Matagal na pala s‘yang nandito… 2 months na din and he is now studying at Northwest International School. Nakarating kami sa party at exactly 5:55pm. dadaanan daw kasi ako ni Peddy. Nakakinis e. Diane is a very lucky girl pa din kasi yung father n‘ya nandyan pa din sa kanila. :) He left kasi nung 11 years old kami. Usually. Yung mama ko nandito sa‘min. Oh. Well. tuwing Saturday. ‗til next time daw. Walang alam sina Chloe at Peddy sa nangyari… After naming kumain. They migrated in Canada… “Yes. Buwisit! >_< Iignore ba naman daw ako. naglibot lang ulit yung dalawa… Naiinis ako kay Zeke. my father left me because of my imprudent mother. Tutal. kahit pa. hindi kami close. No! Wala ng next time. ngayon palang ulit ikakasal ang father n‘ya? But why. Wew. Hehe. Sa totoo lang. 6pm ang start so ayoon. he is a gay and there‘s nothing we can do about it. I‘m wearing purple dress kasi nga formal party and nakaheels with konting make up. Most of the guests here are my schoolmates at yung iba siguro business partners ng mga magulang ni Diane. “Ow? Zaichi?” sabi ko sa kanya. Well. . why not go to her peace offering party? Lol. I just can‘t stop cussing… Nakaorder na kami. ok lang. sabay kaming pupunta sa party ng father ni Diane. I was just wondering.

Si---NO. But before that. Mayamaya. I did… I succeeded… But not until the day my mom cheated on my father… After nilang ikasal… My father got busier than ever… Nawalan na s‘ya ng time sa amin ni mama… So then.Si---“Althea!” bati ni Zaichi sakin. “Good evening everyone. my mom got depressed and felt bad. Lahat na ginawa ko para mabuo ang pamilya namin. Corpuz and Ms.I‘m just wondering… May surprise daw si Diane sa‘kin. the couple of the night… Mr. Stop taking it serious Thea. I‟m so happy that my parents are happy na… Let‟s just all enjoy the night and again thank you po for coming…” sabi ni Diane sabay tingin sakin then smile at bumaba ng stage. how was my surprise?” sabi ni Diane na nasa tabi ko na pala… “Di---diane… A----a---nong…” sabi ko sa kanya… “Diane? Or better call me „ate‟ Diane from now on? Huh? My younger sister?!” sabi ni Diane sabay smile sakin… One Fake SMILE. speech ni Diane. tinawag na nung Emcee ang may paparty ngayong gabi… “So let‟s now all welcome. I grabbed the opportunity para makuha ng tuluyan si Papa… And yes. Nakatingin lang ako kay Papa. Mayamaya. I see! Hehe. “Yea. We‟re childhood friends…” sabi ko na lang… “Ah. Tara join us!!!” Sabi na lang ni Helga. Nalaman na lang namin one day that my mom‘s with some other guy… Nung nalaman ni Papa ang lahat… He left… And there… Doon na nagsimula ang pagbabago ko… Ang pagbabago ni Althea… I‘ve been into ruin all the perfect relationships I‘m stumbling upon… Ayokong mapagaya kay mama… . alam ko na ang papa ko ay may pamilyang iba… I know to myself that kami ni mama… We‘re just the mistresses here… Hindi kami ang legal family… Ginawa ko ang lahat para sa amin umuwi si Papa ever since I was a child. nagstart na yung party… Opening prayer. speech ng emcee and of course. sila pa rin po ang ngayon. It‘s my… This can‘t be. magkakatuluyan sa huli… Wala na po akong masabi kasi. Thank you for coming at my parents engagement party… Alam naman po nating my parents conquered all the obstacles they encountered at but still. Villena…” sabi nung Emcee… Napatingin ako dun sa grand entrance… Si---. Nakita namin si Helga with her new boyfriend? O_______O Si---. Sumama naman kami ni Peddy kay Helga tutal yun lang kabati namin dun. “Hu-huy…” sabi ko sa kanya… “Magkakilala kayo?! Tanong naman agad ni Helga… What? So Zaichi is her new boyfriend huh. baka mamaya tinitrip ka lang ni Diane. “So Althea. O‘common. Si Papa… Siya yung ama ni Diane… S‘ya din yung ama ko… Let‘s hear it from me… Paano nangyari? (Flashback) A year ago since my father has left me… I was 15 then ng umalis s‘ya because of my mother‘s fault. Ayoko ng tinutukso ako sa school because I‘m a product of a broken family… Nung nagkasakit ako.

bumabawi s‘ya… She‘s making revenge… I‘m sorry ate… I‘m sorry… Chapter 12: „Side Stories‟ (Diane‟s POV) Being with Spence isn‘t enough to make my sister‘s life misserable… By the way. iniuwi ko na si Althea… I think she needs to rest… Alam kong nasasaktan s‘ya… Kawawa naman ang bestfriend ko… *** (Spence‟s POV) Nakokonsensya ako… Sobra naman ata yung nagawa namin kay Althea… But… On the other side… She deserves it… I think… I‘m done with her… I‘m done playing with her games… It‘s over… The game is over… „FINALE‟ It‘s been two weeks… Ayoko ng pumasok… Nahihiya ako kay ate… Kay ate Diane… Alam kong galit s‘ya sakin… Hindi dahil sa ugali ko kundi dahil sa pag-agaw ko sa ama namin… I think I need to talk with her… I need to tell her sorry… It‘s all my fault na hanggang ngayon.Na kahit hindi ikaw ang original na babae… Kabit ka man… You can succeed… That‘s why I changed… Hindi dahil sa ibang rason kung hindi dahil kay Papa… Ayokong nag-iisa… Ayokong naiiwan… (End of Flashback) Tinawag na si Diane sa stage… I was left dumbfounded… Kaya pala parang ang laki ng galit sakin ni Diane… I was the one who ruined their happy family before… And now. can we talk?” tanong ko sa kanya… “About what?” tanong n‘ya sakin… “Something personal… Please…” I told her sincerely… “Wow… Althea? Pleasing? This is new huh… Haha…” sabi ni ate with sarcastic tone… Napatingin s‘ya kay Spence… Yung tingin na ―umalis-ka-muna‖ look. her sister‘s story which involves Thea… Na inagawan ni Thea ang kapatid ni Spence… So for that. may galit s‘ya sakin… Na kinailangan pa n‘yang ipakitang masaya si Papa sa kanila… Oo… Kasalanan namin ni mama… And we suffered… We suffered so much… Nagdecide akong pumunta ng school… Tinawagan ko muna si Peddy if ate Diane is on our school… Gladly. we had decided to make a new plan in which Thea will surely suffer much… And this is the day we‘ve all waiting for… Nasurprise si Althea nung nakita n‘ya si Papa with my Mom… Sabi ko na e… She will be this stupid much once she sees my father happy with my mother… Poor Althea… My revenge has really succeeded… *** (Peddy‟s POV) Hinila ko si Althea papalabas ng venue… Konti na lang kasi her tears will fall na… Kawawa naman bestfriend ko… Alam ko kasi ang talambuhay nito… Nung nakita kong papasok ang ama n‘ya. I already knew the Hidden Agenda of this Spence. she‘s there… Hinanap ko agad si ate… And I saw her with Spence… Inapproach ko s‘ya agad… “Diane. nagulat talaga ako… Devil Diane… Paano n‘ya nagawa sa kapatid n‘ya yun? For revenge? Isn‘t that a child act? After that party. .

naiwan kami… Silence has invaded the moment… To break it up… Ako ang unang nagsalita… “Ate… I‟m sorry…” sabi ko agad sa kanya… “Haha. she‘s angry. Poor Althea…” sabi pa nung isa… Wala na akong pakialam… Kutyain na nila ako… Gusto ko lang ng forgiveness ng ate ko… “Tumayo ka na dyan and kung gusto mo talagang patawarin kita… Be my slave for 1 week…” sabi ni ate at umalis na… Huh? She wants me to be her slave for 1 week? What am I gonna do? Gusto ko lang namang patawarin n‘ya ako… Naging slave ako ni ate Diane for 1 week… Kung ano anong pinagawa n‘ya sa‘kin… Naging katulong… Alalay at chaperon ako… Pero gusto ko talagang patawarin n‘ya ako so I decided to obey her rules na lang… After that week. Hindi ko s‘ya masisisisi… “Ate… I‟m so sorry… Sa lahat lahat… Forgiveness is what I want… Please give it…” sabi ko sa kanya the pleaded… I think I‘m about to cry… “You want forgiveness? Haha… Then better beg my sister… Lumuhod ka sa harapan ko…” she ordered me… What am I gonna do? All I want is forgiveness… No choice but I have to do this… Lumuhod ako sa harap ni ate and pleaded… We are on a public place.And there. inagawan ako ng bf n‟yan and now. This is not about my love story but my own story with my sister… “Forgiveness is worth having. Madaming tao ang nakatingin at nanonood… Mostly are students… “Look at Althea! Haha! So pity! Alam mo ba.. pinagsabihan ako… Bakit daw naging uto-uto ako sa kapatid ko… Hindi ko na lang s‘ya sinagot… Mabilis na lumipas ang mga araw… Matatapos na din ang 1st year… Hindi ko alam kung paano na lang at kung anong mga mangyayari pa… Pero siguro… It all ends here… My sister and my story has to end here… Atleast. in my own little way. nagbago na din ako… And I end up a new person and a new Althea to everyone. she forgave me… Atleast there… Ayos na kami… Pero still… There are times na parang naiisip kong napilitan lang s‘ya… Siguro dahil na din sa awa… Naawa lang siguro s‘ya sakin that‘s why she forgave me… Si Peddy. I can‟t believe this… She‟s begging for Diane! Haha…” sabi nung isang girl… “Oo nga girl… Bumaba na ang pride n‟ya?! Haha. What? Pakiulit?” sabi ni ate… “I said. I‟m sorry…” sabi ko sa kanya… “Sorry for what? Sa pang-aagaw mo sa tatay ko? Sa pag-papaawa palagi para makuha mo ang lahat? Sa pagiging makasarili? WHAT?!” ok.” „END‟ .