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Http Vector Tutsplus Com Tutorials Text Effects Quick Tip Using Typography to Create a Lunar New Year Card

Http Vector Tutsplus Com Tutorials Text Effects Quick Tip Using Typography to Create a Lunar New Year Card

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Published by: José Francisco Romasanta Marzo on Mar 30, 2014
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Quick Tip: Using Typography to Create a Lunar New Year Card
Rayz Ong on Jan 30th 2012 with 7 Comments and 0 Reactions

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Program: Adobe Illustrator CS4 Difficulty: Intermediate Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour




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10 for the lighter red. In this quick tip you will learn how to use typography.33 for the dark red and 0.100.100.Like 52.100. Use the Rectangle Tool (M) to draw a 128 x 210mm background and open the Gradient Panel (Window > Gradient). Set the gradient Type to Linear with a color 0. Fac ebook soc ial plugin Step 1 Open a New Document with size 128mm x 210mm. . This will be the gradient for the background. gradients and the shear tool to make a striking card design.903 people like Vectortuts +. Lunar New Year is here! This red card was chosen as a Lunar New Year E-card because in Chinese culture the color red is auspicious and represents happiness or good luck. During Chinese New Year red packets are given out for luck and prosperity in the coming year.100.

Step 2 To fill the background select the background rectangle and use the eyedropper tool to tap on the created gradient. . This will change your background to the gradient color.

The width for the shapes should be less than 128mm.Step 3 Make a new layer above the background. Use the Rectangle Tool (M) to create 3 rectangular shapes a square and a banner. . to fit on the background.

firstly use the Rectangle Tool to create a rectangular shape for the middle and use the Pen Tool (P) to draw the side elements. Place the middle of the banner on top of the side elements so that it meets the shadows. . Once you draw one of the side elements. To make the side elements. draw a rectangle with a point in the side then add a small triangle (in a darker red) that will make up the shadow. select it and use the Reflect Tool (O) to create one for the other side.Step 4 To create the banner.

. The points represent the number of sharp points you want for the stamp. The option panel will pop up. select the star tool and Alt + Click on the artboard area. I’ve used 60.Step 5 To create the stamp. Enter 60px for "Radius 1" and 55px for "Radius 2".

Step 6 Next draw a smaller inner circle over the star stamp and go to the Pathfinder Panel and select minus front. . This will create a transparent area for the stamp.

You can start adding typography to the elements.The chinese character on the stamp means "Dragon" in mandarin and the four Chinese words at the bottom is "Chinese New Year" .The fonts I have used are indicated on the image below. The Chinese font can be download here. they are Steefish and Bebas Neue.Step 7 Once you are done with the stamp and the banner.

Step 8 .

. Click OK. select Shear Angle -12 degree. Axis : Vertical.Now group all of the elements together and go to Object > Transform > Shear. The Option Panel will popup.

Next we will be creating a shadow to contrast the elements with the background.Step 9 Select the group of elements and test it on the background you previously created. .

.Step 10 Select the 4 main elements and copy and paste them onto the background layer (Command + C then Command + F) then fill it with a darker gradient to the one currently in use.

. Shear the banner as follows.Step 11 Next group the elements together go to Object > Transform > Shear. shear angle is 12 degree and axis: Vertical.

place the main elements on top of the background and shadows.Step 12 Finally. .

Conclusion You can adjust the shadow elements by using the Direct Selection Tool to move them around. Now you are done with your unique typography card! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tut. .


com/Web_Design One Stop Web Design Solutions. .Like 19 people like this . Call Us And Get A Free Consultation. Sign Up to s ee what your friends like. Web Design Solutions webbcg. Tags: retro text effects Tips Enjoyed this Post? Subscribe to our RSS Feed. Follow us on Twitter or simply recommend us to friends and colleagues! Tweet Like 19 By Rayz Ong Rollover to read this author's bio or click through to see a full list of posts by this author.

0 • Reply • Share › Felix Kieckhäfer 0 • • a year ago I like the outcome. Reply • Share › . and I will be sure to be using these techniques in the future. Bonus Tutorials & More for all relevant Tuts+ sites in one subscription. Join Now Sign In 7 comments Leave a message. Thanks for the good tips. I think your profile is the right place to link your homepage. Discussion Community Djemps 8 • a year ago Reply Share › I had fun with this tutorial! Click the 'URL' link on my profile to see the version I did.. but I don't like that you put advertising on your poster.Premium Members Source Files. • • LoungeKat Djemps • a year ago Share › cute :) 0 • Reply • Xkalaze 0 • a year ago Reply Share › thanks for sharing :P • • Ben Clarke • a year ago Great tutorial here some simple skills used but very effectively! Their are a few things i would change but thats just down to personal preference for example the ribbon effect at the bottom looks a bit flat compared to the rest but i do Love the way the shadows have given the rest of the piece a very 3D/Realistic effect..

Curtis Felix Kieckhäfer • a year ago Your getting free knowledge and you complain about him spreading the word about his site. the texture was done so easily :-) Beto Garza — Muchas gracias Miguel :D :D un saludazo de vuelta ! ! ! seguir dibujandole :D :D ! ! ! Comment feed Subscribe via email Vectortuts+ is part of the Tuts+ Network. teaching creative skills to millions worldwide. thanks for sharing Reply • Share › ALSO ON VECTORTUTS How to Create a Detailed Lighter in Adobe Illustrator 9 comments • 4 days ago How to Create a Cute Corn Illustration with Basic Shapes in Illustrator 2 comments • 3 days ago Tino Bøgebjerg Cordes — WOW. 0 • Reply • Share › Marcos Cortes (Dominican Repub 0 • • a year ago good outcome man. Get a grip. Advertise · Suggestions · About Us · Terms and Conditions · Privacy Policy · Write for Us Copyright © 2013 Envato . they don't need to be advertised to go to his homepage lol. And if they're on his portfolio.

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